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How I Aligned My Spending With My Values

Here are some things I believe about spending money:

  1. Saving money is important – at least until I can get my crystal ball to show the future accurately.
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weekly budget check

I have not been posting about my weekly budget spending lately.

The reason?

I over-spent…

Overall, in the last 3 weeks, I spent a total of $129 over my $120/week limit. 205 more words


Savoury Bread Pudding

The original comfort-food recipe, as made by my brother, and remembered fondly by my family. The only recipe I know which specifies going for the cheapest, most basic ingredients available. 623 more words


A Perfectly Imperfect Equinox

Oh, well. That’s close enough. My house has a Stonehenge moment every equinox, almost. On the equinox, the sun hits the horizon due west, putting it over a point of land across Cultus Bay called Scatchet Head. 1,210 more words

Rumination on Aunt Sophronia

Who is Aunt Sophronia?

She’s a mythical character, the narrator, of a 19th century housekeeping book, the Complete Home by Mrs. Julia McNair Wright (McCurdy, 1879). 469 more words

Psychological Stuff

Strategies for Stuff

Like the decorating “rules,” I have other guidelines I use to save money and to reduce the amount of “stuff” I buy:


Frugal Endeavors

September 12 to September 19, 2016

I love a productive frugal week. My new work hours means that I am home in the early afternoon, leaving me with time to get things done to help our budget. 289 more words