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'Painting' a Sand Dune at Lake Mungo

This painting began in 2003 when I explored Lake Mungo for the second time doing small sketches and taking frottage on hand made paper from hardened clay of the now arid lake surface. 101 more words

Mixed Media

Part 2. Project 2. Exercise 1. Experimenting.

Took me a while to get started on this one.  I realised I was being really tight with my drawings to begin with.  Need to remember to have fun with these exercises as it’s much easier to be experimental and free that way. 43 more words


1930's Victorian Hall Tree

Great vintage find by EmersonRestorations (125.00 GBP) http://ift.tt/1GNU2qR

Tinfoil Rubs -part 69


     As Bryan body was accustomed to thinking of midnight as mid-morning sleep had not come easily to him. The only thing he found pleasant about awakening at six a.m. 1,400 more words


Part 2, project 2: Exercise 1 Experimenting with surface textures and frottage

For different surface textures, I chose a lemon, a silk scarf, a wire scourer and a faux fur throw.

For the fur, I tried pencil, water colour with brushes, conte sticks, dropping ink (this didn’t work well and resulted in the blob!)  I think a furry effect can be achieved well with pencil using fine lines and also by pressing brushes down on the paper. 182 more words


Hairy Situations

About a year ago I was on the 210 to Phibbs Exchange when I felt a sudden tug to one or two hairs at the back of my head, like someone was trying to pull out my hair. 251 more words