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Pai - The 500 Baht Tour

Pai – The 500 Baht Tour

Decided to head further up North for a couple of days, so booked a mini bus to Pai with the rest of ‘Niraj and entourage.’ The roads to Pai were… less than spectacular. 1,063 more words


Fruit Shake's

Carrot Shake   ——25.00

Dark Chocolate ——30.00

Creamy Mango      ——40.00

Watermelon- Strawberry  ——40.00

Lime Milk Shake        ——40.00

Lemon Ice Cream     ——40.00 

French Toast           ——40.00 

Oreo Milkshake         ——40.00 

Fruit Shake's

The Best Foods To Shove In Your Face in Thailand

The first time I had Thai food was in college and I equated it with fanciness and being very cultured (I was from a small-town, so anything that didn’t involve a farm seemed cultured). 749 more words