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Truth or Bare

Everyone’s favorite game of embarrassment or courage gets out of hand with this group of friends! 1,594 more words


Texture - Exercise 2 Project 1

We were asked to collect a selection of objects with different surface textures and experiment with depicting the textures in our sketchbooks.

My first page, I was quite lazy and didn’t particularly go hunting for objects but started with objects I had in the same room as me – this may tell you something about me already! 819 more words

Part 1

NaBloMoPlo Day 7-UAL week 2

Our first week of actual work started with us splitting into our groups and starting our first area of exploratory, Combined Media which is basically fine art in our case. 368 more words

Weird Word of the Day: Frottage

This little gem has been around since 1935, but, had it not been for Dan Savage and his “Savage Love” column, I don’t think I ever would have known it existed. 205 more words



She straddles me
Rocking her pussy
Along my cock,
Looking down
Into my eyes,
Slick wet moans
From both our throats
Echoing the desire,
A tease… 8 more words

My Poetry

Drawings - pencil, ink

Click on any image to view as slide show. In the slide show, there is a “Comment” button for your use. 90 more words


Texture, texture, and more texture

Digital illustration and texture

I have been reworking quite a few old illustrations. Mainly by adding lots and lots of different textures, such as different kinds of scanned paper, even sand-paper. 119 more words