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Quick Little Summer Pie

My brother was here this week with his kids.  I had an extra pie shell, and 2 bags of berries.  I knew what I had to do: 5 minute pie. 144 more words

In Praise Of Rain & Stone Fruit Pies (*Recipe Included!)

The summer rains have come to northern Arizona, the blessed and beautiful, life giving rains. And to celebrate, I’ve been baking fruit pies—peach pies, berry pies, and, my favorite, stone fruit pies. 529 more words


Black Raspberry Pie - A Taste of Summer

Black Raspberries remind me of summer … summer in Vermont where I grew up.  If I close my eyes I can see the fields and feel the grass on my bare feet and smell summer in the air.   318 more words


Forty Minute Foraging

I’ve been foraging throughout the year, ever since the wild garlic pushed its way through the river bank but now things are really in earnest and it’s not yet autumn. 380 more words

Summer Pie

Not much makes me more content than a piece of sweet homemade pie on a summer afternoon. Or evening. I’ll admit that I’ve also had it for breakfast. 150 more words

Danish pie

I copied recipes from my mother’s cookbook before I went to college. This one had the name Estie on it:Ester White, then Ester White Parr. She was one year older than my maternal grandmother Katherine, and when she was sent on errands as a child, she took my grandmother with her to do the talking as soon as she could talk. 97 more words


Mini Apple Pear Pies

I love eating pies, however, once a nice big pie is fresh out of the oven, the wholeness of it becomes destroyed by the slice of a knife. 431 more words