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Scientists engineer animals with ancient genes to test causes of evolution

Scientists at the University of Chicago have created the first genetically modified animals containing reconstructed ancient genes, which they used to test the evolutionary effects of genetic changes that happened in the deep past on the animals’ biology and fitness. 1,094 more words

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How do I...get rid of fruit flies?

When you add a warm, humid environment, a tiny fridge, and lots of fresh fruit on the counter, what do you get?

Fruit flies!

At least, that’s what I got. 255 more words


How to Kill Fruit Flies With Sprays

1. Make fruit fly spray.

Fill a fine misting spray bottle with 70% rubbing alcohol. Spray it on the hovering fruit flies. They’ll fall to the floor and you can sweep them up and dispose of them. 467 more words

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How to Trapping Fruit Flies with Bowl Traps

1. Start by getting a large or medium bowl.

Although not quite as effective as the paper funnel method, this method utilizes the same approach: lure the… 444 more words

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How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Fruit Fly Indentification (Drosophila melanogaster )

  • A key identifying character of a Fruit Fly is its bright red eyes.
  • The Fruit fly is about one third the size of the filth or house fly.
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frog food

heres a few options on what you can feed your dart frogs

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Breed your own fruit flies

free food for your pets IF you do it right, heres a few techniques from youtube

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