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No one likes a watered down cocktail. These cute additions to your cocktails keep everything chilled to perfection, taste good, and not to mention they are adorable. 122 more words


Single girl tips: Frozen grapesĀ 

With the weather in the high 90’s and no relief in sight, it’s important to stay hydrated. The problem is, keeping your beverage chilled and not watered down. 81 more words


What I Eat | Event Eve

Since I ran a local event at the weekend – The Gosport Golden Mile and 5k – I thought that documenting what I ate and drunk the day before could be useful for me in the future. 669 more words

Top Tips Tuesday....1

A selection of my ‘top tips’ I’ve picked up that you may find useful…
1. Tumble Dryer sheets can be used to keep shoes fresh (just put a sheet in each shoe) and luggage smelling sweet (put a sheet between layers of clothes for a just-washed smell when you open your case)! 174 more words