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Homemade Barista Froth in 60 Seconds!

What makes the cafe latte’s and the cuppachino’s so fantastic besides famous espresso shot with its rich, smooth, heavy bodied coffee with hints of caramel and hazelnut? 289 more words

Cafe Latte

Lobster Bolognese : Capellini : Porcini Froth : Black Truffles

Lobsters found in Vancouver fly first class all the way from the east coast to the lobster man‘s water tanks and other seafood market places around. 1,293 more words


Fine Froth

Chocolate is available to hungry consumers in a variety of tantalizing culinary mediums. It is prepared in bars and disks, as a dusting on nuts, or poured as a silky sauce over creamy desserts. 530 more words

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The Silver Chocolatière: a 1500-year collaboration between the Mayan, Aztec, Spanish, and French people

The Silver chocolatière pictured above, which features a hinged lid with hole in which a wooden stirrer, a moussoir, could be inserted, was designed to create and hold a frothy chocolate beverage. 799 more words

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Old froth in new bottle

A shake and a release disturbed their dormancy

And they seethed like a wild beast from the sea

They rose high, pouting in the end… 17 more words


The Molinillo: A case study in cultural diffusion

To purchase a molinillo in this day and age requires scouring gourmet and artisanal shops, such as the high-end retailer Dean and Deluca, specialty chocolate shops like Taza Chocolate, or — to perfectly underscore my point — a novelty website called “Uncommon Goods.” But there was once a point in time when the molinillo was in fact very common, and was the primary tool used to create the coveted frothy foam in a chocolate beverage. 598 more words

Multimedia Essay 1

481. Froth Cafe

The bridesmaids had a meetup to discuss about the wedding details, so we needed some place where we can sit for some time without being chased away. 416 more words

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