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So it turns out fruit flies are self-aware and can play video games

According to a new report in the Journal of Neuroscience, fruit flies may be a higher order species than we may have thought.

A crucial function of the brain is to be able to distinguish whether or not changes in the environment are caused by one’s own actions.

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Fruit Flies

I hate them. They really know how to take over a place even though they are so small. How do they do it?

I’ve purchased a lot of fruit in the last week. 66 more words

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

The little flies that frequently appear near unrefrigerated produce in your kitchen are probably fruit flies, which are sometimes called vinegar flies. They are extremely hard to get rid of, but if you use a multiphase plan of attack, you should be able to do it. 424 more words

There are Two Morals to this Story

It all started last night – two fruit flies sat on the edge of a ledge in my kitchen. Side by side. So close that I could kill them both with one slap. 375 more words


Drosophila melanogaster vs. Drosophila hydei

Tiny reptiles and amphibians eat tiny food – makes sense right? But what, you might ask, is tiny enough to feed to a hatchling pygmy chameleon or a baby dart frog (both of which can measure only a half inch long)? 599 more words

Drosophila Hydei

Fruit Flies, Keurig's Demise, and Very Tired Eyes!

Ok, not my rhymingliest best, I admit.  And I even had to look words up that rhyme with “flies”, on www.Rhymezone.com.   Because….really super-tired.

Aside #1: That reminds me, I am updating my “Weird and Wonderful” section later today, where I list websites that I like.   2,669 more words

Petty Annoyances

Fruit flies tried to take me down

A plague of fruit flies is upon me. MoonPie and I parted to visit our respective families. His travel involves a long pricey flight so his stays are much longer than mine. 787 more words

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