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Berry Kiwi Orange Infused Water

Berry kiwi orange infused water (and this fruit in general) is rumored to be good for reducing fat accumulation, boost immunity, be filled with antioxidants, reduce bloating, and help with anti-inflammatory (provided you eat the fruit after drinking the water!). 796 more words

Detox Water

It's "Juice Time" in Riyadh!

“Beat the heat” is probably the most common idiom that could be heard or read during summer. Swimming at the beach or eating something cold and sweet are the most common translation of it. 695 more words


Pineapple Tiramisu!!

I am a tiramisu lover and i make it way too often. But bored with the regular one i have come up with different versions of it. 217 more words


Thai Jasmine Jell-O

When I was a kid, my mom used to make almond Jell-O, a traditional Taiwanese dessert. She would add almond extract and milk to plain Knox Gelatin, chill it until it set, cut it into cubes, and serve it with ice and canned fruit cocktail. 323 more words

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Играть в Crazy Monkey весело всегда

Типичный игровой слот Обезьянки намеренно изобретен его производителями с целью развлечь и разнообразить серые будни тех, кто устал от городских джунглей и хочет оказаться в мире экзотики, райского наслаждения, непредсказуемых животных и веселого настроения.

Salad Oct 3!

1/3 frozen blue berry, 1/2 honey dew, two Gala apple, and two bananas all mixed with white grape juice.  Most white flesh, with some blue.

White vs Purple Grape Juice.

Optimized fruit salad is a constant quest and juice is an integral part of it.  For long periods of time orange juice was foundation.  Orange juice well tasty particular the high pulp varieties generally overpowers the diced fruit.   47 more words