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Hassle free and easy mood enhancers

For all those who read my blog on a regular basis this is no new news, I have hard time being motivated when weather turns bad. 600 more words


Dear Boys...

Sepucuk surat untuk para pengembara berdendang

Dear Boys…

Waktu itu ku lihat kalian bermain-main dengan melodi. Menari dalam simfoni. Bersyair di alam cerita. Uh.. nampaknya dunia kalian senada dengan duniaku, begitu ujar benakku. 168 more words


25 Facts About Me

So this post has absolutely nothing to do with travel whatsoever, but I’ve seen a bunch of them dotted over the blogosphere recently, and decided I wanted one too! 686 more words


Philadelphia's Non-Profit Resource

Giving small non-profit organizations the support they need be as effective and impactful as possible.

Egyptian doctors strike against police violence

Doctors at Al-Matariyya Hospital in Cairo walked out on strike for a week in defence of colleagues who were assaulted by policemen for refusing to write false reports about a patient’s injuries. 241 more words


CliC Adjustable Front Connect Reader, 2.50 Strength, Tortoise Frame

Never misplace your readers again, with CliC’s stylish, magnetic front connection ready readers. CliCs offer you “as needed” access to your glasses. No more granny chains or uncomfortable elastic headbands, and no more fumbling in your purse or briefcase for your glasses. 73 more words