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Vegan Vanilla and Peach Curd Cupcakes

My friend’s daughter Peach turned 4 this week, so I made cupcakes to take to her birthday party! I wanted to play on her name and make peach flavoured cakes, but of course with it being winter here in Australia, peaches aren’t actually in season. 281 more words

Grapefruit Curd Tea Cake

We get a box of fruit delivered every month. This month’s delivery had some gorgeous grapefruits. Since D and I drink lots of tea, I decided to make an afternoon tea cake that highlighted the yumminess of the grapefruit. 353 more words


Almond Meringue Cups with Strawberry Curd and a Chocolate Drizzle

Hello my wonderful Readers!

Time seems to be that one thing I just do not have over the past few weeks. As usual I plan my entire week and then one thing starts a chain reaction and nothing goes as planned. 107 more words


Scarlett & Mustard product reviews with recipes

I was asked by ‘My Foodie Heaven’ to try out and review some products made by Scarlett & Mustard. I’d already heard of the company and had seen some of their products with their quirky labelling in the shops so I was keen to see what they were like. 868 more words


Home Grown Cherries and Cherry Curd Recipe

Eight years ago, when we knew very little about trees or gardening, we planted two trees in our garden, about a meter apart. One was a dwarf plum tree and the other a cherry tree. 356 more words


An Absolut Treat...

I like something sweet in the evening, but don’t always want to choose between a dessert and a cocktail. To solve this tricky dilemma I have come up with a couple of dessert cocktails using flavours of… 336 more words

Cocktail Recipes

All this...

For This…


I had some leftover ANGELCOTS and a few native apricots along with some raspberries and didn’t want to fuss making jam or chutney. So I produced a pile of pots and pans making fruit curd…so incredibly yummy! 219 more words