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Wofür steht Macron?


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• Frankreichs Abstieg ist zu gravierend, die finanzielle Situation zu katastrophal, die Spaltung zu tief, als daß eine schnelle Erholung möglich sein könnte. 1,814 more words


Interview #15 - Going Negative: Causes and Consequences of Attack Politics

In this interview POP discusses with Alessandro Nai about the causes and consequences of negative campaigning as well as the links with populism and attack politics. 4,554 more words


Communiqué du Général (2s) Henri Roure. L'élection d'Emmanuel Macron : Un putsch sans soldats

L’élection présidentielle, qui a amené M. Macron à la présidence, est le fruit vénéneux d’un déni de démocratie. Il s’agit d’une spoliation, résultat d’un rejet masqué de l’idéal démocratique. 1,137 more words

Limites De La République

Macron's European Trap

This article was originally published on the Cambridge University website.

By any account, the French presidential election that ended last Sunday was extraordinary. The run-off in the second round was between two political ‘outsiders’: Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron. 683 more words

Marion Le Pen bowed out

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen (27) declaration of stepping down closes the chapter of the Front National history. In spite of her young age, Maréchal-Le Pen represented the conservative wing of the party, very much associated with it founder J… 205 more words


French Election? Business As Usual

So, to nobody’s surprise, Marie Le Pen lost the French election pretty hard.  It was cast as part three (or four, or five, or even six, depending on your count) of democracy’s rallying against the globalist agenda, or alternatively, nationalistic proto-Nazism’s crushing defeat at the hands of a Totally Great and Not Sinister At All EU.  1,111 more words


France: Much to do

Summary: Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the French presidential election cannot distract from the fact that many challenges remain. President Macron’s most pivotal challenge in terms of governance will arrive in June. 2,285 more words