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Crisis Averted? France’s 2015 regional elections

Ben Margulies

The Front National can keep growing, even if it’s unlikely to reach the Elysee

The French Fifth Republic managed to pull itself, punch-drunk, off the ropes to deny the right-populist… 1,780 more words


Die Zeit der Putin-Bewunderung ist vorbei

In letzter Zeit haben mir manche Berliner erzählt, dass Vladimir Putin der richtige Machthaber für die Russen ist. Diese Bewunderung für den sich selbst verherrlichenden ´Man of Action´, Mann des Handelns, wird offensichtlich in Moskau geteilt. 418 more words

Fight the Good Fight: Why Jihadism is but a small piece in the pestilential puzzle of religion

Religion’s immunity from criticism has been an enshrined part of society for millennia. From Raif Badawi, the Saudi Arabian blogger guilty of “insulting Islam” and sentenced to one thousand lashes and ten years imprisonment for it; to the recurring cases of child sex abuse from within the Vatican, an issue which Pope Francis deemed unimportant in appointing Juan Barros to the Bishopric of Osorno in Southern Chile this year, a man whose child sex offences are well documented in the community he has been appointed shepherd of; to the more recent slaughter of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists for drawing the Prophet Muhammad and of course, the Paris attacks of the 13 November; all lay witness to the unceasing harm that religion inflicts on society. 1,657 more words


Borger forsvar

På øen Korsika viste borgerne vilje til selvforsvar mod de af nazistisk inspirerede politikere importerede muhammedanere, idet de fredag foretog et modsvar på et muhammedansk angreb på brand- og politifolk. 264 more words


Leftist French doctor calls for rape of white French women

All in the name of social justice, I suppose:

Rape “right-wing” females to create “multicolored descendants”, says French Doctor

In the blog section of French media outlet, Nouve L’obs, a doctor wrote that any woman who votes for Front National (French anti-mass immigration party) has a “reptilian brain” and should be raped and impregnated to produce “multicolored descendants.”

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Decline And Fall

Trade unions take on the extreme right in northern France

It is Saturday afternoon and the Christmas market in Hénin-Beaumont is deserted. A light rain is falling on the town, adding a layer of sadness to the place. 75 more words