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Fresh, Not Frozen

Some foods just don’t freeze as well as others. Why not? Crispy, crunchy fruits and veggies like celery, lettuce, cucumbers, and apples that we usually eat raw are more likely to disappoint when frozen because they will be much softer and limp when thawed. 222 more words


Freeze Yo' Grapes

Last summer while staying at friends beach house on the bay I was treated to some really yummy food, including frozen grapes. These bad boys are delicious, the perfect treat on a hot summer day or any day the craving for ice cream are kicking in. 74 more words


Breaking the Ice(wine)

Probably the sweetest type of wine you can drink is Icewine. This stuff seriously is like liquid gold, and not just because of the price! 220 more words

Day One of 66 Day Non Processed Sugar Challenge

Today is DAY ONE of the no processed sugar 66 day challenge.  My husband is currently deployed helping the Cyclone Relief in Australia, I am FTS (Fixin To Start…sorry boys, it happens) and all I want is CHOCOLATE!   85 more words

Health And Wellness

Day 46: Pick-Me-Up

Frozen grapes and Greek yogurt – what a team you are!

My practice:

Yoga for the – um, red days with Gemma


Frozen Grapes..Yum!

Hey Guys!

Just a healthy snack. Just some Fun Facts Boo. Nutrients according to Livestrong.com claims that it provides Protein, Calcium, and Vitamin C without high fat, cholesterol or sodium.  109 more words


Being Good To Me 365 - Day 35 - Frozen Grapes & AHS

Love love love frozen grapes. Today the kids went back to their fathers and I decided to finally watch the first episode of this new season of American Horror Story, enjoy some frozen grapes, and chamomile tea. 11 more words

The 365 Day Me Challenge