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Day 46: Pick-Me-Up

Frozen grapes and Greek yogurt – what a team you are!

My practice:

Yoga for the – um, red days with Gemma


Frozen Grapes..Yum!

Hey Guys!

Just a healthy snack. Just some Fun Facts Boo. Nutrients according to Livestrong.com claims that it provides Protein, Calcium, and Vitamin C without high fat, cholesterol or sodium.  109 more words


Being Good To Me 365 - Day 35 - Frozen Grapes & AHS

Love love love frozen grapes. Today the kids went back to their fathers and I decided to finally watch the first episode of this new season of American Horror Story, enjoy some frozen grapes, and chamomile tea. 11 more words

The 365 Day Me Challenge

Wellness Wednesday!

Wellness Wednesday sounds much better than weight loss Wednesday, I do believe. I like it better anyway. Weight loss is just that ever changing number that varies based on food intake a nd physical activities. 634 more words


Keeping your wine chilled, funky

OK – here’s a cool trick using frozen grapes. Just throw a handful of frozen grapes into your glass of wine to keep it nicely chilled. 164 more words

Author Peter Hall

Random Tips and Tricks: A Partial List

Today I was planning the menu for my sales meeting on Friday, and as I pondered ideas of possible soups, Paninis, flatbreads, and crostinis, I thought about my former colleagues who are probably already knee deep in essays to grade; it’s funny how quickly we can adjust to new things in life. 694 more words

Healthy Desserts (Yes, Such Things Do Actually Exist)

It’s one of the easiest things ever too. Frozen grapes. Yes, that’s right. They’re sweet, cold, and healthy :)
All you do it wash some grapes, dry them as much as possible, spread them on a cookie sheet, stick them in the freezer to freeze, and then enjoy! 41 more words