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Heating up: Why flying foxes suffer through heatwaves.

A friend of mine posted on my Facebook page asking about the mass flying fox deaths we have seen across the east coast of Australia (and in South Australia) in the past month or so. 1,584 more words


weekly rec: fruit bats

Definitely overlooked the 2016 Fruit Bats release, Absolute Loser. Spent some quality time with it this past week and it is fantastic. I especially like this tune.

Weekly Recs

FRUIT BATS - " Absolute Loser " Paste Session

Though it sounds perfectly natural in the line of succession of Fruit Bats albums, it’s the five-year hiatus preceding “Absolute Loser” that makes all the difference. 136 more words


Loblolly House by Kieran and Timberlake

Ah, the joyfully sunny, environmentally ethicalLoblolly House… It’s perfect for a breezy, flower-filled getaway picnic for young hippie-sters (I can’t tell if they’re hippies or hipsters…). 61 more words

Video Preshow

Fruit Bats Delivers Tasty Treat of Indie Folk and Americana

Formed in 1997 in Chicago, Fruit Bats carved a niche in the resurgence of indie folk and Americana that marked that time in the U.S. music scene. 482 more words


Tonight I went to see the movie Dr Strange and discovered that I have a super power which lets me enter new dimensions – walking. 276 more words