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4th Grade: Kale Potato Sorrel Soup, Spicy Garlic Knots & Fruit Leather

Little by little, I harvested and filled two quart size bags of cayenne peppers from the garden but had no idea what to do with them.  441 more words

4th Grade

Busy Busy

It has been another busy week here. The freezer is absolutely chockers and I had no room to fit in the plums we got last weekend. 598 more words

Strawberry Mango Fruit Snacks

Anyone else still holding on to their new year resolution to eat healthier in 2016? Well, I’m desperately trying to stay strong. While I will treat myself every now and then, I want something sweet and healthy that I can make here in my kitchen. 500 more words

All Natural

November's Featured Recipe: Bombchu Lemon Bars!

November’s Featured Recipe is here at last! You voted; I experimented in the kitchen. I’m proud to say that with a little patience and perseverance we were able to create something really unique! 1,243 more words

Leisel Stout

Persimmon leather, the new miracle energy food for endurance runners!

Just kidding, it’s not really.  But I wish it were, because I have a persimmon tree that is dropping  persimmons all over my front garden and the sidewalk and due to my frugal nature I feel like I ought to do something with them.   234 more words


Making Fruit Leather

I’m using my fancy new dehydrator to make stuff! The easiest thing to do with it is obviously dry herbs and flowers, but the next easiest thing is to make fruit leather. 226 more words