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Hello again

I really wish I had the time to blog all the things that run through my brain constantly but somehow work has taken over all living hours. 391 more words

A series of (un)fortunate events

Inevitably, we are all going to be tossed lemons by that wonderful force called Life. Some make lemonade with them. Others slice them up to plop them into a glass half full. 656 more words


The Citrus Chronicles

Day 24 in Mildura

The Italian poisoned dwarf seems to have switched tactics. Taking a more modern twist in the good cop bad cop routine, she has switched to the bad cop, even worse cop routine in order to break our spirit. 328 more words

The webs we weave

We all have them: a network, a refidex of faces and names that we’ve been compiling for a lifetime. I’ve always conceptualised those connections as a great web, intricate yet dense, that criss-crosses around the whole world. 484 more words


Scrumping and pickle

One thing I would usually look forward to this time of year is the imminent arrival of autumn, complete with beautiful leaves, crunching around parks and hunting for damsons , blackberries and any other hedgerow delights. 349 more words

Living Life

"I love our berry pie mummy!"

So with my recent promise to myself to do ‘less thinking more creating’ I’ve taken a new approach to what constitutes ‘creativity’. Of course I want to knit, sew, draw and paint but it’s not every day that this can happen and surely ‘creativity’ doesn’t need to be limited to these disciplines? 249 more words