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November's Featured Recipe: Bombchu Lemon Bars!

November’s Featured Recipe is here at last! You voted; I experimented in the kitchen. I’m proud to say that with a little patience and perseverance we were able to create something really unique! 1,243 more words

Leisel Stout

Persimmon leather, the new miracle energy food for endurance runners!

Just kidding, it’s not really.  But I wish it were, because I have a persimmon tree that is dropping  persimmons all over my front garden and the sidewalk and due to my frugal nature I feel like I ought to do something with them.   234 more words


Making Fruit Leather

I’m using my fancy new dehydrator to make stuff! The easiest thing to do with it is obviously dry herbs and flowers, but the next easiest thing is to make fruit leather. 226 more words


Quince – Paradisal fruit within our reach

Imagine the Garden of Hesperides. Imagine eating one of the mythical golden apples that grant immortality. Then picture a quince. It’s possible they were one and the same (the ancient roman agricultural writer Columella speculated that they were). 740 more words


Fantastic Fall Snacks

Whether you are packing snacks for little ones to carry to child care or school or preparing snacks for children in your care, you are probably always on the lookout for tasty snacks! 568 more words


Into the woods I go

Tomorrow morning a girlfriend and I are heading into the wilderness for a quick 3-day backpacking trip.  Every single camping trip I had planned this summer got thwarted for one reason or another, so dammit, this one’s going to happen!  317 more words


Dehydrated Fruit - How to's and Tips

Fruit Lollies aka dehydrated fruit

I absolutely love my dehydrator. I wish I could add a link to the smell of my kitchen right now, an overpowering scent of incredibly ripe strawberries with a slight undertone of juicy pineapple. 1,240 more words