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New Survey

Happy Survey Sunday! Here’s one from tumblr that I filled out this week.


Height – 5’9″

Fave artists bands – Camera Obscura, She & Him, Sadie And The Hotheads… 103 more words


(I Wasn't Sure What Else To Do)

Do you prefer writing with black or blue pen? Black

Would you prefer to live in the country or the city? Somewhere in between (like I do now) 710 more words


Hello Friend

I’ve missed you…

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you.

But I’m back now and I understand better than before.

Time to get to work. Wanna join me?

From Tumblr

Once a year I'll try

I have decided I’ll try once a year. Might as well have a dream right? I’ll see how far I can reach next year. Maybe I’ll reach her then. 17 more words


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Sometimes you have to let go and just let life guide your way. Stay positive.

And The Winners Are.. An Interview with the First Ever Winner of GBG THE AWAKENING LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Tournament- RelaxYourRear

Hi guys!

This week we decided to get to know the winner of the League of Legends Tournament. His name is Filip Filipović but his summoners name is RelaxYourRear. 299 more words

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Congratulations!!!! Way to go =)

Deafness, Lyrics and Music Videos

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Amazingly educational post by tumblr user andreashettle; about how deafness covers more than people with zero hearing, and how music can be made more inclusive with the addition of lyrics. 83 more words


Writing Prompt 13

//Get inspired with all these prompts! Happy writing! :D

Sometimes I just need a hand to hold.

My friend gave me this weird look. “This doesn’t sound like you,” he said, “Who are you and what have you done with my friend?” I rolled my eyes, “it’s still me you idiot.” He smiled. 271 more words