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My Rant About Black Friday Rants

Yes, this is a rant…

I am definitely NOT a fan of “Black Friday”, as I feel like it represents the decadence, greed, and consumerism that threaten to take over the lives of even well-meaning individuals (seriously, even otherwise sweet, caring, kind, and thoughtful individuals seem to fall prey to this spell every year). 419 more words


What Everyone Else Expects

Welcome to the holidays, one of my favorite times of the year; but then, I also enjoy something about every time of the year. (Except for rainy days in May and prolonged droughts into October.) I am looking forward to Thanksgiving, a time of traditions. 1,062 more words

little indulgences

I have been drinking a mango-berry juice blend from an international store in the last 3-4 days. One of my friends gave me a bottle. At first I did not show interest, but once I tasted it, I was hooked :) 306 more words


Of Love and Money

Lately I’ve been feeling more secure about my money situation (and I’m almost scared to put that in writing — don’t want to jinx myself).  Or should I say my lack of money situation. 704 more words

Childhood Abuse

Frugal Endeavours

November 17 to November 22, 2015

A very quiet week that involved a lot of housecleaning because we had company for a few days. There is nothing like company to motivate you to give your house a good scrub. 144 more words


Why I Boycott Black Friday

I loathe the very concept of Black Friday. I can’t tell you who is having what sale, because I don’t care. When a solicitation arrives in the mail proclaiming amazing doorbuster deals, it goes immediately into the trash. 879 more words

Frugal Fashion Tips

Living Well, Spending (not quite) zero

Oops… I started this post a few weeks ago, and meant to post this closer to the beginning of November, but life happened. Mostly in terms of I’ve only been averaging 4-5 hours of highly interrupted sleep for the last 2 weeks, thanks to a baby who keeps waking up every 1.5-2 hours. 844 more words