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Political Confusion on the European Union Gains Ground on the Left: Jacques Sapir and the Front National.

Jacques Sapir: Red/Brown Alliance Against European Union. 

There is an excellent French Blog site which deals in “political confusionism”.

Back in July it picked up on a development that’s hit the headlines in France over the last few days: the call by “left” economist Jacques Sapir for an alliance with the Front National. 663 more words


Down and out - Le Pen excluded from the Front National

Here’s my 2-minute audio report on the news yesterday that the co-founder of France’s far-right Front National has been excluded from the party.

Calais comes home: UKIP rejoice!

Foreign Ministries across Europe were today stunned by news that France will, with immediate effect, hand Calais back to the United Kingdom.

This appears to be a response to the latest random outburst from UKIP MEP and professional bigot, Roger Helmer, who tweeted: “Calais was British until 1558. 277 more words

Jean-Marie : 3 - Marine : 0

Jean-Marie Le Pen can be happy, once again. Justice ruled positively regarding the conflict with his daughter, Marine Le Pen who is organizing a special congress to remove the honorary chairmanship occupied by the ex far right leader so far. 530 more words

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The Euro - A Fatal Conceit

Imagine that the euro had never been introduced and we instead had had freely floating European currencies and each country would have been free to choose their own monetary policy and fiscal policy. 668 more words

Euro Crisis

France: Court halts Front National vote over Le Pen expulsion

The family feud between Jean-Marie Le Pen and his daughter Marine still continues in France. The Court of Naterre has halted a vote whether decides to scrap him the honorary title of far right Front National Party. 82 more words