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On February 12, 2015

On February 12, 2015, Steve Strange died aged 55. The Welsh musicians best known as the lead singer and frontman of the group “Visage”, since the late 70’ was also a prominent nightclub host and promoter.

Hardcore Singer Accidentally Swallows Microphone

CLEVELAND — What started out as a normal show quickly turned into a scene of horror for local Cleveland hardcore band Live It Down when lead vocalist Eric Sarno swallowed the show’s only working microphone. 369 more words

Steve Wynn and Richard Barone @ The Low Beat, Albany, NY – Saturday, February 7, 2015

The standard narrative of the rock star frontman is so much a part of our culture at this point, it can become hard to understand the stories of those who don’t follow suit. 782 more words

Concert Review

Hardcore Frontman Mostly Just a Liability

OMAHA, Neb. – Upon returning from their first national tour, Omaha hardcore act OUTFRONT report that as far as contributions to the band go, singer Zach Pearson is mostly just a liability. 466 more words

Now Listening: Team Spirit

I’d like to use my first official non-introductory blog post to just talk about my current obsession: A power pop rock outfit by the name of Team Spirit. 256 more words

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