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Summer Treats

Have you ever find yourself craving sugar, just when you get home from work, or is it only me?
Well, I am  big fan of anything sweet, but I am also aware of the danger of putting inside of your body highly processed foods. 361 more words

Jen Guevara

Fried Banana Ice Cream

With the poise of a wrecking ball, summertime humidity has arrived. And with it, my unstoppable cravings for popsicles and Breyer’s strawberry ice cream and a time in my life when my hair did normal things. 600 more words



Today’s smoothie ingredients: Frozen organic blueberries, frozen banana, organic strawberries & spinach, fresh coconut water, hemp protein powder, Baobob & 2 medjool dates xx #nourish #skinfood

banana maple walnut ice cream.

Let me start this post off by saying… you can make ice cream with frozen bananas ALONE.  Yup.  The texture of blended frozen bananas is basically like soft serve ice cream.   170 more words


How to make a MOCHA VELVET Shake.

Combine two of Herbalife’s most popular Formula 1 flavors to make this sweet, satisfying Herbalife shake we call Mocha Velvet.

Have you ever tried mixing Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix flavors together? 179 more words


Valentines Day's Salted Chocolate Banana Love Bites

With a day practically coated in chocolate.. what’s not to love!

Happy (post) Valentines day readers!

This day has always hit a bit of a “sweet spot” for me (I… 456 more words

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