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Bread and Butter Pudding

This blog is all about comfort food. I love a bit of stodge, obviously as part of a healthy diet!  I needed to use up half a loaf of bread quickly which was an awesome excuse to make bread and butter pudding. 166 more words


A Computer Melee And Why Quality Matters

Why no blog posts this past month on Our Frugal Escapades? The reason is computer trouble of epic proportions! EPIC! I literally went through three computers, yes…THREE before I finally found a winner. 1,348 more words

Early Retirement

Step 2: Find saving potentials!

Well, now we know where we spend our money and so we have to decide if this is right and if we want to continue on. 291 more words


White Bean Garlic Hummus-Recipe

This is a quick, easy, frugal recipe for veggie, pita or chip dipping. I have seen this sort of thing around the internet lately and since we have a good amount of dried beans in our pantry I thought I’d give it a try and come up with my own recipe. 94 more words

Five Frugal Things

  1. Rather than buying a new wheelbarrow, we repaired the one we had. And then I had fun making a stencil to embellish it (totally needless, but I was amused).
  2. 236 more words

It Was Made For You

“The making and authorized distribution of this film supported over 15,000 jobs and involved hundreds of thousands of work hours.”

That’s the message at the end of… 648 more words


Quick Frugal Tip: Hair Cutting at Home

One of my minimalism challenges is to eradicate expenses on extraneous services.  In line with this, about a year ago, I spent $20 on electric clippers and taught myself (on YouTube) to cut my own hair.  172 more words

Sustainable Finances