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Scott's Latest Obsession

To say that eating healthy in a world where food manufacturers routinely put non-food ingredients such as wood filler in parmesan cheese is a gross understatement (go ahead, Google it). 702 more words


Dehydrated Fruit "Rollup"

Today I made the most AMAZING dehydrated fruit snack! Some call it fruit roll up and some call it fruit leather. Whatever you choose to call it, it is extremely easy and comes out MUCH tastier than anything you could buy in-store. 677 more words


Preserving the sunshine

It’s funny how quickly your view about the weather can change. Last year I would have said that anything below zero Celsius was too cold for me to venture out for long and a good reason to jump into the car for the school run (ok, I pretty much drove all of the time, no matter what the temperature was). 668 more words


Dehydrating Yogurt. Seriously.

So, we had chatted about a dehydrator for a while. Made sense. Went and checked them out at Cabela’s in Ottawa, not knowing much more than we had Googled. 485 more words


Amazing homemade fruit roll-ups!

While shopping for Brea’s special Annie’s fruit snacks last week, I found a new product by them – fruit roll-ups! And even better, sugar wasn’t even listed as an ingredient. 830 more words

Day 3a

Ugh, good morning? Have a slight headache today, super congested, and a little foggy. Not horrible, I am currently blaming the insane weather, not the lack of anything delicious in my tummy. 228 more words


Mixed Berry Fruit Leather

Phew! Anyone else exhausted (and still full) from Thanksgiving? *Raises hand* What a fun-filled, food-coma holiday, though! But if you’re like me, you’ve probably been chowing down on those healthy, crunchy greens and fruit since Sunday. 206 more words