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Le Pen sindig og klok, sammenlignet med norske politikere

Dette er kvinnen som sansynligvis går seirende ut av dagens franske valg. Det blir imidlertid sagt at franskmennene gjerne stemmer med hjertet i den første valgrunden, og med hodet i den andre. 103 more words


France: Fingers Crossed for Macron

Voters in France go to the polls today in the first round of presidential elections. If the opinion polls are right, none of the 11 candidates is likely to garner as much as a quarter of the votes, but what is crucial under the French voting system is which two come first and second — even if there are only a few votes between second and third — as there will be a run-off between the two front runners in a second round of voting in two weeks’ time. 373 more words

On how an alternative political view must grow in France to defeat the Front National's xenophobic rhetoric

“ In addition to the necessary indignation and condemnation of the party’s chauvinism and undemocratic nature, it is crucial to challenge the FN’s social discourse directed at rightfully angry and disillusioned working class communities in France. 191 more words


Counterpunch - Diana Johnstone - Defends Marine Le Pen Against "Racism" charge and Rallies to the Cause of National Sovereignty.

Johnstone: Cannot “reduce” Marine Le Pen’s anti-Immigrant stand to “racism”. 

Diana Johnstone is a columnist for the American left site, Counterpunch.

She has, to put it mildly, ‘form’ on French Politics saying that the Front National is “basically on the left”. 1,094 more words


French election: Economist who forecast Donald Trump victory predicts Marine Le Pen will win -- Declared “war against Islamism”

Charles Gave claims Front National leader’s ‘momentum is a slow-moving reaction against the men of Davos – as we have seen with Brexit and Trump – but markets don’t want to believe it’ 398 more words

France's anti-system election

This article was originally published in Juncture, the journal published by the Institute for Public Policy Research. This article was published in the spring issue of 2017 (Volume 23, Issue 4). 1,541 more words


Right on Time! (As Predicted): Latest Staged Paris 'Terror Attack' to Influence Presidential Election...

After the St Petersburg attack a few weeks ago, I specifically predicted there would be a staged terror attack in France just prior to the presidential elections. 1,167 more words