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Just Breathe

 After 20-years I would have thought that I’d have mastered the skill by now. Apparently not. Over the last few months I have got progressively worse at this breathing malarkey and at times I appeared to forget how to do it all together. 309 more words

Finding perspective in Frozen Planet

I am not a great lover of animals. When I was a child I had a strange obsession with pigs – I had pig ornaments, pig posters, even a piggy hot water bottle (which I still have). 477 more words

A Tropical Thanksgiving at Sea

When my mother and I were discussing what to do for Thanksgiving, she came up with the idea of a cruise. Well, who am I to argue with spending the holiday at sea. 801 more words


Caring for the family: Correction Truth.

Nature so often guides us in how to behave.

Yes, nature can be cruel but in ways that we understand. Animals, to the best of my knowledge, do not hunt for sport. 453 more words