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Saving On Fitness

It’s funny how you will overspend on the stupid stuff.

10 thousand items from the Dollar Store, but you seldom invest in the stuff that could actually help you. 72 more words

A Decade To Freedom

Why I Love Porridge

Growing up, porridge was always something associated with Goldilocks and boring adults.

I was mainly fed a breakfast diet of sugary cereal (like most kids) and that’s perfectly fine. 450 more words

All Content

30 money saving tips for uni students

Many students struggle with cash flow problems in between student loan payments. Others like to be as frugal as they can, and are often on the look out for the best deals going or ways to trim their spending. 607 more words


Minimal Business Travel: The 2 week cheap flight Italian edition

We love cheap flights in Europe. But cheap flights come with all these extra payments and the new Ryanair is making it even more expensive to have baggage. 861 more words

Frugal or Disrespectful??

For anyone who ever lost a loved one knows sorting through their belongings is a heartwrenching task. Many leaves them just as they are. Not changing a thing. 245 more words


Curried Roast Cauliflower

Someone was asking me about my experiences with the “Paleo Diet”, and i realized this was another thing i’d never added in here.

I can’t remember where I got the idea – some tv cooking show where they high-temp roasted broccoli I think – but once I figured out how to do this it turned into a favorite fall/winter veggie thing to do.  441 more words

Gluten Free

Bread Crumbs...

I don’t like wasting hard earned money on things I can make myself, especially on groceries.

I use breadcrumbs in many dishes, from meatloaf to chicken breading. 148 more words

Meal Prep