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Is Anti-Globalisation the New Xenophobia?

The population of mediolana.com with tasty content galore continues apace with an essay which answers precisely the above question. Back To The Classroom: Why Blaming Globalisation Is The New Xenophobia… 23 more words


He's back: Nicolas Sarkozy promises return to French politics

He is back. Or rather, some say, he never went away. Nicolas Sarkozy will announce on television this weekend that he is abandoning his gilded retirement and returning to politics to save France from economic and political calamity. 834 more words


"Let them eat pork!" The dishonesty of a French racist

If you thought there were no depths that the rabid right will not plumb in their hatred of Muslims (and possibly also Jews), here is… 790 more words

More socialism will not mean less right-wing populism

Shortly after Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, the left’s great darling Bernie Sanders went on CBS show This Morning and said that to win again, “the Democratic Party has got to stand with the working people of this country, feel their pain and take on the billionaire class, take on Wall Street, take on the drug companies.” 843 more words


Is Populism Really a Problem?

We’re supposed to think it is.

Just look at the havoc populism has wrought on our once stable, orderly and deeply contented Western societies. The seismic shock of Brexit, the Trumpocalypse, the rise of… 690 more words


Changing Positions on LGBTQI-Rights by Far-Right Parties in Western Europe

”Ask yourself who is really the friend of women and the LGBT community, Donald Trump with actions or Hillary Clinton with her words?”, stated by Donald Trump in a speech during the USA presidential election campaign in 2016 after the shooting at an Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) venue in Orlando by a radical muslim. 2,681 more words


The world has its first millennial leader. And, of course, he is an anti-immigrant conservative.

Sebastian Kurz is set to become the world’s first leader from the millennial age group of those born in 1981 onwards.

The 31-year-old, who led Austria’s centre right People’s Party to victory in the country’s parliamentary election at the weekend, has already been compared to France’s Emmanuel Macron and Canada’s Justin Trudeau in terms of their youth and popularity. 535 more words