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We all know breakfast juice right? A mixture of grapefruit and orange which creates a delicious sweet and sharp flavour. This gave us an idea to recreate this as a curd to jazz up yoghurt or granola in the morning. 258 more words


Passion Fruit Curd

It was probably our honeymoon in Tahiti that kicked off my love affair with passion fruit. A yellow skinned variety grew wild on the island of Moorea and we picked and ate whatever we could get our hands on. 203 more words

Canning & Preserves

How to make your own fruit curd

Fruit curd…’CURD’… Sounds mega gross right? Don’t get me wrong, fruit curd tastes fabulous (especially this recipe hehe) but it sure doesn’t sound fab. Anyone else agree with me? 353 more words


Conserves, preserves and jam

As my we were tootling along somewhere, for no remembered reason, we began to talk about jam… maybe we had started by talking about marmalade, the making of which we are experts, or maybe it was something else which triggered the conversation, but we began to wonder what the difference was between preserves and conserves and how they were different from jams. 504 more words