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Типичный игровой слот Обезьянки намеренно изобретен его производителями с целью развлечь и разнообразить серые будни тех, кто устал от городских джунглей и хочет оказаться в мире экзотики, райского наслаждения, непредсказуемых животных и веселого настроения.

Salad Oct 3!

1/3 frozen blue berry, 1/2 honey dew, two Gala apple, and two bananas all mixed with white grape juice.  Most white flesh, with some blue.

White vs Purple Grape Juice.

Optimized fruit salad is a constant quest and juice is an integral part of it.  For long periods of time orange juice was foundation.  Orange juice well tasty particular the high pulp varieties generally overpowers the diced fruit.   47 more words

Number #2

The original plan

thinly sliced oranges

Purple grape fruit juice, instead of white.

Completed with a handful of Strawberries, 1/3 honeydew, One Fiji apple (or was it Gala), One Banana, one orange, three kiwi fruit, and a bag of frozen berries. 8 more words

Fruit Cocktail Cake

Nan has been making this cake for as long as I can remember and I don’t think I’ve ever had anything quite like it elsewhere. It’s an extremely moist cake with a sweet coconut topping that I think your family will love as well! 115 more words


Bonita Bay Babes

I spent the day at this beach in north Lebanon. 58 more words


Grandma Mae Jule's Fruit Salad

I typically only have fruit salad for special occasions.  And quite honestly, if I’m hosting and you ask what you can bring there’s a good chance it’ll be fruit salad.  425 more words