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How to Have Fun for Cheap

I’m terrible at sticking to my food and entertainment budget. The budgeting software I use and love (YNAB – it’s free for students or… 891 more words

Personal Finance

How to secure Affordable usable gifts for all your friends and family

We all know someone who either has everything they need, or has no space to put more “stuff”

Put your Membership or Loyalty Points to good use and claim an Experience or Consumable for that Special Someone. 458 more words


Five kids and one paper plate

I stretch the dollar, and I mean stretch as in yoga style. I’m the downward dog of dollar spending and proud of it!  As a foster mother of 3, and a biological mother of 2, it is necessary to find ways to make that green stuff last as long as possible.  102 more words


Throwback Thursday

Sometimes moms have good ideas.

Whenever we went out as a family on a picnic, my mom would bring a wet washcloth in a baggie.  This was back before the days of Wet Ones and hand sanitizers and the wet washcloth tucked into a plastic baggie (or bread bag) ensured that our hands and faces would remain clean. 79 more words

Cleaning Products

It was my wife that introduced me to this one. I had no idea how much we were spending on things like Windex, Tilex, Fantastic etc. 378 more words


Recipe: Homemade Egg Noodles

I am making homemade egg noodles to go with dinner tonight.  I made a turkey breast the other night, and with the left over turkey and broth I’m making and easy turkey and noodles.  320 more words


Not-hummus pizza

In my last entry I posted a recipe for sunflower-seed and chickpea spread. After I had finished my lunch I changed my mind about putting the spread away as it was, that amount of sunflower seeds made a very rich smooth spread, but I decided it was a bit too rich so added about 2/3 cup more chickpeas, more lemon juice, garlic and water, so there’s been plenty to keep me going over the past few days. 188 more words