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L'Europe entre désenchantement et sursaut

Cyrille BRET – 16 juin 2015

A l’occasion de la parution du sondage ICM Research par Sputnik (Ria Novosti) et de la constitution d’un groupe eurosceptique au Parlement européen, Cyrille BRET revient sur les leçons à tirer de cette étude sur le site de l’agence de presse russe. 879 more words


Marine Le Pen to form a new political group in the EP: really bad news?

Marine Le Pen got her challenge: she announced she formed a new political group in the European Parliament. This group, named Europe of the Nations and freedoms (ENF) should be entered into force very soon (maybe by the next parliamentary session in July) and chaired by the Front national leader… 653 more words

Let's Talk About Europe

UKIP May do to Miliband what the Front National is Doing to Hollande

Whatever happened to François Hollande, the great red hope of France?

Elected on the back of an unfashionably anti-austerity campaign, Hollande’s much anticipated premiership has since been marred by scandal, ridicule and inadequacy. 820 more words

UK Politics

Quand Twitter s'amuse du fichage de Ménard

Alors que Robert Ménard a répondu aux accusations de “fichage” des élèves musulmans à Béziers en niant les faits, certains twittos ont décidé de prendre le parti de l’humour en s’amusant de cette… 139 more words


Labour's dilemma

This article was published on Palatinate

After sudden, brutal, unforeseen disasters we seek answers in order to tell ourselves it will never happen again. We expect to be able to halt nature, that with enough will we can protect ourselves from a callous and uncaring world. 920 more words


Cold Turkey

Mother was a very good cook…in the English tradition.

Her roasts were superb….her Yorkshire puddings rose like fairy castles…..her suet dumplings were light as feathers….and, recognising the innate viciousness of cabbage, she boiled it to death, its spirit haunting the house for an hour before lunch. 1,335 more words