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Exercise 3.1

Using fast shutter speeds, try to isolate a frozen moment of time in a moving subject. Depending on the available light you may have to select a high ISO to avoid visible blur in the photograph. 357 more words

Express Your Vision

Frozen Moment| The Next Step

From all the work I have produced within this section of the project. Now I have created a frozen moment the next step is to create the rest of the narrative using different passes of time. 54 more words


Frozen Moment| Quentin Blake

Quintin Black used a process to improve and create his art works. Blake starts with rough drawings to find out how people stand, what sort of expressions they have and how they fit on the page.  96 more words


Frozen Moment| William Grill

William Grill’s interest lies in narrative illustrations and publishing. His inspiration lies within the natural world and his most loved material is coloured pencils and relief printmaking. 54 more words


Frozen Moment| Tonal Colour Workshop

Within this workshop we were asked to chose two colours from a 12 colour Gouache palette and create a complete tonal palette within both colours. I chose mauve and cerulean blue and proceeded to add white and black to create a tonal range from light to dark. 152 more words


Frozen Moment| Material Experimentation

Once I had chosen my frozen moment I proceeded in experimenting with different materials to come to a conclusion on which material I believe worked best for the image. 17 more words


Frozen Moment| Exploration of Time

For the beginning of the project I investigated into how a single image would look before and after;

1 second

1 minute

Completing this workshop allowed me to explore the way the body moves and how things change from scene to scene, and also helped me with explaining the narrative and to show emotion and development.