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Another Benefit

Adding onto yesterday’s “Public Office” posting, I’m definitely seeing another merit to using a public facility to write/study. Here in this booth, I am in my own little world and yet, life is swirling all around me. 358 more words


A Frugal Grocery Tip: The Last Stop to Produce Heaven

Recognize this?

You’ve seen one similar I’m sure. It’s the reduced price shelf found in the produce section of your grocery store. The shelf where produce goes before it dies – AKA: The last stop to produce heaven or to put it more bluntly – the last stop to the trash. 494 more words

Pancakes for Dinner & The Price of Spontaneity

When I set out to create this blog, I had the intention of being radically honest with all five of my readers. I wanted to capture my journey, and all of its detours and unpredictability, with raw truth, deep analysis, and  511 more words

Financial Independence

Why You're So Damn Poor: Housing "Upgrades"

Why You’re So Damn Poor: Housing “Upgrades”

There are a lot of bottomless pits for our money in our lives. As we have discussed up to this point, most of the time it is in the financial margins. 336 more words

Early Retirement

Public Office

No, I’m not running for any election or government position. I’d be a terrible politician. And probably get myself bumped off due to my tree hugging, Bible thumping, no kitty left behind, tightwaddery views. 376 more words


Malunggay Egg Drop Soup Recipe

I’m making this post because I’m already 33 weeks along in my second pregnancy, and this is a great time to amp up my nutrient intake for milk production. 446 more words


One of my favorite excursions when visiting the East coast is a trip to Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson. The house and gardens reflect the personality of this great American leader. 380 more words