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I Wonder

Do the people who make children’s TV programs or nature documentaries ever actually consider the large percentage of their viewership that are high as shit at 3am?



It’s January and I’m stood out here in the middle of nowhere on a godforsaken rock in the North Atlantic. High up some icy slope I’m looking down across an empty valley, it’s nearly midnight and it’s very cold. 516 more words


It's cold already....

This season is somewhat like Limbo – the colours of Autumn have gone as all the leaves have fallen, yet the white of Winter has yet to arrive. 228 more words

Alastair Fothergill on The Making of Planet Earth, Blue Planet and Frozen Planet

Since I’ve been too busy on my course lately to write anything that I’m, not going to get credit for (sorry!), here’s a press release I wrote for a talk my coursemates and I went to… 497 more words