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Frugal Friday ....

I like to reuse packaging anyway I can so when I saw that upcycling Pringles potato chips canisters were a thing I immediately thought of knitting needles! 55 more words


Crockpot Chicken w/ Herbed Dumplings: No Spend Month Meal

I literally looked through the freezer and cupboards to put this meal together. Since our No Spend Month is in full swing we are eating from our cupboard and freezer, with the exception of fresh things bought from the store like dairy products, fresh fruit and vegetables and some meat. 129 more words

No Spend Month-It's not just about finances.

This is a little late getting posted…since we’re 10 days into January already….but we started No Spend January at beginning of the month. We have done NSJ for a few years. 982 more words

Frugal Friday...

Welcome to my first frugal Friday post, it’s here because I believe in promoting a lifestyle that is both eco-friendly and cost effective. So I thought I’d introduce frugal Friday, I like upcycling and creative ideas when it comes to saving money which may include recipes, gardening, sewing or crafting. 305 more words


Frugal Friday { NO BUY January }

Hi Loves, technically this is going up on Saturday.  I had a crazy week at work with year end accounting and inventory.  I simply did not get this post written in time! 207 more words

Five Frugal Things Friday

So as with many other bloggers, I’m joining in with the 5 frugal things this week. I may not do  this every week but it can help with accountability. 223 more words

Anti-Frugal Friday: Naked Edition

It’s been a hot minute since our last Anti-Frugal Friday, and we’re going out with a bang heading into the new year with a Naked Palette Showdown. 611 more words