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Les Kebabs comme une Déclaration Politique en France

De la cuisine de l’Hôtel du Mandarin Oriental, le chef Thierry Marx, deux étoiles au guide Michelin, fait une campagne miniature contre le racisme culinaire.  Il fait des kebabs. 711 more words


Quand Twitter s'amuse du fichage de Ménard

Alors que Robert Ménard a répondu aux accusations de “fichage” des élèves musulmans à Béziers en niant les faits, certains twittos ont décidé de prendre le parti de l’humour en s’amusant de cette… 139 more words


Labour's dilemma

After sudden, brutal, unforeseen disasters we seek answers in order to tell ourselves it will never happen again. We expect to be able to halt nature, that with enough will we can protect ourselves from a callous and uncaring world. 920 more words


Cold Turkey

Mother was a very good cook…in the English tradition.

Her roasts were superb….her Yorkshire puddings rose like fairy castles…..her suet dumplings were light as feathers….and, recognising the innate viciousness of cabbage, she boiled it to death, its spirit haunting the house for an hour before lunch. 1,335 more words


¿Y si Francia acaba con dos partidos de extrema derecha... liderados por dos Le Pen?

La indignación con la política está de moda. El partido de Pablo Iglesias, Podemos, recoge a los ciudadanos indignados con los actores y las gestiones de la política tradicional; el de Albert Rivera, Ciudadanos, lo hace con los indignados de la derecha española… y… 503 more words


Tell It To The Marines

This year’s May Day celebrations in France exhibited a bit more novelty than usual: an inter-generational, cross-gender family feud within the country’s leading neo-fascist clan … and a new graphic style for Femen body art!  885 more words

France: Jean-Marie Le Pen 'ashamed' his daughter has his name in a stupid interview

In interview by French Europe 1 radio, The far right politician Jean-Marie Le Pen has criticised his daughter and current leader of his Front National Party, Marine Le Pen. 67 more words