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DIY Rustic Wedding Invitations

Last weekend a group of ladies came over and we created 50 handmade, custom invitations for a young couple getting married this summer. I used my Cricut to cut out all the inserts and a cheap punch to make the coloured confetti and punch the flowers on the front(it was in the dollar bucket at Michael’s). 211 more words


Brand whore.

I have been called a brand whore many, many times.  I have been told people do not want to buy my daughter clothing because they think I will not let her wear it because it is not name brand.  720 more words

Stacking Twenties: With Subscription Services?

There are a lot of subscription services out there, and most of them seem to exist for the sole purpose of overcharging you by a ridiculous amount for the moderate convenience of having things delivered to your door (Plated, Ipsy, Graze, Bright Cellars … all examples of this). 467 more words

English Muffins: From Wyclife to the Muffin Man

Unlike most European breads, the origins of the English Muffin are known indisputably: an English immigrant named Samuel Thomas started producing them in his Chelsea, NY factory in the 1880s. 330 more words

Now Kindly Accepting Donations to the No-Grocery Challenge

The bad news is, we’re getting sick and damn tired of eggs.  The good news is, we managed to subsist over the weekend (and take an egg break) through donations to our cause.   409 more words


Food Is Free

You’ve heard about those grocery stores selling ‘ugly produce’ and you’ve seen the discount racks where nearly-expired cookies are on for half-price.

But a little-known secret is that there’s a better, cheaper, and more adventurous and rewarding way to supplement your grocery budget! 722 more words

Easy Peasy Water Conservation

I have been reading a lot about the wide spread drought lately.  Oklahoma has been hit hard as have many other states, most notably, California.  Experts are predicting that California will be out of water in 12-24 months unless something is done.  267 more words