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Seeding Venus's terraformed equator

With high temperatures and a blistering sun, the introduction of the first life to Venus’s equator will be difficult. The spots used for the seeding of the most basic forms of life – microorganisms – will need to be places like the narrow north-south clefts between rocks where nutrients and water exist and there is plenty of shade. 237 more words


Herpetophobes beware: Some snakes found to hunt in unison

Snakes, central characters in many a nightmare, may have just added to their bad reputations: Researchers have found that some of the slithering reptiles attack in packs. 378 more words

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Wick's Picks: May 28 to June 3


Sunday, May 28

“Call it What You Want”
Foster The People

Monday, May 29

“Of Moons, Birds & Monsters”
Oracular Spectacular… 586 more words

Wick's Picks


After two full days of music and exuberance, the final day of this year’s Shaky Knees Music Festival came, and it ended up being the hottest, as well as my favorite day of the three. 701 more words

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Battambang......ahh Bottombong 

After Angkor Wat and Siem Reap we took the coach South West to Battambang……. which no one understood when we said it. They thought about it and then repeated ‘ahhhh bottombong’ back to us. 527 more words


Fruit Bats #3 and #4

A short time lapse video of work on two small Fruit Bat paintings. These paintings are acrylic on 4″ by 6″ canvas. They have finished edges and are sealed and wired – just like every other painting. 137 more words

Liz Kelly Zook

Fruit Bats #2 ...and a bit of explanation

I told you I was going to do more Fruit Bats! I finished this one last Wednesday.

Fruit Bats #2 is acrylic on 24″ by 24″ canvas. 171 more words

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