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A look at new features coming in Elite: Dangerous 2.2 | Gaming Respawn

You could say we’re enjoying something of space renaissance within the wonderful world of gaming. But with all the talk of late revolving around the release of the highly divisive No Man’s Sky (if ever there was a case for not pre-ordering…) and the encouraging new gameplay footage recently showcased by the ever-elusive Star Citizen, it’s easy to forget that Elite: Dangerous, the latest game in the original open-world space franchise, is well into its second year of full release and still going strong.

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Elite @ Gamescom Day Three – Time savers!

Another round of videos were released today at Gamescom covering further enhancements to Elite: Dangerous that will be coming in the 2.2 Guardians update. In addition to showing off a few new paint jobs for ships (including some for your SRV) and a new capital ship dock, the things I was most impressed with were the tweaks being made to the interface. 282 more words


Elite @ Gamescom Day Two – Fighters!

One of the most anticipated additions to Elite: Dangerous was revealed today in the form of ship launched fighters. If you’re successful enough to be able to own a ship capable of carrying fighters, such as an Anaconda, I’m guessing you’ll soon have the option to install a docking bay much like you do now with SRVs. 228 more words


Elite @ Gamescom Day One - Passengers!

The first batch of details from Frontier of the next big update to Elite: Dangerous has begun to come out of Gamescom.

The first info of update 2.2 (entitled Guardians) covers the new passenger lounge addition to Starport Services which is where players can take on contracts for ferrying individuals and groups to destinations. 251 more words


Elite: Dangerous Patch 2.1.05 Details

As reported on the Frontier Forums, a new patch (version 2.1.05) is on the way for Elite: Dangerous players. Details are in full below but a few things worth noting: 1,401 more words


Elite: Dangerous MicroGuide #3 – Combat

No matter what vocation you choose to follow in Elite: Dangerous there is bound to be a time when you are going to be facing off against opponents and start using those guns. 1,375 more words


Elite: Dangerous MicroGuide #2 – Making Money

Being a small fish in the big ocean that is Elite: Dangerous might make you feel that it is going to be one hell of a grind to get that fancy space ship you’ve been lusting over; but if you’re willing to do a little multitasking with professions you might get there a little sooner. 1,843 more words