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Ducks, Hens and Tree Roosting Bantams

According to an article in The Guardian, the word paradise stems from the ancient Persian parades meaning “orchard” or “enclosure”. This checks out in my well thumbed copy of the Oxford concise dictionary of English Etymology which adds “abode of the blessed” to the definition. 604 more words

Fruit and flowers

This may not look like much to you, but to me it’s deeply meaningful.

These are three little crocus bulbs, Pickwick I believe, peeking out to greet the sun (on Thursday, that is. 553 more words



It is now my turn to work through a illness of some sorts, everyone in the house has had the pleasure of some type of cold, I myself am currently working through bronchitis…I blame the lack of bacon in my life, when I eat bacon I’m not sick, when I am the only person in my house eating bacon, I am the only person not sick. 207 more words

Pruning Trees

It may be a little early to start pruning trees, but it was a beautiful day, the snow  had melted enough to get out to the trees, and we were at the farm.   185 more words

Fruit Trees

Upcoming Events and Workshops

OEFFA – Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association – will host their annual conference in the Dayton area this year.  There are several lectures and workshops that will be of interest to local fruit growers. 6 more words

Sweet Enduring Fruit with Medicinal Leaf

Finally, I’ve found a right formula for my papaya tree. I’ve grown few trees, but they were short of sweetness in the fruit, grows tall (beyond plucking reach) or contract diseases fast. 234 more words


27 December 2016

Perennial polyculture beds still frosty

leaf beet (left) radish still growing (right)

onions the greengrocer was throwing out (for sprouting) planted in summer and clearly pretty hardy! 136 more words

Borderland Garden