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A day in the life of a weekend referee…

When you arrive on a Sunday morning to referee a grassroots football match there is a stench of stale lager in the air as soon as you leave your car, if you can find somewhere to park that is. 756 more words

The Stress-Free Principle: What Companies Should Know and Do

Why do millennials prefer a snack to a meal, and Ubering to owning a car? How have Amazon and Netflix come to command the loyalty of an otherwise restless generation? 1,071 more words


Upcoming Event: The OSCE contribution to European Security Policy

The eastern borders of Europe are one of the central issues when evaluating European Security Policy.

The crisis in Ukraine is a focal point of the… 271 more words

Human Rights

On Bootstraps






I was a welding operator. I worked in a factory that produced parts for a major car brand, a tier 1 supplier for four of the most popular models. 604 more words

The Whole Thing

On The Three-Legged Stool

This is a long post. I know. But, this is the foundation upon which all others will be built and to divide it into several articles would diminish the whole. 3,614 more words

The Whole Thing