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Tips for Beating the Bugs this Summer

When the warmer months arrive we all ease off the Netflix and crawl out from hibernation. Unfortunately our bug buddies think they’re invited to come out and celebrate the sun too. 411 more words

Apartment Tips

Death to the Fruit Flies

This past week I’ve had my very first home invasion…of fruit flies, that is. These tiny mother fuckers have been wrecking havoc on my entire world since they first appeared in single digits just days ago. 348 more words

Happy Monday! Links to Make Your Day Brighter

Happy Monday! I hope you all had great weekends. Ours was packed: birthday/housewarming of one of my best friends, brunch with Sid’s mom, partner, and kids, and then a barbecue with my folks, brother, and girlfriend. 464 more words


Eliminate And Block The Pests From Your Home

Do things crawl all over your house after you go to bed? Are there noises that only occur when the lights go out? No matter if you rent or own your home, pest control is no small matter. 22 more words

Pest Control Tips To Get You Started

If you own your home, you might hate pests. There are an endless variety of potential pests that may invade your home. You may have ants, flies or rodents. 29 more words

Need Help Controlling Pests? Read This Article

Almost everyone, at some point, needs to deal with a pest control problem. Educate yourself about pest control and different efficient methods to get rid the kind of pest you are dealing with. 19 more words

Experts recommend ways to deal with spotted wing drosophila

In Growing Produce

It’s just a fruit fly, for crying out loud. As kids we’d see their like hovering over the family fruit bowl and shoo them away without a thought. 212 more words