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Rise and Shine Smoothies

Every good day starts off with a good breakfast, right? At our house, fruit smoothies in the morning are a favorite way to get everyone off to work and school in high spirits. 308 more words


Naturally Protein Rich Smoothies - Protein Powder AlternativeĀ 

Recently, I have been working out more using weights like a steel rod for strengthening my hands and wrists, weights strapped to my ankles while walking and two different kettlebells. 754 more words

Mason Jar Hack : The Blender

I will start out with a mason jar hack that I recently began using. It’s where you will use a regular mouth jar and screw on the blender attachment. 264 more words

Breakfast in a bowl

How about breakfast in a bowl? U ask,how about it??? I’d say, It’s great šŸ‘full of nutrients and pack of energy.
Simple ingredients with source of essential nutrients and filling too. 167 more words


Breakfast smoothie

The other day while I was cleaning the house, with Barefoot Contessa on in the background (as always), I heard an episode where Ina was making… 248 more words


Drinking green smoothies have really been doing wonders for my weight loss. There are smoothie recipes out there online, but I try my own by trial and error anyone can do this just add some green veggies, some flaxseed, Chia seed or hemp seed and your favorite fruit and go for it. 479 more words

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Cucumber Dreamsicle Smoothie

I’ve always liked the idea of cucumbers — they smell great, and are crisp and refreshing — but only occasionally do I actually enjoy eating them. 453 more words