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More from Elite Dangerous @ PAX East 2017

Here’s a few more videos that dropped on Frontier Developments’ YouTube account for Elite Dangerous covering Multicrew, the Commander Creator and some of the suit variations that will be available when “The Commanders” (version 2.3) update ships. 120 more words


Planet Coaster Review

Since the early 2000’s, Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 has been a pretty dominant force within the simulator world, and even the sequel couldn’t do much to dethrone it. 1,476 more words


Elite Dangerous @ PAX East 2017

Looks like the team at Frontier Developments have been a busy group at PAX East judging by the amount of videos that have been coming out for… 255 more words


Revisiting... Frontier: First Encounters

If you’ve been reading posts here for a while you’d have little doubt that Elite Dangerous consumes a fair amount of my time despite my ever increasing pile of shame. 1,314 more words


The Commanders Beta Coming to Elite: Dangerous on Monday | Gaming Respawn

Well, it wouldn’t quite be Elite: Dangerous without at least some confusion or delay regarding upcoming content, especially with a slightly ambiguous statement like “landing the week ending February 26”.

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Elite Dangerous Review – Endless Possibilities

Elite Dangerous
Frontier Developments

“Damn you, Frontier Developments!” I thought to myself as I sat in the cramped cockpit of my spaceship, staring at the starport’s interior walls. 1,133 more words

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Elite Dangerous 2.3 Beta Livestream, Part 2

Frontier Developments held a second Livestream for The Commanders update coming to Elite Dangerous with an emphasis this time on the Multicrew feature. What’s nice to see is the work being done to encourage like-minded players to get together for sessions with the potential to make new friends. 113 more words