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Our First Two Weeks of Fruit Picking in Australia - Backpackers of Queensland, Stanthorpe. Good Hostel, Psychotic Farm Supervisor.

First Stop – Backpackers of Queensland, Stanthorpe QLD 4380

The first place we have gained employment is Backpackers of Queensland. After hearing back from the owners via email I decided to give them a call, at this point Becky and I were still in Bali. 4,108 more words


Bali to Brisbane - The First Step Into Our Fruit Picking Journey Around Australia

The three months prior to our arrival in Australia were perhaps the laziest of our lives – most of our time was spent travelling, eating, drinking and sleeping; other than a bit of writing we had not done anything in terms of ‘work’, all of this indulgence however had made quite the impact on our wallets… 1,275 more words


4 Days to go...

So as the title of this blog says, I have 4 days to go until I begin my regional work in South East, Queensland.

I’ve decided to start this blog to look back on a once in a lifetime experience. 157 more words

Regional Work Posts

Apple Picking on the Apple Isle

Our latest encounter with the overall-wearing magicians they call “mechanics” had left us (well, me) feeling somewhat vulnerable in the pocket region, and after a day in pretty Hobart Hailee assented to driving south, into apple country, to look for work. 2,257 more words


"Regional work... what's that?"

Most of my friends, family, and the general public, will look at me inquisitively when I tell them I’m currently doing my “regional work”. If you’re not familiar with the term, you’re not alone. 1,271 more words


Strawberry picking: イチゴ狩り

苺 or イチゴ ichigo: strawberry

狩り kari: literal translation is “hunting,” but it used for picking fruit

Strawberry picking is really popular in Japan.

Today we went to Chura Ichigo 美らイチゴ, a strawberry farm in Itoman. 330 more words


Three vital details to obtain your second Work and Holiday Visa

Applying for an international visa is not the easiest task to accomplish. Despite the array of government-issued information, there are always unanswered questions. Even renewing a current visa has it’s drama. 172 more words