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The Frozen River

In the fake winter night, a river calmly flows under the ice crust, almost unaware of the fuss above.

Walking in the calm of the night, the city takes a shape not known by many: a make-believe tranquility forged in its outskirts, slowly engulfing everything as it grows and heads for the core of the urban jungle. 45 more words

From The Streets

Cover Up: Taiwan's Stripper's Don't Want to Expose Themselves!

I know pop starlet Rihanna had a tune about umbrellas and she doesn’t wear a lot of clothes and is generally considered hot, but apart from that and umbrellas being vaguely dick-shaped, they’re not high on my sexy list. 414 more words

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Art Exhibition: Paul Kain’s "From the Streets"

Paul Kain’s exhibition “From the Streets” opened on April 24 Sand will continue until May 23, 2015 at the Soft Box Gallery in Trinidad. David Cave reviews the exhibition for… 228 more words


Crows at Gandhi beach


I never did wild life photography ever before. Neither did I ever think of giving it a try. First off, I think I need a telephoto lens of maximum focal length of at least 300 or 400mm. 211 more words


Hey, I've got a great idea for a cool photo: Let's all do the peace sign in front of a plane crash site

There are morons and then there are morons who descend to the very bowels of retardishness. THEN, even lower down festering in a mire a crapulence, there are these fuckheads. 174 more words

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