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Elite Dangerous: Beyond Chapter One (Review)

With the release of the first “chapter” of a new season of content for Elite Dangerous, developer Frontier Developments is seemingly attempting to have a more structured schedule of releases throughout the year that are broken down into well defined parts. 1,405 more words


Spotlight "Jurassic World: Evolution"

Welcome to the first installment in the Spotlight series, where we will take an in depth look at either an upcoming film, video game or novel. 722 more words

Jurassic Park

Elite Dangerous: Updates to Crime and Punishment

With the next update to Elite Dangerous (Beyond Chapter One) now downloading to our PCs and consoles, it’s time to start looking even deeper into what will soon be in the game. 1,525 more words


Jurassic World: Evolution Introduces The Chasmosaurus

Developer Frontier Developments has released another profile for their upcoming strategy-simulation game Jurassic World: Evolution. This most recent profile introduces us to the herbivore Chasmosaurus. 47 more words


Elite Dangerous: Beyond Chapter One coming February 27

Great news for Elite Dangerous fans with the next stage of Frontier’s space sim coming VERY soon to all platforms. It was only recently that Chapter One of the Beyond update finished its beta run on the PC so the turnaround between that and the official release is really encouraging. 87 more words


Elite Dangerous: Beyond Chapter One Livestreams

The next year of Elite Dangerous now finds the galaxy in a much more troubling state thanks to the recent spate of Thargoid attacks on stations in the Pleiades. 451 more words


Jurassic World: Evolution Profiles The Triceratops

Frontier Developments is known for their simulation style games, such as: Zoo TycoonScreamRide for the Xbox One. As well as Planet Coaster on the PC. 49 more words