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Fruit Paradise - Part two

Our baby trees are growing extremely well, we have been taking very good care of them! I will let the pictures speak for themselves, we are very happy that they all seemed to have survived the re-planting and can’t wait to share our happiness with you :) 31 more words

The Story

Why We Water "Nothing"

Joel grew up feeding wheat hay to cows. The past few months, we have been putting it all over the garden. The whole reason “straw”berries have the name is because of the “straw” hay used as a mulch and cover. 394 more words


January Homestead Box

So I am not going to take any pictures of the boxes- but I will list the contents. We have been so happy with the Homestead Box- and they have some amazing useful tools. 260 more words



There is a pink dogwood out front.

There is another out back, with one branch of grafted white blossom. There is a pink magnolia tree, immense, across the yard. 182 more words



A very quick update on our fruit trees! #thehubs really does a great job at watering our trees and plants. Also some beautiful glass solar flowers (they light up at night) that we decided to place in our front yard.  6 more words


Maybe This Year

Apples are fickle around here. Actually, that’s true of most fruit trees. Our “official” last frost date is May 15, but sometimes its warm early, and the trees get carried away and bloom early. 493 more words


I love this time of year! ¬†With the longer, warmer days the garden suddenly wakes up, and it is so rewarding to watch everything grow. The weather has been rather varied though; warm days followed by chilly mornings (but no more frost – hooray!) and after a very wet start to the year, I’m looking forward to some more rain. 423 more words

Fruit Trees