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Building Community

I have  a love hate relationship with social media. I love being in contact with like-minded people. I hate Big Brother collecting data on me and storing it up. 657 more words

Zero To Hero

Tree fruit in Fairbanks, and an intro to hugelkultur, at our November 3rd meeting - a recap

If you missed it, that will be a lesson to you to put our monthly Master Gardener meetings on your calendar! On Nov. 3rd, we enjoyed listening to Vic Johansen expound on his theories of letting plants grow, without too much interference from the gardener. 47 more words


The dance continues.

Poppy and Jeff are the naughtiest, most indulged dogs I’ve ever owned. I’ve never had dogs allowed up on the furniture before, or being allowed to sleep inside and get up on the beds. 1,087 more words

Quality Of Life

Cost Basis Gardening

Where do your food dollars go?

I am a cost basis gardener.  Since I work and am used to limited gardening time and space, I identify my favorite and most expensive food items, then grow my own.   1,086 more words

Circular Economy

Can the UK Feed itself?

I just took a quick look at the UK and saw that corporations are importing 40 percent of your food. Underneath the hype is that corporations buy from slave labor countries instead of local producers. 375 more words

Circular Economy

Orange Time!

The long awaited day has come! The oranges on the tree in our backyard are ripe, and they are absolutely delicious. I usually don’t eat oranges because I hate peeling them and they’re never very good when they come from the store. 458 more words


Golden Currant (Ribes aureum)

From my kitchen window I have been noticing a different shrub/tree going about 30 feet up hill under my food forest canopy. I keep getting distracted when I go outside and have not gone to look closer. 213 more words

Circular Economy