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Balancing Hiking Costs And Benefits

Knees. My body is reminding me that I have two of them, they aren’t happy, and I shouldn’t be surprised. I have a confession to make. 1,767 more words

Tried to Go Casual with Comcast (or cut the cord)

So the Hubs and I decided we were going to break up with Comcast….. well not completely. Just wanted to keep it casual (internet/ home security) and date other people (Netflix, Amazon Prime.) We finally had enough of the continuous rate hikes we were getting and thought- fuck this shit we deserve better!!!! 464 more words


Week 3 of the 30-Day Spending Freeze July 24 - 30, 2016

This past week was a very busy, somewhat hectic week. After prepping for the week’s lunches, I woke up Monday morning sick to my stomach. I am on some pain medications that, sometimes, just don’t treat my tummy well. 489 more words


Food Pantry Cooking

Week 2 of the 30-Day Spending Freeze – July 17 – 23, 2016

I received a very generous variety of foods when I went to the Food Pantry on Wednesday, July 13, 2016. 332 more words


Of Food Pantries and Circuses

 There are times, when being frugal, it pays to say ‘Yes’!

Take this week, for example. I work at a job that is well-paying, but sometimes I need a bit of assistance in the financial department of my life. 462 more words


Australian Survey Sites

Whilst it’s always easier to reduce your expenditure than it is to earn extra money, some people like to do surveys to bring in some extra income to their household. 1,114 more words


Is Frugal Living For Me?

Living the frugal life isn’t for everyone. Not everyone is willing to make certain sacrifices, whether it’s the sacrifice of being seen wearing the same outfit multiple times, the sacrifice of time to create things from scratch, or the sacrifice of going without certain luxuries. 359 more words