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Seedling disaster

I left the tomato seedlings out in the greenhouse overnight, and most of them were killed by frost.

I wasn’t just stupid enough to forget to bring them in; I knew, 100%, that they had to come in.  250 more words

Growing And Gardening

All Clear!

Yesterday and today have been momentous for the plot. I’m so excited, because we rolled up the lino and removed it, and then we dug the funal bed and woodchipped next to it! 426 more words


Fruit Tree Frost Damage

The last three weeks have been warm and then cold, rain, ice, sleet, snow, we’ve had it all.

Our cherry trees were in full bloom and BAM and now they’re brown and all the blooms have fell off. 79 more words



frost bites
the fragile edges
of spring

– – –

Photo: Frost Detail, Indiana, c.b.w. 2017

Words: haiku, c.b.w. 2018


Sci-fi corridor

Rear ship engine

Front landing pad view

Sci-fi Corridor

This was an experiment with normal and black/white heightmaps. Everything was hand-drawn. I attempted some more adventurous post-composited, but I’m not sure the Ice turned out correctly in the corridor shot. 48 more words



weathered by winter
the enduring oak



Green buds of hope unfurled from seasoned branches in the radiant glare.

Their tender fingers opening with naive certainty,

Oblivious the clear, cloudless sky would bring a view of sparkling infinity in hours. 33 more words