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Fruit Flies - My Maintainance & Prevention Methods

Hey Guys,

I’ve found an eco-friendly and economical way to get rid of Fruit Flies using items that I already had in my kitchen/pantry. I was starting a worm bin and have read many times of people having issues with fruit flies. 276 more words

Mrs. Chauntae's 2 Cents


I am at war. A greater war then the one within myself wages all around me. I go into the kitchen, I walk to the sink, I turn on the sink, and the war rages around me.

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Another research breakthrough...

The 20th century was filled with more than its share of astounding scientific breakthroughs – so many of them, in fact, that many of us simply got used to a new wonder every week or two. 470 more words


Research Stash Weekly Round Up #10

The first genetically engineered humans might not have their DNA tweaked at all

Hacking the human body is all the rage these days. A few years back, scientists made waves by developing a technique (dubbed  479 more words

Research Stash

Butterfly Color Patterns Reveal Clues About Genes That Build Insect Wings

By Viviane Callier

Butterfly wings are natural canvases decorated with elaborate color patterns, but how these patterns develop and evolve is still incompletely understood. Now, a… 737 more words

One-Liner Wednesday — Fruit Flies

“Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana.”

This one-liner is another example of the genius of Groucho Marx, one of wittiest men who ever lived, in my humble opinion. 577 more words


Low Protein Diet in Early Life Increases Lifespan in Fruit Flies

  • Fruit flies raised on a low protein diet early in life can live over twice as long as their peers.
  • Adult fruit flies release toxic lipids from their ‘skin’ that shorten their own lifespan and other nearby flies.
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