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Thrifty Thursday - Prices Rising

I didn’t get to Aldi this week, sadly. I didn’t get to town to do laundry and Aldi is a good half hour away from us. 112 more words


Top tips for buying on a budget

Saving money is not easy when you are a girl who loves clothes, shoes and make up. I’ve tried most of the tricks from giving yourself a limit to only buying what you REALLY need (who doesn’t need a new lipstick to brighten up their life). 864 more words

It Starts at Home

These mid-winter days offer me time to ponder the meaning of life, gaze lovingly at my navel, and cross long-carried-over-to-do-items off of my to-do-list. I’ve even cleared out my sewing basket which I think has been on the list for a year now! 917 more words

Growing Food

Moving Out!!!

I haven’t explained any piece of myself within this space, so I’m going to do a bit of that today. I’m a 22 year old, who recently graduated from college and found myself with the opportunity to stay home and save my whopping, first job, pay check. 146 more words


Valentine’s Day the Affordable Way

Pink hearts, romantic greeting cards, chocolates, and red roses now adorn practically every store aisle. Yes, the season of love is upon us as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. 877 more words

Personal Finance

8 Customer Reward$ Programs Worth Your While

Saving money is something I find fun. Mostly because I am not a millionaire and also because it’s a challenge that gets thrown into how I shop. 1,320 more words


10 Money Saving Habits from Frugal Celebrities

We all dream of being rich, and maybe famous too, but even the rich and famous can be pretty frugal. After all, you can’t stay rich unless you know how to hang onto your money! 19 more words