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From the beginning...

Looking back over the few stories I have sitting in the unpublished file, I can see I’ve started a conversation on religion and spirituality and then let it sit. 449 more words

From Where I Stand

When life gets real, Quick!

So yesterday we had a situation come up at my sons school. It was a pretty serious situation, one that could have ended a completely different way. 571 more words

From Where I Stand

I'm venturing off of the beaten path.

This is making me nervous, to venture off of the beaten path. To strike out on my own directly into my fears line of fire. I don’t want to talk about it too much before I actually make it happen. 1,017 more words

From Where I Stand


It’s amazing the sounds that echo through this house. Sounds of those that have lived here, sounds of those who left an impression here and sounds of those who have yet to visit and probably never will. 572 more words

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