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Three Things to Fight Frugality Fatigue

My wife came home on Friday and started weeping. Ashamed, she fell before me and admitted she has been having unfrugal thoughts. I stroked my mustache and sat up in my high-backed chair. 1,238 more words


SSONR ("Sonar") club

There is a thread on CheapRVliving where folks discuss nomadic retirement on SS benefits only.  IMO, a nomadic retirement may be the best way to survive on SS only. 13 more words


Making frugal sexy!

There is something about the word frugal that is cold and unappealing…  And it’s the same with many of the synonyms found in the thesaurus: 403 more words

Eco-Saturday: Toaster oven

In my relentless march toward a tiny house somewhere off the grid in New Mexico, I’ve spent a big chunk of the past year experimenting to see which appliances are expendable, which are helpful but not absolutely necessary, and which are completely non-negotiable. 367 more words


Would You Rent Your Wedding Gown?

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Wedding dresses. They are almost certainly the most expensive dress that you will ever buy in your life. 427 more words


Kit for President!

My fellow Americans,

I, Margaret Mildred Kittredge, humbly ask my fellow citizens to consider me as a candidate for President of the Unites States of America… 234 more words

American Girl

Food Unites

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing about food and sharing my recipes. I wish that I had better skill at taking photos of food, both the ingredients and the finished recipes. 409 more words