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Marion Le Pen nue dans Gala

C’est un évènement que les électeurs du Front National et sympathisants du Rassemblement Bleu Marine attendaient depuis fort longtemps: Marion Maréchal le Pen nue dans le magazine Gala. 526 more words

Le Pen

High Drama on the French Right

The founder of the French National Front, Jean-Marie Le Pen, has said he is pulling out of regional elections amid a row with his daughter. Marine Le Pen, who now leads the far-right party, condemned her father for his recently repeated claims that Nazi gas chambers were a “detail of history.” 286 more words

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen nue sur les réseaux sociaux

La dernière tendance sur les réseaux sociaux c’est la recherche de photos de Marion-Maréchal Le Pen nue. Selon la dernière étude de l’institut WebMarket, Marion Le Pen nue représente près de 8% du traffic français sur Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube et Dailymotion… 342 more words


Jean-Marie Le Pen gives in to daughter's demands

Never read a sadder headline. God. This is Adam and Eve all over again.


National Front founder Jean-Marie Le Pen has given in to demands from his daughter and party leader Marine Le Pen to step aside by announcing he would not be a candidate in regional elections this year.

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A Quote from Jean-Marie Le Pen

It so happens that there are indeed a fairly large number of homosexuals in the Front National, as is also the case in the other parties, and this for a fairly simple reason: These people have much more free time than others.

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After Greece, is the UK next in line for an electoral shake-up?

As the clock ticks down toward next month’s General Election, media coverage is awash with stories about the vulnerability of the traditional big hitters (Labour and the Conservatives), the meltdown of the Liberal Democrats, the resurgence of the Greens, the dominance of Scottish electoral politics by the SNP, and of course the onward (if occasionally gaffe-faltering) march of UKIP. 801 more words

Marianne is sick. What happened to La République?

Shortly after the first results of a first-round vote in France had started to come in, indicating a huge loss for the Socialists and a first place for Sarkozy’s right-wing alliance, Prime Minister Manuel Valls rushed to make a statement. 911 more words