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"Stop smiling so big"...

my first time seriously being in front of a camera and I couldn’t stop smiling…and not because I was pumped. More so from being awkward! It was such a wonderful experience shooting photos for Free People though! 48 more words

I'm talking about a L E A P of faith

It may be a little late at night, but someone out there may need this. I feel the need to share because moving away from home was a leap of faith for me. 45 more words

H O M E: is where the waves crash

Coming home for Mother’s Day was an excellent choice. Seeing my family and smelling the sweet smell of the salty air makes all my stresses go away. 79 more words

Stiff White Dress

‘Stiff white dress’ is what every girl at SCAD is calling this dress and thats because this beauty is obviously that and it flew off the racks at our local Anthropologie store here in Savannah. 174 more words

From Where I Stand

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Little Balbianello on Lake Como

Alloro B&B Firenze, Italy

#FromWhereIStand They always say “look up” but don’t forget to look down and appreciate the little details of the ground.

IDCC 3900

From where I stand

Shoes/Les chaussures.

It is bittersweet, the pale pink blossoms softly falling in the warm breeze creating a carpet of petals over the grass.

Jardin Des Plantes