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5 Frugal Ways to Decorate for Christmas

Christmas decorations don’t have to be expensive. Sometimes they don’t have to cost anything at all – did you know that? Yup, it’s true. Here are 5 affordable (not to mention earth friendly) ways to decorate for Christmas that will get you in the holiday spirit. 257 more words

No frugality-ember!

Whew. I just did the stats for November, and I wouldn’t say my frugality went entirely out the window… but let’s say I found the window open and there was a little trail disappearing over the windowsill. 317 more words


A pound of sprats

After the joy of cooking succulent fresh sardines for the first time last week, I could only fall. Utterly and foolishly seduced by the wink of a near-wriggling-fresh silvery sprat on the fishmonger’s slab. 298 more words


Cheap & Nonconsumer Holiday Season

My mom was a working mom. Because of that, for a few years, she was really broke and couldn’t buy into the whole consumer thing for her son (my older brother). 862 more words


The Right Treats

We can all benefit by finding the right treat or combination of treats that serve as “comfort food” for our brains. It is important, however, not to fall into the trap of selecting pleasures that come at a cost. 40 more words

Joanne Guidoccio

Seneca part 17: A Poor and Simple Life

This article is part of the weekly Seneca series. New articles will be published every Thursday.

Who makes a better Stoic: a rich man or a poor one? 790 more words


Milestone: credit card debt paid off

I just paid off my last credit card. ¬†Shizz is getting real, y’all.

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