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Flashback to the 80s - The Hubby made a Knickerblocker....I mean Knickerbocker Glory

I keep saying Knickerblocker Glory which is so wrong in so many ways. It’s KnickerBocker Glory.

What’s a Knickerbocker Glory? It’s basically a retro ice cream sundae from back in the 80s that was very popular in the UK and probably elsewhere. 586 more words


Salad #3

The recipe for today is #3 in the long line of salad recipes in Grandma’s file. Salad #3 is another incredibly easy one. I’m not even kidding. 341 more words



I don’t care for pears so I really don’t care for canned or jarred fruit cocktail. I do love fruit though, so when the children were small I decided to invent my own fruit cocktail so they wouldn’t have to eat pears either. 344 more words


Fruit Cocktail Segar

Mau makan Fruit Cocktail Segar? Segera hubungi Gabriel Cahyadi 0878 8921 8973. Sekali coba pasti ketagihan!

Habis makan yang berminyak dan bersantan paling enak menyantap makanan pencuci mulut… 44 more words


Jual Fruit Cocktail

Gabriel Cahyadi 0878 8921 8973 Jual Fruit Cocktail siap santap dengan rasa yang nikmat dan segar!

Di kota Jakarta yang panas ini paling enak minum yang segar-segar adem bukan? 65 more words

Fruit Cocktail

Fruit Cocktail Prima Rasa

Rasakan kenikmatan Fruit Cocktail Prima Rasa sebagai cemilan anda. Hubungi Gabriel Cahyadi 0878 8921 8973.

Fruit Cocktail Prima Rasa sudah dikonsumsi masyarakat Indonesia selama lebih dari 20 tahun dan cocok digunakan untuk makanan pencuci mulut. 62 more words


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