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Rita's Gelati

It was a balmy Wednesday morning, one of those days where I’m dragged by a friend somewhere where I have no choice but to say yes. 696 more words


Patriotic Popsicles

Happy July, everyone! We’re getting ready to head up to Carmel Valley tomorrow for the wedding weekend extravaganza for some dear friends of ours. And since it’s the Fourth of July, we get to celebrate both wedded bliss and ‘Murica. 427 more words


Momofuku Milk Bar Cereal Milk Ice Cream with Cornflake Crunch

The last time I visited New York City, I was four years old and we were visiting my Uncle Rick… The only thing I can remember from that trip is eating Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream with my Uncle Rick, brother, and sisters, crying because I accidentally broke a bowl, and then my uncle giving me a 101 Dalmatians coloring book to get me to stop crying… He loved Dalmatians. 994 more words


33 super cool popsicles to make this summer

who doesn’t love a tasty frozen treat in hot weather?  some great recipes here.  you MUST try them.  i can’t wait to make my first batch.  16 more words


I'm Meeeelting

As summer continues it’s only going to get hotter. I’m freaking out. I am not well acclimated to heat, I have my thick curly hair to thank for that. 353 more words


Strawberry Yogurt Pupsicles

Popsicles for the pupster = Pupsicles! Get it? ;)

It’s getting hotter outside, and you can’t forget your furry friends need to cool down, right? Well, if you’re a crazy dog lady like me, then you make your dog popsicles. 190 more words


Summer Sweets: Gelato & Sorbetto

While I love ice cream in all of it’s forms, I must say that the Italians do it best. Ever since our trip to Italy ten years ago, I’ve been a huge fan of gelato and sorbetto. 483 more words