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Molecular & Cellular Biologist Interview

Please tell us about yourself

Sneha Gummuluri is a 4th year PhD Candidate . She studies fruit flies, known in the biology world as Drosophila, to understand how lipid carriers transport fat from intestinal cells to tissue. 1,314 more words



Near the kitchen sink

three mangos in a white bowl

draw clouds of fruit flies.


Fuck Off, Amanda

Look, Amanda, I know you have an opinion about your gay friends being on their phones when they’re hanging out with you, but maybe it’s you and not them? 86 more words

Gay News

How to Culture Fruit Flies

Culturing fruit flies is a practical and cost effective way of feeding animals such as dart frogs and even your aquarium fish, They are full of protein and other goodness which will help you keep happy & healthy animals. 505 more words

Live Foods

Building a Fruit Fly Enclosure

Although most people will typically use the cheap vented plastic tubs for fly cultures i prefer not to for many reason, I personally find them flimsy, easily knocked over, slow to clean, look rubbish and the lids don’t last forever. 399 more words

DIY Projects

Entry 002: To Be or Not to Be

Dear Matthew,

In the course of your life son, you shall have many adjectives attached before your name, some you will love and some you will hate absolutely. 504 more words


Compost Troubleshooting: Fruit Flies

Last post I shared our new compost bin and it was going great…until fruit flies. Now, in between the compost bin and now we’ve added two ducklings and 5 chicks to the bunch. 251 more words