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wrap it up ... Grilled Coconut Sticky Rice and Banana Packets

A few years ago I was in Bangkok, suffering from some tremendously awful jetlag. After a full, hard day of work in a foreign and unfamiliar kitchen, I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep so around 1am I gave up and decided to explore. 2,073 more words

Fruit Desserts

Gooseberry and Red Currant Popsicles And More Popsicles

Have I gone gooseberry crazy? It’s all together possible!  Wasting food is abhorent to me and I wanted to make sure I used every single gooseberry and currant that I bought. 569 more words

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A Non Traditional Panzanella, A Gooseberry Red Currant And Plum Crumble And Salsa

The first thing that I made with my Farmers Market finds is a salad. There is nothing like a salad made with fresh vegetables. There is no recipe for this, it’s a salad after all and everyone has their own favorite way of making and dressing them, this is sort of a… 709 more words

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cold and melting ... Blueberries & Cream Popsicles

On a random weekday before the July 4th holiday, a friend and I decided to take a little road trip. She was in the midst of selling her condo and I had just wrapped up a series of stressful meetings. 769 more words

Fruit Desserts

french toast with crème fraîche & fruit

in my mind people and food are tied together. for instance ‘french toast’ is what I grew up knowing as ‘avgofetes’, what my mom made for light dinner when there was ‘old’, meaning not really fresh, bread at home. 

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cool summer nights ... Roasted Cherry Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

It’s grotesquely hot around here. I know, its mid July, it’s supposed to be hot yet somehow I’m caught by surprise. Mother Nature fools with us, you know? 842 more words

Fruit Desserts

Apple Turnovers

For Father’s Day, we decided to try something a little bit different for dessert- apple turnovers. Somehow we’ve never tried turnovers before, and this first attempt was delicious and so easy! 248 more words

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