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The Sights He'd Never Seen

He was a troubled man, all the lands of dreams, erased by reality,

The hopes he had, murdered with brutality,

All the kindness he felt, lost to senility. 206 more words

From The Mind


‘Passing Strangers’ by TacoSauceNinja.

He went to hungry pups,

He brought them food and fed their belly,

As he went away, little children ran to him with empty cups, 172 more words

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An Oath to Conquer

A Tribute dedicated to the fallen who have risen above the scorches of Inferno and soared into the Heavens of Greatness:

‘He who fed me, drove me to hunger, 161 more words

From The Mind

Sonnet #5 - Forgotten

All I see is the dark.

All I’ve done is in vain.

All I’ve stood for has been wronged.

And all my actions washed off by the rain. 76 more words

From The Mind


Standing across a haunted alley,

Losing my way.

Struggling amongst the crowd,

Losing my identity.

Being drowned in a bloodied ocean,

Losing my will.

Escaping into the shadows, 71 more words

From The Mind

Haiku #10 - Blind

I only prefer the dark,

the light is too much, these lies

make me blind to the truth.

From The Mind