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Stray Thoughts: 2/4/2017

I got reminded of a memory from way back when a bit ago, so
I thought I’d type it up.

This is back in high school. 446 more words


Avocado & Cashew Smoothie Bowl

I refrained from making any public New Year’s resolutions because I am infamous for not following through with them. But I made a promise to myself, that after the holidays, I would get back on track in regards to eating better. 236 more words


Vanilla Nice Cream with Berry Coulis

Vanilla Nice Cream 

Whenever I am craving ice-cream, this recipe hits the spot! It is perfect as a dessert (or even for breakfast – and you don’t have to feel guilty!) The sweet, vanilla flavoured nice-cream is paired with the more tart flavour of the berry coulis for a perfect combination. 281 more words


Super extravagant breakfast : mango nana nicecream

Fruit is so expensive in Japan. That’s why I called it extravagant. Banana’s are cheap though. I used 2 frozen banana and a fresh mango for this recipe and topped it with grapes, a kiwi and cherry nuts muesli. 11 more words

Summer Treats

Have you ever find yourself craving sugar, just when you get home from work, or is it only me?
Well, I am  big fan of anything sweet, but I am also aware of the danger of putting inside of your body highly processed foods. 361 more words

Montreal Blogger

Fried Banana Ice Cream

With the poise of a wrecking ball, summertime humidity has arrived. And with it, my unstoppable cravings for popsicles and Breyer’s strawberry ice cream and a time in my life when my hair did normal things. 600 more words