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Tomato Black Pepper Mozzarella Appetizer

These little tomato beauties are growing just outside our front door. Literally, we don’t even have to go off of our steps to pick them. 243 more words

Frugal Friday

Well, we’ve been fairly frugal this week.

I haven’t been to the store for a regular shopping, just bits and pieces here and there. Today, I need to pick up some mozzarella, mushrooms, and olives for pizza. 413 more words

Frugal Friday: Freezing Zucchini in 3 Easy Steps and other Garden Tales

Raise your hand if you’re garden and everyone else’s garden in inundated with long green zucchini….

My hand is not raised.

I planted zucchini plants this spring. 450 more words

Give me s'more Pretzel S'mores!

So who has leftover marshmallows and random chocolate in their cupboards besides me?? Anyone? A summer filled with camping, campfiring, S’mores and an eternal supply of chocolate has brought us to this easy little recipe. 255 more words

Frugal Fri-PAY: 4 Amazing Aldi Hacks To Keep Those Coins

I love Aldi.

I mean that from the depths of my soul.

If Aldi grocery stores were incarnated in human form, I’d consider divorcing my husband and marrying that human. 1,475 more words


Frugal Friday

It’s Frugal Friday! Time to catalog my frugal wins and fails this week.

Frugal Wins

1.  I made dinner every night this week– Go me! 317 more words

DIY Candle Log

There was some landscaping done recently on the property and we were able to rescue some thin birch trees of various lengths from the fire pit pile. 475 more words