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Blueberry Rhubarb Pie

You’d think that I’d be really good at making pie, but until this past weekend, I wasn’t.

Historically, I’ve had a lot of problems making pies. 1,050 more words


As a child, I strongly and almost exclusively associated the definition of baking with the action of flattening dough with a rolling pin. So much so that I never truly considered making cookies baking – which ads a delightful touch of irony to my current preferences. 519 more words


Pear Pie with Crumb Topping

Prepare a single pastry crust or use a purchased one. Trader Joe’s and other grocery stores carry them in the refrigerator or freezer sections. I use d’Anjou pears and ripen them for a couple of days on the counter top. 175 more words


Breakfast Berry Pie (gluten free!)

For some reason last week I ended up eating a lot of pie. Monday I went to a movie with a friend and we followed it up with a delicious slice of pie at… 487 more words

Vegan & Gluten-free Lime Pie

vegan. gluten-free. dairy-free. soy-free.

I must confess, prior to attempting Lime Pie recipes, such a dessert was not something previously tried. Even while walking around Key West, an island boasting wonderful Key Lime Pies, I never partook. 473 more words


Pie in 1ºC!

Yesterday Gabriela made a fruit pie for us in class, and we had a little pie party just before starting the lesson!

We also had the chance to see pics of Isa’s new-born bay bee! 15 more words