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Camera vision as slice of time or river of time

Whether the subject is creatures residing in a zoo, or an event in one’s own community of work or family or the wider society, the effect is very similar: during the time you are present, you selectively perceive the things in front of you and to a lesser degree the things in your peripheral view. 998 more words

Book review: Frozen Moment, by Camilla Ceder

Camilla Ceder is a Swedish counsellor, social worker, and crime fiction novelist. She has written two crime novels, both available in English translation, featuring Inspector Christian Tell of Göteborg CID as principal protagonist; I’ve previously reviewed the second of those books, … 371 more words

Frozen Moment : Visual Languages

Although I found this project challenging as I’m not too used to different perspectives and angles, I enjoyed the challenge! I was also thankful to be able to develop my own characters, so I started off by drafting some character pages for my 2 main rodents. 128 more words


Exercise 3.1

Using fast shutter speeds, try to isolate a frozen moment of time in a moving subject. Depending on the available light you may have to select a high ISO to avoid visible blur in the photograph. 357 more words

Express Your Vision

Frozen Moment| The Next Step

From all the work I have produced within this section of the project. Now I have created a frozen moment the next step is to create the rest of the narrative using different passes of time. 54 more words


Frozen Moment| Quentin Blake

Quintin Black used a process to improve and create his art works. Blake starts with rough drawings to find out how people stand, what sort of expressions they have and how they fit on the page.  96 more words


Frozen Moment| William Grill

William Grill’s interest lies in narrative illustrations and publishing. His inspiration lies within the natural world and his most loved material is coloured pencils and relief printmaking. 54 more words