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DocV bakes birthday cakes for the 50th birthday of ‘the boss'

Number 1 : BANANA CAKE for 14 pieces

Bananas with a brown skin are not attractive anymore, but they are perfect to use in a banana cake. 161 more words


Churros and Pickles?

I watched Jimmy Fallon interview with Elisabeth Moss (The girl from Downtown Abbey and Handmaiden’s Tale) the other night and she said her favorite place is Disneyland!   136 more words

Drill That Banana!

I love the way men can solve problems in unorthodox ways –Take the case of the frozen banana halves on the cookie sheet in our freezer. 89 more words

Kitchen Mashup fruits and veggies

So I have carrots that are going to go bad if I don’t use them, corn from the bbq from a few days ago, bananas I froze before they went bad, raisins in the cupboard, some spaghetti sauce in a bottle, tomatoes from my plant , YEP, cherry tomatoes baby! 279 more words

Kitchen Mash-ups

Frozen Coco Banana Bites

This recipe takes all of 5 minutes to prepare, and consumption time might be even quicker based on how tasty these treats are!


gluten-free… 114 more words


The smoothest smoothie

This smoothie is inspired by Jason Vale, aka the Juice Master. I got his book Juice Master, Keep it Simple for Christmas, and it was the starting point of my juicing journey and it opened a whole new chapter for me. 285 more words



If I make you breakfast in bed a simple “thanks” is all I need.  Not all this “How did you get into my house” business. 516 more words

Grandma Pat Cooks