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Froth & Coffee

She found life too patiently easy
Though her meaning of existence was hazy
A cup of coffee, she drank just for sake
To get through each day, up and awake… 166 more words


The Thursday Quote

“It’s pretty lazy and lame to keep peddling that stereotype , just like it’s lazy and lame for the mainstream breweries to peddle the stereotype that basically only blokes drink beer.

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Songs That Get Me Through Long Drives - A Mixtape by Froth

We have to admit we don’t often feel sorry for bands; making records, playing live, seeing the world and being provided with all the humus and carrot sticks you could possibly dream of: for the most part being in a band is living the dream. 689 more words

Spoilt or Ruined?

Most pet owners spoil their furry family members as a matter of course.
Some pets are allowed to sleep on the bed (we hold our hand up to that), or have their personal blanket and cushion in their own chair or sofa. 258 more words