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Frozen Hot Chocolate

I LOVE, LOVE a good cup of hot chocolate, but sometimes I don’t want it hot. I want it….well, cold or more like frozen. Try this recipe the next time you want this chocolatey drink. 120 more words

Frozen Baileys Hot Chocolate

Nestled in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket, Mary’s Milk Bar is a quaint café known for their frozen hot chocolate. When Ian and I were visiting his family in… 148 more words


Serendipity, Bloomingdales, Macys, Waldorf Astoria

John Cusack and Kate Beckinsdale shared a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity after meeting in Bloomingdales at Christmas. I didnt meet my soul mate, but I did enjoy a spot of shopping at Bloomingdales and managed to squeeze in two trips to Serendipity. 343 more words


I had court this morning for a traffic I got almost 3 months ago. I was set to appear in court the first week of October, however I was in treatment. 366 more words

Dunkin' Donuts Newest Item: Frozen Hot Chocolates

Wilmington has EIGHT Dunkin’ Donuts locations — 195 Main Street, 321 Main Street, 586 Main Street, 357 Middlesex Avenue, 66 Concord Street, 211 Lowell Street, 316 Lowell Street, and 206 Ballardvale Street. 515 more words


5 Days of Sheetz Drinks

When Sheetz sends you coupons for a bevy of free items in exchange for promotional consideration on your blog, it’s real dilemma. One the one hand, I’m a man of virtue and integrity; not one that would sell out to the first company trying to win my favor with free products. 989 more words

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