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Farewell Sydney, Hello Port Macquarie

After arriving back in Sydney Central Station from Surf Camp I decided to hop straight on the train to Kings Cross to my next hostel – ‘Backpackers HQ’. 1,438 more words


Backyard Bats

There are two main types of bats that you will find in Massachusetts, the little brown bat and the big brown bat. While these bats look similar, they differ quite a bit in size. 81 more words

Pest Control Massachusetts

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@AUGUSTSLIST • 10/05–10/07, 287 • Support this site—donate $10 to help kids with exceptional needs @ DLC Nurse & Learn in Jacksonville FL • Read… 64 more words

Understanding the Types of Bats Framingham May Have

Bats are almost everywhere, but you’re only likely to encounter a few kinds here in Massachusetts. Learn what you might see now.

And just remember that in most cases, it’s advantageous to leave the bats alone, but in the event that they’re roosting in your home or garage, we can help. 7 more words

Pest Control Massachusetts