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Elite: Dangerous MicroGuide #3 – Combat

No matter what vocation you choose to follow in Elite: Dangerous there is bound to be a time when you are going to be facing off against opponents and start using those guns. 1,375 more words


Elite: Dangerous MicroGuide #2 – Making Money

Being a small fish in the big ocean that is Elite: Dangerous might make you feel that it is going to be one hell of a grind to get that fancy space ship you’ve been lusting over; but if you’re willing to do a little multitasking with professions you might get there a little sooner. 1,843 more words


Patch 2.1.04 for Elite: Dangerous fixes docking bug

Frontier announced in their forums that they are pushing through an update for Elite: Dangerous that fixes the annoying docking computer bug we’ve mentioned previously. Hopefully by the time you read this it should be live. 116 more words


Docking computer woes in the last Elite: Dangerous update

– This issue is resolved in the latest update to the game.

Anyone playing Elite: Dangerous (version 2.1.03) right now who are fans of automated docking with stations are probably getting a little frustrated right now as it seems many are finding that the docking computers are no longer able to land craft but rather park them off to the side of the landing pad, hovering meters off the surface.

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Elite: Dangerous MicroGuide #1 - Where to Start?

Frontier Developments space trading epic Elite: Dangerous can be an intimidating game to face initially as the in game tutorials barely scratch the surface but thankfully the Internet always steps up and there’s a lot of resources out there now for finding what you need. 2,227 more words


Screamride - Review

Screamride is a unique title and not a genre you find a lot on consoles. It is essentially a spiritual successor to Frontier’s popular RollerCoaster Tycoon series. 1,963 more words


Elite Dangerous: Horizons - Mid Season Review

With the Horizons expansion now available on both Xbox One and PC it seems a good time to run quickly through what has been accomplished so far within… 1,244 more words