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Huh! Grandma was wrong

My wife returned to Idaho at about the same time as my son took us to his house. This turned out lucky, because she picked me up and took me home. 303 more words

10 Things You Need To Know Now

I’ve completed the research. I’ve had help from various polls, the wonderful Borowitz report and numerous street rumors. So these critical truths are presented for your perusal. 407 more words

Gnats are the Houdini of bugs. (aka, I want a housecleaner)

It’s gnat season.  Not sure if that’s really a ‘thing’, but it is at my house.  Gnats, fruit flies, whatever you want to call them, I call them ridiculously annoying.   820 more words


Mutational Chain Reaction Can Spread Throughout Insect Populations

By David O’Brochta

A report recently published in Science describes a system by which one can introduce mutations into insect genomes and have those mutations quickly spread to all of the mutant’s progeny, and to all of their progeny’s progeny, and so on.The new system does not follow the standard rules of chromosome and gene transmission. 525 more words

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Anybiddy said… 26 more words


Friday I'm in Love

Today is a very important Friday. It is the last day of Dead Week, and the last day of school before finals week. I AM FREAKING OUT. 836 more words


Lovely How I Let My Mind Float

Do you hear that? The sound of partiers and loud music?

No? Good. I do not either. But that is because it is the dreaded  684 more words