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Low Protein Diet in Early Life Increases Lifespan in Fruit Flies

  • Fruit flies raised on a low protein diet early in life can live over twice as long as their peers.
  • Adult fruit flies release toxic lipids from their ‘skin’ that shorten their own lifespan and other nearby flies.
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Undivided Heart - day 4

Happy Sunday!

Today on the blog tour we have Helen Murray, a fellow member of the Association of Christian Writers. Her blog is called Are we nearly there yet? 200 more words


Fallen Fruit Breeds Invasive Flies

By Andrew Porterfield

The spotted-wing drosophila (Drosophila suzukii) made its way from Asia to Hawaii benignly enough: Its Hawaii arrival was discovered in 1980 but didn’t trigger aggressive attempts to eradicate it. 748 more words

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Why does this man always have to be right?

So Robert said his back was hurting 

I get him the heating pad 

he reaches to turn his light out with his left hand I ask him if it hurt when he reached up to do that  491 more words

My Basil was being bugged

As it turns out, my mesh cover keeps out most of the insects, however there is one kind of insect that evidently was able to get through… the fruit fly or what we call a fruit fly. 275 more words

Garden & Yard

Contemplating the size of a fruit fly's brain.

Monday is a great day to detox.

I mean, it is such a crummy day, anyway. so why not take suffering to the highest degree? 225 more words


Eek! I've had it with Uninvited Guests!

This morning, I went down to our family room to look for my glasses. I didn’t find them but was shocked to find something else. While going back upstairs, I was horrified to find a hairy, ferocious, ravenous beast. 590 more words

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