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Blurring Lines: Filming and Gaming

The line between filmmaking and gaming has become incredibly blurred of recent. But how? How has filmmaking fallen in with video gaming and vice versa? 447 more words


What you need to know: Monday, March 30


-Regular Schedule

-A Day


-Lemon Cajun Chicken


-VBase: St. Joe Central (5:00pm)

-VLax: (H) SM South (7:30pm)


In Love with Letters

Last month I wrote about waking up with a case of the fuglies, which I define as an emotional and mental state that gets me ‘feeling ugly’ inside and out. 432 more words


Welcome to My Blog's Newer, Neater Design

Clean, simple, elegant; those are what make a webpage attractive and easy-to-read. For far too long, I’ve been waiting for the perfect theme to go with this blog. 414 more words


The Swag Hag

Featured photo taken by Kelly Popejoy; loot thanks to Alt Summit

I appreciate a great give away bag. The first one I remember getting that wasn’t the result of being the token little sister in Big Sis’s social scene, is the one I received as an invited guest at the sixth birthday party of Dr. 683 more words