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Almost done!

The boat is very very nearly completed now. In fact, it may actually be finished as this is being written! There were just a few minor bits of tidying up to be done when we left this morning.  246 more words

Surfing with Salad

The Salad:  “This idea is stupid, it won’t work.”

Me:  “It will work…you’re just a fat-ass.”

Looking back on it, it would probably be the only time that the Salad was right.  1,453 more words


Cafe Week

Be prepared for this December! With Café Week (10th to 13th December & 17th to 20th December), you won’t be ending your 2015 on a miserable note. 204 more words


Froth's Tea Set Review (Cafe Week)

In preparation of cafe week which will take place in December, I was given the opportunity to taste Froth’s tea menu which consists of a white chocolate taro lava cake and a cup of hot coffee ($15 nett). 421 more words


Don’t Miss: FROTH (Opening for The Drums) @ DC9, 10/26/15

Froth (Photo by Tony Accosta)

When Mickey first asked me to look into and preview Froth, a band I knew nothing about, I went to Spotify. 351 more words

Music Park

If you go down to the cut today...

It’s another beautiful morning on the cut at Thurmaston. The ducks are quacking, the sun is shining, the boats are lying lazily in the water. The view up the canal from the lock bridge is delightful… 162 more words

What reading a Wings Over Scotland rant does for the Nat mind

By Emolly Entcognitive dissonance and electro-convulsive straw man correspondent

WITH WINGS Over Scotland recently exploding into fully blown demented denial mode over the Michelle Thomson property affair, the conversation surrounding the Nationalist mindset has once again affected absolutely no one but the Twitter echo chamber. 261 more words