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Picnics, Parties and Savings.

What lovely weather we’ve been having. Led Monsieur to comment “There is a lot of weather”, and that this is why the British talk about it a lot. 486 more words



I have been always frugal, responsibly spent my money, and saved and invested as much as I could.

Not anymore. It is partially because my salary is much better than the past and I kinda feel the urge to make my life comfortable and easy. 412 more words


The Razor Department: Where Fools and Their Money are Soon Parted

Home from college for a few hours, Middle Sister grabbed a few grocery items and tossed them into a plastic bag, asking, “Do you have any of my razors?” 437 more words


He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough.


Walk in my shoes

I am getting awfully worried and concerned.
I’ve said before that I hate shopping, especially for clothes and shoes, but the time is coming around again for me to replace some footwear. 386 more words

Frugal Friday- and life is good

“There are as many ways to be frugal as there are things to spend money on”~Sam J.

Being frugal is far different from being cheap. Don’t let anyone accuse you of being cheap because you choose to live within your means. 750 more words


The real cost of being a student nurse - a response to Nursing Times.

After I finished my Registered Nurse training, I drafted a blog post about student nurses living off a bursary (not a living wage) during their training. 987 more words