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Frosty Friday canal stroll for a snooze and sanity

Thank goodness Friday morning was beautiful. Not much sleep and Tessa wakening early due to a persistent cold and cough meant that patience was already running short by 8.30am! 257 more words

Lewis Frost demos the Shoulder Bump, John Correia discusses a home invasion!

Learn how to prevent home invasions Click Here. Lewis Frost demos the Shoulder Bump, John Correia goes over a house intrusion! Nate Stokes speaks about the Tango 6. 33 more words

Balcony Experiment

A week or so before first frost (beginning of September), I sowed some leftover lettuce and spinach. I figured I may as well, because the seed bags was just about empty, and this way I can see if anything will survive/how long, on my glassed in, shady, east-facing balcony. 166 more words


Frost Was Spotted...

Morning Weather Report: “A heavy frost was spotted in most areas of the city.”

Sorry, I couldn’t resist a little silliness.  Have a fine, overstuffed Thanksgiving! 154 more words

Something Different!

Crisp Cattails

 Judy’s bright frosty painting of cattails in the winter sunshine is full of warmth, the kind you can only appreciate on a crisp winter morning.  The sharp blades of frost crystals contrast with the softness of tightly packed fuzz.   10 more words


Thursday 23rd of November 2017 - Sunday 26th November 2017

Hi all,

Well hello weather, we welcomed back our typical Autumn this week, with an inch of rain falling in the first few days. We’ve also had a bit more snow-talk on the grapevine and this time there is some truth in the rumours. 249 more words

Weather Forecast

Winter is coming

Dear readers,

November is truly one of the gloomiest months of the year, cold and rainy…I would rather go on a trip to a nice snowy place and have an opportunity to breathe pure air. 291 more words

Second Life