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8th Anniversary Hat + Famous Members Meetup !

Happy 8th birthday Club Penguin!

The whole party is going down at the Coffee Shop. Check it out: Continue Reading!


8th Anniversary Party: Aunt Arctic Meetup Times !

Tomorrow marks the 8th anniversary since Club Penguin’s launch! Aunt Arctic will be there and you can meet her if you want! These are the meetup times: Continue Reading!


Chattabox Anniversary Party Appearance!

Chattabox says:

“G’day, penguin friends!

After a very long and relaxing holiday, I’m back in the wonderful world of Club Penguin…”

“I will be dropping by to say hi on… Continue Reading!


Medieval Party: Create a Potion Game!

Below is my video on how I pass this game that some might find difficult. The secret is hitting the right edge of the platform so the ingredient can bounce far and into the pot.


September 19th (Fluffy Crest) Pin !

Hi there! There’s a brand new pin and it is the Fluffy Crest pin! You can find it in the… Continue Reading!


Summer Jam: Brady, McKenzie and Cadence Meetup Times !

Hey there fellow penguins! In this party you will get the chance to meet Brady and McKenzie and even Cadence. Here are the meetup times: Continue Reading!