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Conserves, preserves and jam

As my we were tootling along somewhere, for no remembered reason, we began to talk about jam… maybe we had started by talking about marmalade, the making of which we are experts, or maybe it was something else which triggered the conversation, but we began to wonder what the difference was between preserves and conserves and how they were different from jams. 504 more words


How To Make Damson Curd

Surprisingly I found recipes for every sort of fruit curd under the sun on the internet and in my cook books but not for this so I have winged it and thought I’d share what I did. 669 more words

Sweet Stuff



This is a simple fruity, acidic base that we’ll be using in some of our fat-free or almost fat-free recipes: sauces, dressings, stir fries, dessert etc. 81 more words


Vegan Vanilla and Peach Curd Cupcakes

My friend’s daughter Peach turned 4 this week, so I made cupcakes to take to her birthday party! I wanted to play on her name and make peach flavoured cakes, but of course with it being winter here in Australia, peaches aren’t actually in season. 281 more words

Grapefruit Curd Tea Cake

We get a box of fruit delivered every month. This month’s delivery had some gorgeous grapefruits. Since D and I drink lots of tea, I decided to make an afternoon tea cake that highlighted the yumminess of the grapefruit. 353 more words