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Le Pen elected to National Assembly

Front National leader Marine Le Pen has won her first French parliamentary seat in a vote that was dominated by President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist movement… 124 more words

Marine Le Pen stripped off immunity

At eve of French legislative elections, the European Parliament has lifted Marine Le Pen’s immunity from prosecution in a defamation case. A leader of Front National party, and the chair of the group Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) in the European Parliament, she lost a presidential election in May to the centrist Emmanuel Macron. 166 more words


French President Emmanuel Macron marches to parliamentary majority

“Bien joué” – or “well played” – was sprawled across a picture of Emmanuel Macron on the cover of the newspaper Libération the day after he won the French presidential election. 332 more words

Macron conquers National Assembly

With 90% of voters accounted for, President  of France Emmanuel Macron’s  En Marche! (Republic on the Move -LREM) and his MoDem ally  head by François Bayrou… 87 more words


Paris's liberal mayor accused a black feminist festival of being racist against whites

It isn’t often that liberal and far-right leaders end up on the same side of a racial spat. But that’s what happened when a black feminist festival in France drew ire from both the mayor of Paris and the extreme right. 480 more words

Can Macron Succeed Where Obama Failed?

Article first published on Social Europe on 24 May 2017

For the first time in years, France is being looked at with interest and admiration. The country is having its ‘Obama moment’: the feeling that no ambition is too high for a great nation, especially when it comes to carrying the torch of liberal democracy and optimism. 985 more words