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Fake Out

Every so often, a word or a phrase insinuates itself into everyday speech. Like a parasite, it worms its way through our conversations, it hooks itself into our lexicon, camps out in  our slang until it’s legitimate enough to find itself plonk in the middle of Merriam-Webster. 908 more words

From The Heart

A Life Well Lived

Rest, relaxation, acknowledging and accepting the truth will bring healing to our bodies and mind. All negativity, and hurtful burdens of the body, mind and soul comes from the bottomless pit which is ablaze with torment, agony, and misery. 345 more words

From The Heart

IM BLESSED TEN TIMES OVER jameslantern40.wordpress.com I see where my lord has brought me from he took me from sliding my ass slaving for another and made me a king and all who looked at me praised God JL

Radical Grace

Morning Glory

I woke this morning torn between focusing on the Scripture passages which are featured for tomorrow’s children’s Sunday School class and those from the Daily Office in my edition of the Book of Common Prayer… 980 more words


India se......chronicling the invisible bonds

Sea changes…..transforming filial roles

Retirement- it has been a recurring theme over the last few years!

In 2012, as I was brainstorming with my supervisor about possible thesis topics, I told her that I wanted to work on something relevant to migrants, specifically Indian migrants to Australia.   754 more words

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Todays Sunset Brings Tomorrows Sunrise And New Hope

Today draws to a close with the sun gently slipping below the western horizon signaling that peace must come for a restful night. Our world becomes aglow with the light of the shimmering moon, we drift deeply into the realm of sleep. 195 more words

From The Heart

Morning Glory

Morning’s glory found in: Scripture Passages NKJV

…The glory revealed in Messiah Jesus…the glory fulfilled to which I awaken and which I carry around in all my days…the glory that quickens my soul for this day and directs my steps this side of Heaven… 491 more words