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A Journey Through the Blogosphere

Join me PR Earthlings as I take you across the galaxy to visit some out of this world blogs! We will take a look at three different blogs in the outer relam of the blogosphere. 660 more words

Brain Solis

The Affront of Front Groups

In “Law and Ethics for Public Relations,” a course I developed for Mid-America Christian University, we will study front groups, “an organization that purports to represent one agenda while in reality it serves some other interest whose sponsorship is hidden or rarely mentioned.” This definition comes from… 512 more words

Jason Karpf

Red Bible Take Two – Scientology and Political Movements: Citizens Commission on Human Rights

The reason I call this Red Bible Take Two is because of what the previous red bible was all about – it was a disinformation campaign designed to throw the source of America’s problems… 7,299 more words


Scientology PR Tactics in action - Jeffrey Augustine Tells Us What To Think

My previous post on this topic discussed how people like Mark Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Karen De La Carriere, Steve Hall, Chris Shelton, and so on and so on, were all touched by what I called the “slavemaster disease” – an obsession with APPEARANCES and ACCEPTANCES. 1,663 more words


It sounded so exotic to me...

It sounded so exotic to me…the jungles, the flowers, the Amazon, tropical drinks by an invisible edge pool…but when I actually went to South America I found the truth of the place to be something quite unexpected. 8,201 more words

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