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Basic Fiskedeller

Fiskedeller are one of my favorite foods both for comfort and ease of preparation. The aquatic cousin of the pork and veal pattie frikadellar, they are essentially a Danish fish cake. 388 more words

Stealth = Wealth

3 weeks on the road, from County Cork to Connemara, Roscommon to Cong and Dublin to Durham across the Irish Sea. Dixie has taken us about 3,000 miles. 193 more words


Playing Is Hard

Stop me before I play again. That’s the feeling I hear echoed from several successful friends. They continue to accomplish and succeed because they’re good; but also beause they’re afraid to be seen as slacking off, or worse, finding that they can’t get started after they stop. 1,293 more words

Thrift Smart: 4 Ways to Save Money at Thrift Stores

Benjamin Franklin said, ” A penny saved is a penny earned.” If you’re shopping at thrift stores, you are already “earning” more because of all the pennies you’re saving. 444 more words

Can you live on £10,000 a year in the UK?

Hello there! I have a question for you today. How little money can you live on and not be totally miserable?

Of course that is going to vary from person to person depending on how posh-totty your tastes have become but it’s a question I want to answer anyway. 407 more words


Financial Snippet

Money does not make you rich. Financial education does.

— Robert Kiyosaki on Six Reasons Why Rich People Go Broke 

Frugal Living

Interesting Financial Statistics

I recently heard some financial stats and I can’t help but think of the shape of many Americans. I read some pretty interesting stats earlier and thought I’d share with you and maybe get some of your thoughts. 801 more words

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