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The Easiest Way to Stop Wasting Food

$165 billion dollars per year.

35 million tons of food.

Do we really waste that much when we throw away food? Yes, according to CNBC: they state that these numbers work out to up to $2,200 in wasted food  287 more words

Dollars And Sense

Slowing Down

Lots of things have changed since my last post. Our lives have suddenly become quit a bit simpler–partly through choice and partly out of necessity. Let me run through the list: 1,008 more words

Deciding If We Should Become Landlords: Part 1

Could We Become Landlords?

One of the challenges we face as we work towards our goal of becoming financially independent will be deciding if we need additional income streams. 561 more words

Early Retirement

Frugality: a dying virtue?

I don’t often rant. Okay, that’s not entirely true, but most of my rants end up either bouncing around in the confines of my mind before settling down or are shared with a few friends as fodder for a vigorous debate. 691 more words


Frugal Endeavors

April 19, 2016 to April 25, 2016

A busy and productive week. Here is what we got up to.  422 more words


Save Money, Eat Better

A huge reason I didn’t eat vegan earlier in life was that I thought it was super expensive to buy vegan food.

But really any diet can get expensive unless you’re on a McDonald’s value menu diet. 486 more words


Project Porthole

As everyone has seen in the movies, most boats have portholes.

Pictures: our bedroom complete with metal trimmed portholes.

Our boat has four portholes with opening tops, 2 oblong windows with opening tops and sliding sides in the kitchen, and 2 oblong windows with opening tops only in our seating area. 903 more words

Life Afloat