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#64 - Spaghetti Carbonara

I’ll be honest, I’ve seen Carbonara on restaurant menus for years and never felt adventurous enough to try it. Mostly because I used to rarely eat out at a restaurant and when I went out, I wanted to have something I knew was going to taste good – even when I was trying something new, I went for flavours I know I’m going to enjoy vs the unknown. 518 more words


Money Problems Equates to Banana Pancakes

I must have miscalculated of how much money I needed. Perhaps, this could be because I have never lived on my own or knew all the big and the little costs that come with living in a new home. 748 more words


Vegetable Soup all Winter Long

Friday evening I brought home my groceries and crammed my fresh produce into every empty space possible in the fridge. Digging through my drawers I found a bag of carrots I had forgotten about and a bunch of celery that was barely hanging on. 970 more words


20 Healthy Dinner Recipes Under $3

I can’t wait to try these recipes from BH&G. I don’t know which excites me more: healthy or under $3!

Healthy Recipes


#62 - Hot Hamburger Sandwiches

This recipe was inspired by a meal my husband used to enjoy as a child growing up. If you are watching what you’re eating, turn away now! 343 more words


A progress update

It’s been a little quiet on here lately because I’ve been so busy irl. The envelope system is going… I don’t know. I haven’t deviated from it yet for our grocery money and my pocket money, but I have about $40 left until the 15th for groceries. 482 more words

Vegan Bacon & Eggs Hot Cereal

This is one of those breakfasts that is perfect for when the fridge and cupboards are a little on the bare side (i.e. I really… 315 more words

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