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Marine Le Pen - A Voice Moderate France, Leftist France, And Islam Want Silenced

With thanks to Vlad Tepes, here are the thoughts and words of Marine Le Pen following the November 13 jihad attacks in Paris, which killed one-hundred-thirty French citizens and injured hundreds more.  138 more words


The Impact of Terror: Four Things That Will Happen After Paris

As I opened my web browser, CNN’s homepage lit up with news of the terror attacks in Paris. Almost simultaneously I received a text message from my mother “horrible attacks in Paris… 3 different sieges.” Facebook was littered with messages of condemnations and “shares” of articles describing the carnage. 1,411 more words


Far-right protests break out across France as tensions reach boiling point


A peaceful demonstration taking place in the centre of Lille, northern France, was interrupted by right-wingers appearing to belong to the Front National.

The unrest came as Front National leader Marine Le Pen declared French people “are no longer safe” and called for France to take back control of its borders. 30 more words


thoughts on the Paris attacks

France starts a new week in a much more jittery state and darker mood than it started the last. It asks itself: why us? While Islamist terrorism is a much worse scourge in countries across Africa, the Middle East and Asia, in our Western bubble it is France that has suffered most: from Mohammed Merah’s murderous rampage in Toulouse and Montauban in 2012, to the Charlie Hebdo attacks at the beginning of this year, to Friday’s events. 839 more words

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Quand Marion Maréchal Le Pen posait nue pour payer ses études

Marion Le Pen nue dans un magazine américain, émule de Play Boy!  Notre confrère ‘The Manhattan Lame Duck’ a retrouvé les photos de nu de Marion Maréchal Le Pen dans le magazine de charme ‘American People Fair’. 141 more words

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Moi Robert M. , amant de Florian Philippot

En exclusivité pour Les Infos du Jour, Robert M. , ancien Président de Reporters Sans Frontières et actuellement maire de B. , charmante bourgade du Sud de la France, fait son coming-out et dit tout de sa liaison avec Florian Philippot… 109 more words