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i just love how jillian holtzmann hit every queer girl like a fucking truck

The Morning After

Everything was blurry at first, but the presence of light helped in rousing her awake. She had sat up in an effort to further waken her senses, but only experienced confusion. 642 more words

Patrick Turner

The Start of Things

Her pain went unspoken for many months, weeks, and days leading up to her release. She had shielded her thoughts, the effect was akin to a thunderstorm, brewing in the distance. 541 more words

One Shot

The Painting

She didn’t expect the extent of her bodily pain nor the emotional scarring following her surgery. She was fooling herself in believing everything would fall back into place once they arrived home. 574 more words

Patrick Turner

Doctor Turner's Letters

“I wrote to you.”

“Yes,” but a moment of silence had passed between them. In that split second, he took a moment to recount what his letters had held for her. 318 more words

Patrick Turner

Sites Where U Can Get Free TextBooks

from: http://secret-student-claire.tumblr.com/post/144799908801/thearialligraphyproject-bookboon-for

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Free Textbooks

The aim is not to conceal–suspense is not about concealment, not about surprise. The aim is to expose. Suspense is generated by the act of exposing–by the way in which you reveal.

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