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Bristly Black Currant Fruit Leather 

All around our small neighborhood where right of ways have been cleared, stumps and tree limbs were piled to decompose. It is in these piles that Bristly Black Currants (Ribes lacustre) are growing rampant. 495 more words


An Abundance of Apricots

This month I unexpectedly became a fruit farmer. Our new house came complete with an oversized and under-pruned apricot tree that was weighed down by hundreds of pretty little apricots, so many apricots that I knew I would need to come up with some creative ways to use them up. 561 more words


Fruit leather

A brief blog today on the topic of fruit preservation.

You may recall from a blog post a few days ago that I had gathered the first few kilograms of Jostaberries nd gooseberries. 362 more words

The Natural World And Us

Mulberry Fruit Leather

Now that it’s in full fruit I play whack-a-mole with the mulberry tree almost daily. I love having mulberry jam in the pantry and making mulberry buckles and cobblers. 771 more words

Food Preservation

Day 5: Effortless

Whole30 is feeling normal to me, which is amazing in a relatively short time. It’s especially amazing when you consider that I went from being truly addicted to fast food to 100% whole foods with no simple carbs. 369 more words


Kindergarten: Blanched Veggies with a Dill-Parsley Dip, Pickled Chard Stem, Apple-Pear Cider, Fruit Leather

The veggies in our school garden are growing very slowly and I didn’t have much for the tasting I was planning. I decide to contact UC Master Gardener Eleu at… 232 more words


Serpentinas de Tamarindo - Tamarind Leather

The wealth of tamarindo sweets in Mexico speaks volumes of the Mexican love for complicated flavors. Tart, sour, sweet, it tastes of citrus, apricots, dates and a tannins heavy wine all at once. 367 more words