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Dehydrator madness!

We bought a dehydrator a month or two ago and we’ve been going craaazeee! We love it! I’ve made tons of fruit leather, dried apples and peaches, and dried herbs (basil and rosemary). 471 more words


Applesauce is among my earliest canning memories, in the kitchen and on the tongue. My dad grew several varieties of apples, and every year my mom would puree the fruit into dozens of quarts of applesauce. 1,143 more words


My fruit didn't roll up

I saw this thing online. You know those cooking videos that are edited into a neat string of steps and then voila! The finished product looks amazing. 316 more words

I'm back!

It’s been awhile!  So much has gone on in the last little while, I’ve had a hard time keeping up.  Some of the biggies:  my two oldest children have graduated high school and are now starting their adult lives.   517 more words


Bristly Black Currant Fruit Leather 

All around our small neighborhood where right of ways have been cleared, stumps and tree limbs were piled to decompose. It is in these piles that Bristly Black Currants (Ribes lacustre) are growing rampant. 495 more words


An Abundance of Apricots

This month I unexpectedly became a fruit farmer. Our new house came complete with an oversized and under-pruned apricot tree that was weighed down by hundreds of pretty little apricots, so many apricots that I knew I would need to come up with some creative ways to use them up. 561 more words


Fruit leather

A brief blog today on the topic of fruit preservation.

You may recall from a blog post a few days ago that I had gathered the first few kilograms of Jostaberries nd gooseberries. 362 more words

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