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The Meadow Orchard (Part 2)

We will continue our garden tour from the front yard. We have seen the window boxes and perennials and fountains. Now it’s time to go to the side of the house and start our journey. 142 more words

Potting session 1

For many plants, the best time for repotting is early spring just before their active growing begins. We’re now in the middle of winter, but because I have missed this window of opportunity to repot for a couple of years, I have a back log of trees to repot. 363 more words


Airlayering Crabapple follow up

It was October last year when I attempted the airlayer on my crabapple, and in that post I was planning to update in a couple of months. 261 more words


Monsters and Saviors

I go to work in the dark almost year round. This time of year, there’s a little bit of dawn before I walk in the office, but the days are getting shorter now. 549 more words


Mistaken Identity

The whole time I’ve had my plot I’ve known about the apple trees. There are 3 of them. Two are fruiting trees, trained as cordons and the third is a male tree for pollination. 605 more words


When that back yard orchard starts pumping out the fruit, it's good to have a juicer

Yes the drought is good for grapes. Sitting watching movies and ballgames on tv, I finally got the bunch I had picked stripped off the stems and ready for the juicer. 472 more words


Mr. and Mrs. C's Land

Pecans, persimmons, pears, apples, muscadines, and one scraggly little peach tree occupy the property. Mr. C. walked us all around today, identifying so many plants, pointing out where the invisible fence line is (surrounding an impressive 3 acres or so), and giving us what felt like an orientation as he was handing over the keys to the kingdom.  135 more words

New Home