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Carrot and Blueberry Salad

It continues to be hot, with temps¬† around 40C, so each morning in The Kitchen, salads are made. This one is quite lovely. It’s a 5-minute salad that is sweet, sour, crunchy and soft. 59 more words


Tomato Lassi | Indian Yoghurt Drink | Tomato Salt Lassi

These hot days demand cold, cooling drinks. For the moment, I am making a lassi first thing in the morning. Such a healthy start to the day. 120 more words


Seasonal Cooking | Dips, Salsas, Pastes, Pickles and Sauces for Late Summer

Summer is a time for enjoying light ingredients, simple vegetables, for example, with sauces or dressings drizzled over. Dipped into purees, pastes and dips. It is also a time to take great ingredients and begin thinking about how to preserve them for the winter – freeze, make pastes, ferment into kimchi. 77 more words


On the bus with John Kasich

Ohio Governor John Kasich is still in the presidential race, and he is headed toward the most important election of his political career.

NBC4’s¬†Colleen Marshall was with the governor this week in New Hampshire, and says it’s make or break time for his campaign. 38 more words


Quick and Easy Summer | Easy Salads

It is a funny summer this year- Hot Hot weather except in Sydney where it has been raining endlessly, severe bushfires in three or four states, thunderstorms making the weather very humid, and on the hot and windy days, trees already dropping their leaves. 486 more words


Seasonal produce for February; the best fruit & veg to buy right now

The first of the month means the second in our series on seasonal produce, once again giving you top tips on what to buy right now so that it’s at its best. 988 more words


Spiced Tomato Puree

A gift of home grown organic tomatoes, a surfeit in fact, had me reaching for my heavy Italian style pans to make some spiced tomato puree. 412 more words