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Fruit Tart - Rainbow of Colours

Fruit tarts! The copious amount of colourful fruits on top  make it looks healthy to eat ;P I personally prefer fruit tarts filled with pastry cream or custard, than those merely filled with chantilly cream or non-dairy whipped cream. 432 more words


Gluten Free Baking! The Fig Tart with no added sugar

I always like to try and make new things so I decided to make a coconut flour based tart with some figs I had purchased from the farmer’s market. 557 more words


Fresh Fruit Tart

I made mini fruit tarts four years ago.  Since it takes a long time to mould each tart with the dough, I wanted to try a regular size one.   421 more words


Raspberry, lemon and peach Fantastik tart recipe! Healthier gluten-free, low-sugar with refined options! And what is Michalak's tarte Fantastik?

Fantastiks are riding the new wave of French pâtisserie!  They were invented by the renowned pâtissier Christophe Michalak who aimed to create fusion tarts-entremets (layered mousse cakes) that are simpler to make, transport or eat and deliver an explosion of flavours and textures at every bite!   1,764 more words


Easy Seasonal Stone Fruit Tart

This quick tart looks and tastes more impressive than its simple assembly and six basic ingredients would imply. Serve with yoghurt or a spoonful of ice-cream for a satisfying pudding that makes the most of the glut of wonderful late-summer stone fruit. 143 more words

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