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It was a completely negative world, with gaily colored froth on top that many people mistook for the true, the happy Germany before the eruption of the new barbarism.

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Andrew's Picks: May 2016

Playlist and illustration by Andrew Sanyshyn

Check out Andrew’s picks for May here and let us know what you think! ✿


Gemma Holland | Quick Clips

Landyachtz, Bear Trucks and Hawgs Wheels Rider Gemma Holland got injured last year, after several months of heavy physio and rehab she’s back. In this short quick clips she conquers the hill that broke her.


Day 61 Tea Bag Latte

Hi there!

Tea latte is one cool way to enjoy brewed tea at home. You could use any flavors of tea (in a tea bag) you like.And you only need milk (adding sugar is optional) to make it into a latte. 179 more words

Skate MC Meanies | Product Review

Luke Smith hooked up with The East Coop over the past weekend to put out this review on Mudjimba Cruisers new wheel the skate MC meanie… 26 more words


My Wedding

I found the ring of bone by the rim of the ocean, balanced on the wreckage of kelp and wood verdant with the opaque scents of brinish decay.  212 more words

String Theory

I see this shit all the time.  By all the time, I mean all the time.

Log onto any bass related forum, and as soon as you get past the fingers vs pick dumbassary (fingers for life yo) you will come to the next most hotly debated topic:  How many strings are appropriate before you are a (pick one boys and girls):   1,260 more words