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Brain Freeze

My husband and I did a little yard work this weekend.  A balmy forty degrees for a few hours allowed us to take down the Christmas greens and rake the leaves in the front yard.   302 more words

New beginnings

The planet tilts, the sun returns, winter will merge into spring once again in its own sweet time.

Under the frozen ground life takes a nap, hibernates, gathering energy, living off last year’s fat. 94 more words

nice ice...baby

Ineffective sun

Shines bright on my frozen drive

At home for the day


Mother Earth

The Snow Flies Quietly Down

The snow flies quietly down
Melting before
It touches frozen ground.

No thunder clap
Heralds the falling down
No flash of blazing light
Lets us know. 17 more words


Pagans are busy Folk-The Wheel Keeps Turning

Pagans are busy folks, conducting Ritual for 8 holidays per year, plus observing full moons and new moons.  That’s a minimum of 24 extra days, which brings us to 32 events per year, requiring some level of attention, or a covered dish for a pot luck.  496 more words

Wheel Of The Year