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Guess what, YEG? I survived the winter. And if you’re reading this, so did you! Congratulations! It was one of the mildest and shortest winters I can remember, but still, this is Edmonton, so let’s go ahead and congratulate ourselves. 211 more words


Toothache and 'I Must' becomes 'I am'!

To begin, my inspiration to write this morning has come from spending the night with a toothache. I had forgotten how these things hurt, and I am even unsure of which one it is, so my mouth has a good dab of clove oil, which I’m sure tastes that bad, that you are supposed to forget the toothache! 588 more words


Autumn Gardening

Autumn, I love you! Your coolness is so much more agreeable to me than the stifling heat of summer. I get to wear slippers, winter pyjamas and woolly things. 1,036 more words


Our first persimmon!

We planted a persimmon tree 18 months ago as an experiment – we had never grown them before. What would they be like? Could it grow here in a small suburban yard? 96 more words

Food Gardens

"Fruit Tree" update

If you follow my blog, you know the oddities of my “fruit trees.” Long story short the sellers of our house said there are fruit trees on the property but didn’t really specify what they were or where they were. 210 more words


Olives and more in Chefchaouan

Yeah, its the blue town and full of tourists. And hash punters. My wee hostel was run by some  permanently stoned guys, what a waste! But what a pretty little souk of narrow blue painted alleyways, lovely at night. 169 more words

Fruit Trees

Espagnol in Morocco

I have just spent a few weeks in Morocco on a farm and travelling around and thought i would record some of the events here. Those of you who have visited this fascinating country will be familiar with much of what is to follow! 217 more words

Fruit Trees