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Upcoming releases from the studio.

I thought I’d take a couple of minutes to document some projects I’ve been working with recently that have or are near being finished. All projects recorded in… 329 more words


Spiders Are 'EW'....But....

I took this photo awhile back at my mothers house.  He only had seven legs so that’s how I painted him.  Never imagined I would paint a spider. Bluuuuck!!!!

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Just For Fun


Rarely do have a plan when I start to paint.  I just pick a color, make a mark and go from there. 73 more words

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Hello weekend, nice to see you

I figure I’d share my Facebunk posts with the rest of my readers here since most of you don’t know me on Facebunk, here is the beginning of this weekends posts, and I’ll keep you up dated from time to time. 331 more words

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A Little Playtime

Having a great time working on this painting. (Photo)😊

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Yes, my childhood was just fine thank you.

Someone asked me about my childhood in regards to my last post about the new sex-ed curriculum in Ontario. Well, my childhood was great, I can’t say I was a perfect child of course, I had a little attitude at times :) but all in all, it was good. 380 more words

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The New Sex-Ed curriculum 2015 in Ontario, yay? or nay?

Well, as I promised some folks, here is the posting I said I was going to post about the new sex-ed curriculum in Ontario 2015. Are you for, or against it? 707 more words

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