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Looking after your sourdough

It has taken me a few years to develop a system to manage my sourdough with minimal effort and waste. I have found the secret is not to feed the starter everyday, but to keep it in the fridge after using. 690 more words


Influenster Bella Vox Box

I first heard of Influenster about three weeks ago from a Youtuber, and thought it might be fun to check out.

Influenster.com is a free program where you  ‘earn’ products to try, in exchange for review on your social media platforms (Blog, Twitter, Instagram). 699 more words


A Married Person's Guide To Love And Frugality - Frugaling

More important than our practical applications of frugality (say through our $0.39 rice-and-beans lunches) is our shared financial outlook, which guides how we’ve decided to structure our lives.

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Prep for next week, part 3 - peanutty red cabbage slaw (recipe)

I thought it’d be a good idea to prep a lot of my food, so it’s ready to portion out as needed over the week. 427 more words


Many people that are online visit various online social media sites, checking tweets, Facebook, Google, and many I have not heard of, nor have I utilized.   481 more words


End of the line

As the month draws to a close, my food pattern evolves from choosing new and exciting things to eat, to existing on whatever is left in my cupboards. 268 more words


Prep for next week, part 2

Back from my journey to Aldi, followed by a walk into the city centre. The good news: I got a 1.27kg red cabbage (grown in the UK) for 45p! 281 more words