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Dehydrated Fruit - How to's and Tips

Fruit Lollies aka dehydrated fruit

I absolutely love my dehydrator. I wish I could add a link to the smell of my kitchen right now, an overpowering scent of incredibly ripe strawberries with a slight undertone of juicy pineapple. 1,240 more words


When life hands you plums, you make fruit leather

Week 25
132 lbs

I often wonder how I survived my childhood. We had a lot of fun roaming around the neighborhood with our friends unsupervised, but that wasn’t the problem. 1,221 more words

Blackberry Kiwi Fruit Leather *recipe*

I LOVE fruit leather. It is about the healthiest thing I can snack on while feeling like I’m still getting to eat exactly what I want. 519 more words

Fruit Leather

Failure at fruit leather.

In June I bought a flat of strawberries from a local farmer.  I intended to make some yummy natural fruit leather for my kids.  What I ended up with is in no way the stuff I expected. 225 more words


Journal Entry: Novel Opener

Journal entry, 19 Messidor 223: Justice Minotaur was encamped on a local drumlin all of last week working on what he calls “the greatest American novel.” He explained, “Though I am New Salemite rather than American, it sounds better to talk about the composition being the greatest… 127 more words

Funny Writing


يحضر الملبن في نهايه فصل الصيف من العنب الناضج. كان قديما طريقه لاستغلال موسم العنب و الاحتفاظ بخيرات الصيف لموسم الشتاء. حاليا هو نوع من الحلوى المحببه التي يمكنك تقديمها لاطفالك كبديل عن الحلويات المصنعه المليئه بالمواد الحافظه.


Strawberry fruit roll up with a kiss of spice

There is something special about the fruits in season. Although you get strawberries pretty much throughout the year in the supermarket, the ones you get in the Farmers market right in middle of june are just out of this world. 398 more words

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