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Elite Dangerous 2.2 (The Guardians) arrives Oct 25

For those who were thinking the next update to Elite Dangerous couldn’t come soon enough, it looks like your prayers have been answered with developer Frontier announcing that 2.2 (The Guardians) will launch next week on October 25th. 112 more words


Elite Dangerous 2.2 Beta Livestreams

Those kind folks at Frontier Developments have been putting up some livestreams related to the beta launch of the upcoming Guardians update for Elite Dangerous… 48 more words


Win32 and DX10 support may be dropped from Elite: Dangerous | Gaming Respawn

Frontier Developments are considering ending support for 32-bit and DX10 Windows systems in their popular space sim Elite: Dangerous. In a forum post published earlier today, CEO and nerd-God David Braben announced:

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Guardians beta coming to Elite: Dangerous on Tuesday | Gaming Respawn

Gosh dang it! Just as I’d began the long and arduous journey out to Jacques station in the Colonia Nebula to see for myself what all the fuss was about, Frontier Developments announced the imminent launch of their next big update for space combat and trading sim Elite: Dangerous.

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A funny thing happened on the way to Sirius B...

After a recent sale on Xbox Live, a few more friends have become fans of Elite Dangerous and taken up the challenge of making ends meet in that big galaxy we call home. 908 more words


Elite Dangerous Wants Your Vote on Ship Transfer Times

I was reading through my usual Facebook updates and came across Frontier Developments wanting input from Elite Dangerous players about the length of time it takes for the upcoming ship transfer to occur. 149 more words


A look at new features coming in Elite: Dangerous 2.2 | Gaming Respawn

You could say we’re enjoying something of space renaissance within the wonderful world of gaming. But with all the talk of late revolving around the release of the highly divisive No Man’s Sky (if ever there was a case for not pre-ordering…) and the encouraging new gameplay footage recently showcased by the ever-elusive Star Citizen, it’s easy to forget that Elite: Dangerous, the latest game in the original open-world space franchise, is well into its second year of full release and still going strong.

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