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What's for Dinner?

Chicken on Sunday. When Dee was growing up, this was a cooking rule. But chicken every Sunday can get boring quickly if you don’t get creative. 91 more words

How to Clean Farm Fresh Eggs

You have that dozen farm fresh eggs riding home with you, but are you asking yourself that ever important question – how do I clean these? 158 more words

What is a Rubber Dam?

At first glance these things look and sound sketchy, I mean what is that rubber doing in the mouth. It’s not there to make you uncomfortable or to make you look foolish, it has a very important role to play. 294 more words



Follow the adventures of Cross Stitch on Instagram! @gutterspacedesigns 52 more words


Iguazu Falls

After a lot of back and forth I finally made it back to South America.. My initial plan to change my flight back from Santiago to Buenos Aires failed because the price was just insanely expensive, but then British Airways canceled my flight and suddenly they were offering me to rebook for free (or almost). 881 more words