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Part 1, Project 1 (Feeling and expression) - Exercise 2

 Experimenting with Texture

Making textures and patterns is something I truly enjoy and I find I have a lot of patience for it. I searched around the house for objects with interesting textures and then used either ink or pencil depending on how each texture felt like; e.g. 133 more words

Part 1 (Form And Gesture)

Experimenting with Texture

Experimenting with frottage was something I enjoyed. On plain copier paper and using a purple wax crayon, I initially hoped to collect rubbings from, perhaps five or so, various surfaces, but soon found myself collecting rubbings whenever I left the house. 74 more words


Part 1 Form and Gesture

Project 1, Exercise 2

Experimenting with texture

I struggled with this exercise at first and it took me quite a while to get started. I started by trying to draw the textures of a natural sponge and a piece of coral – both of which I found very difficult. 275 more words

Part 1

"Frottage" Collage

This was my first set of Collage’s.  My inspiration for this set was our winters in the Okanagan Mountains and my pressed fern leaves I had in my studio from last summer travels to Gabriola Island.  180 more words


Experimenting with texture

Project 1 Feeling and expression

Exercise 2: Experimenting with texture

I collected a range of objects with different surface textures for this exercise, and experimented with different mediums to depict these. 407 more words

Part 1 - Form & Gesture


What Is Frottage?

Frottage is the act of rubbing to create a texture. So, if you rub your pencil over paper when you have an object beneath the paper, you end up with some fairly interesting shapes and textures. 127 more words


Truth or Bare

Everyone’s favorite game of embarrassment or courage gets out of hand with this group of friends! 1,594 more words