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Grind On The Posts

To be a writer in a digital age can be overwhelming.

Being an independent author can be difficult. However, with the creative age you now inhabit, you have the added blessing of being about to put out posts as quickly as your mind can dream them up! 283 more words

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Encouragement Pages: Brainstorming

Don’t be afraid of your thoughts or where they may lead you. Your job this week is just to get what is in your head out. 15 more words

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We are now just two weeks from release.  2 weeks!! Below is my Facebook post containing an excerpt from Chapter 26…

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Advantages Of A Writer's Social Media Presence

As a writer, in the current climate, in order to be seen, you have to be willing to be seen.

Writing is not what it was a generation ago. 385 more words

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JBHarris Writing Services Tool: Encouragement Pages

This is a new thing on JBHarris Writing Services. It is going to be used as a tool of encouragement and focus. Three times a week there will be posting to encourage you to keep writing. 39 more words

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First Box of Books is Here!

Opening my box of early copies of a new book always makes me think of George McFly at the end of the movie, Back to the Future.  25 more words

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Research Made Yours: The Power Of Making Your Own Myth

There is a blessing in creating your own world.

And with all that creation, you need something that will hold it together. You need the thread that belief and myth provide. 421 more words

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