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The French Presidential Election is bound to make or break the EU. It’s a three-way-race in France right now, with more moderate centre left candidate Emmanuel Macron, facing off against Conservative and self-confessed Thatcherite, Francios Fillon. 571 more words

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On Hamon's criticism of centrist parties

” Hamon’s team argue that as long as political parties on the centre-right and left keep throwing out the same ideas, which have done nothing to reduce unemployment and poverty in France. 28 more words


Marine Le Pen Is Coming To Lebanon... Before She Forces French-Lebanese To Drop One Of Their Nationalities

Rejoice, all of Lebanon’s right-wing! The head of the French “Front National” Marine Le Pen is coming over for a visit on February 19th and 20th, with scheduled meetings with President Aoun as well as Prime Minister Hariri, … 517 more words


En opinionsundersøgelse af mig selv

Trump er årsag til at jeg stirrer koncentreret på et punkt uden for vinduet, når jeg mødes med min kone over morgenkaffen, og hun må hen og ’viske væk’ foran mine øjne for at få min opmærksomhed. 767 more words

Well, at this point the Front National should have 61% of the votes and need no alliance to govern.  The Socialists are a total failure, not even the blacks are happy with them - if they can be happy with something - mind you the whites. PARIS ERUPTS IN VIOLENCE: streets are NO-GO ZONES | World | News | Express.co.uk

The lefty governments can only bring people from Africa and Asia to Europe, then they cannot handle them, the police officer who allegedly raped the non white citizen is under trial and if the allegations are true he should be sentenced no less than 20 years jail. 398 more words


France’s Patriotic Spring: Official Campaign Clip | Marine 2017

France’s 2017 Presidential contender, Marine Le Pen eyes the heart of her compatriots, with an intoxicating new campaign trailer. The Front National leader speaks of her passion for France, the betrayal of the politicians toward the French people, the threat of the modern Islamic expansionists, and about their victims. 45 more words