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In Memory of Audrey: Rustic, Creamy Tomato Soup by Jason Kish

There are many tomato soup recipes online; however, I found a number of them to be lacking in flavor.  They were too tangy, too red (like a tomato sauce), and without complex creamy tomato notes.  865 more words

Sooooo Many Tomatoes! STUFFED, ROASTED TOMATOES by Jason Kish

Today, I was wondering what to do with a ton of “Way Ahead” Heirlooms by Jung.  These tomatoes have a lot of juice in them!  I decided to make a stuffed, roasted tomato dish to serve with crusty bread.  320 more words

Zach and Megan’s “Perfect Summer” Salsa: Recipe by Jason Kish

When my friends from high school finally tied the knot, I (excitedly) decided to cook a celebration dinner for them.  They’ve since been happily together, and almost every time they visit, Zach mentions the salsa I made that night as the best he’s ever had.  691 more words

Frugality: Longchamp Le Pliage Neo - Unboxing

This is not a bag review. This is just me writing another blog post for the package I received over the weekend. 178 more words

Le Pliage

Everyone Hates Spirit Airlines Except For Me (and other people who like to save dollars)

People really, really, hate Spirit Airlines.


A lot.

Most people. Except for we few – we happy few: the ones who travel to get somewhere; the ones who save their dollars for the place they are going, not the faux-glamour of the airport shuttling process; the ones who know better than to attempt to luxuriate in the air of recycled farts trapped on every flight from American to Virgin. 1,274 more words


The Frugal Flex 

I live in a city where it’s more than plausible to see T.I. at the grocery store. It isn’t uncommon to see young Jeezy at a gas station or Future’s weed smoke coming through the roof of a Bentley coupe weaving through traffic. 503 more words


Being smart with money

The other day, a guy I know wrote a quick post concerning individuals in the field of ministry and their finances. The news wasn’t good! 434 more words