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7 Days of Frugal Family Recipes: Day 2

This recipe is my favourite to make in winter or cold rainy days…. or anytime! It is so yummy, feeds a tribe of people and I haven’t met anyone who didn’t like it. 485 more words

A Big'ol pot of SOUP

Sometimes I get sick and CRAVE soup (like now, have a cold :( ). This is a short post on how i make my vegetable soup. 372 more words


Delish Quick Main dish with Tri-Color Veggie Rotini

I have tried enough dishes calling for tri-color pasta to be dubious. I have found the flavors don’t always mix well with other ingredients or I undercook the pasta- it seems to take a bit longer to cook than non-veggie pasta. 401 more words

Mac and cheese - ideal with pulled pork.

Pulled pork is delicious, we all know that. However sometimes the side dishes that accompany a serving of pulled pork are just as unctuous but often get overlooked. 406 more words


weekly goal: 7 days of frugal family recipes

This week I would like to share with you all some vegan and gluten-free recipes that I love to make that are really yummy but dont break the budget. 751 more words

Slurping Away $50,000 and Your Health

How much would you pay for a cup of sugar, some chemicals, dye, and water?  Possibly nothing because you probably wouldn’t even want to consume it—until we stir it together and call it sweet tea.  321 more words

Sustainable Finances

You don't have to be rich to homeschool!

Many conservatives are repeating the talking point that only the rich have school choice, leaving poor and middle class kids trapped in public schools–cue the government to come to the rescue… In reality, homeschooling is an affordable choice. 489 more words