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Fresh Picked Fruit

I try to make sure my family has lots of fruit to eat. We love fruit and what’s even better is fresh fruit. All throughout the greater Houston area there are places where you can take your family and pick your own fruit. 88 more words

strawberry buffet

My friend Hannah and I (yes, I’ve made a friend!) went “strawberry picking” in Okayama today. To our surprise, it wasn’t strawberry picking as we’d previously experienced! 104 more words

The Road to Emerald

It was one week since a short phone call that led to a twelve hour drive to Emerald. A little town in the middle of nowhere.  973 more words


50 Shades of Apples

There are more kinds of apples than you think! In the place in Japan we went to alone, there are 50 kinds already. Read more about how I spent my Halloween last 2014. 529 more words


A place where hope goes to die

“AARRRGGGHHHHH!” The ceiling fan had batted another big black bug onto my face. I brushed it off. “GODDAMN BUGS! I’m not dead yet!”

The bugs were… 1,395 more words


1. brit.1 farm.1 more year in Australia

The dreaded regional work, love it or hate it! As a brit, we have the challenge of completing 3 months (88 days) of regional work in Australia so we can stay for another year. 947 more words


4 Reasons I Wouldn't Work in Bundaberg Again

With fruit picking jobs all year round, Bundaberg entices Backpackers from all over Australia. Sweet potatoes, sugar cane, tomatoes, pumpkins, you name it and it’s probably grown in Bundaberg! 1,254 more words