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Elite Dangerous 2.3 (The Commanders) - Mini Review

With the Horizons expansion content stretching out further than initially intended, players of Elite Dangerous have been hanging out for each new release with excitement. 894 more words


Elite Dangerous 2.3 (The Commanders) is now live!

For those wanting to travel the galaxy and shoot/steal/trade with friends the next big update for Elite Dangerous is now here and allow you to create your own avatar (Holo-Me) and then jump into another ship (Multi-Crew) for quick sessions that may be too difficult to organise as Wings. 9,535 more words


Price cuts for items on the Elite Dangerous store

Seems like Frontier have been listening to feedback in relation to prices for cosmetics in Elite Dangerous with an announcement that many items in the store will receive a permanent price reduction. 91 more words


Multicrew and Avatar Creator Coming to Elite: Dangerous mid-April | n3rdabl3

Frontier Developments have announced that The Commanders update for Elite: Dangerous will be arriving the week ending April 16. The new content, which has been in beta since late February, is part of the ongoing Horizons season and introduces multicrew ships, an avatar generator and a fancy new camera system.

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Elite Dangerous 2.3 (The Commanders) lands around April 16

Good news for players wanting more ways to team up in Elite Dangerous with “The Commanders” (2.3) update now due to go live in the week ending April 16th. 111 more words


Writing and game crossovers

I was watching a Twitch stream last night by DJTruthsayer, catching up on Elite:Dangerous lore chat (he is a font of knowledge) and it raised a number of interesting questions surrounding publishing.  618 more words

More from Elite Dangerous @ PAX East 2017

Here’s a few more videos that dropped on Frontier Developments’ YouTube account for Elite Dangerous covering Multicrew, the Commander Creator and some of the suit variations that will be available when “The Commanders” (version 2.3) update ships. 120 more words