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The Red Tree of Life

Be wary of the Red Tree of Life

No one knows how it is The Red Tree of Life came to rest in the clustered nest of the crossroads, where one road angles left, one gives way straight ahead, and one angles right, but there is none that turns back in on itself.

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Giving Fruit Trees for Christmas

An urgent appeal to our readers for donations:

Please help us provide fruit trees to farmers in the hurricane-impacted area of Haiti. Click here to make a gift! 369 more words

Haiti Hurricane Matthew

Red Rooted

Privet’s Farm, isolated from other farms, sat exposed to the elements. No one could understand how it was hedged in by its missing people, the ghosts of a past so dark, the townsfolk crossed themselves three times and turned away when tourists inquired about the “pretty place where the orchard flowered in brilliant ruby red shades.” The odd inquiries about purchase of “the place where the sweet scent of apples hangs thick in the air” fell on deaf ears. 79 more words

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Orchard Planting

I’ve been waiting for this moment to arrive for quite some time. October to be precise when both my husband and fabulous in laws gifted me money to purchase an orchard. 398 more words

Fruit Trees

Shopping Online Has Many Benefits

Shop Online Nurseries Is Ideal For The Disabled

Do you have a passion for flowers and other exotic plants? Do you enjoy the decoration of these flowers and plants around your house? 466 more words

nov 24

leaves of the fruit trees

rustle in swoops and surges

the morning winds

Morning Ku

It’s almost time…

People who work in garden centres know that plants sell best when they have flowers on. In the same way, customers often start thinking about planting fruit trees in spring, when days are warmer and the sap is rising. 183 more words

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