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Rainbow Fruit Tart

Lately I’ve been posting so many salads, which is good, but my sweet tooth came creeping in… so I decided to make a free form fruit tart. 315 more words


My Apple tart

This is my boys favourite tart: it just goes in one sitting AND it’s very easy to make….


Sweet Shortcrust Pastry:


Fruit Tarts

For 12 tartlets:
350g plain flour
pinch of salt
125g sugar
125g unsalted cold butter, diced
2 eggs (one whole and one yolk)

500ml full fat milk
2 vanilla pods (or extract)
120g sugar
6 egg yolks
50g plain flour

fresh summer fruit and chocolate for topping… 329 more words

Organic for Everyone

I’m passionate about organic food. Food that is grown and harvested with respect for the earth and it’s long term health is the best food. This month’s post is sponsored by a partnership with… 355 more words

Birthday Week CakeWalk (BWCW) Day 6

Getting to the home stretch! Today’s cake was a present from my friend, Jane. Thanks for taking the pressure off with the cake-finding mission today, Jane! 69 more words

(it's All About The) Food

Granola-Crust Cheesecake Fruit Tart

As the holiday of Shavuot nears, the smell of cheesecake is in the air. Well, not just yet, but at least the recipes are already flying around the internet and the playground benches. 592 more words


Fruit Tart (FAILED)


  • 2 Sheets of ALDI short crust pastry
  • Foster Clarks custard powder
  • Milk (for custard making)
  • Sugar (for custard making)
  • Sliced fruit (Kiwi, mandarin, pineapple)
  • 127 more words