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Part Two; Project 2; Exercise 1 Experimenting (p41)

Collect a range of objects with different surface textures.  In your sketchbook,  experiment with depicting the textures.  Try  to describe what the texture feels and looks like. 312 more words


Victor Noir: Enduring Arousal

For centuries women have turned to totems, inanimate objects to bring either love or a child. Nothing new there, one infamous source of feminine longing has a more unusual tale. 284 more words



Added page titled Frottage plus images of final presentation of monotypes shown at Degree Exhibition 2015.


Here’s a story that, like every one of my posts, is true. I hope you believe me. If you doubt me, I guess that’s okay, too. 830 more words

'Painting' a Sand Dune at Lake Mungo

This painting began in 2003 when I explored Lake Mungo for the second time doing small sketches and taking frottage on hand made paper from hardened clay of the now arid lake surface. 101 more words

Mixed Media

Part 2. Project 2. Exercise 1. Experimenting.

Took me a while to get started on this one.  I realised I was being really tight with my drawings to begin with.  Need to remember to have fun with these exercises as it’s much easier to be experimental and free that way. 57 more words

Part Two. Your Own Environment