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Fruit & Veg in June

In the sub-tropics this is the best time of year to grow veggies. They grow well and it’s great weather to be outside gardening. We’re enjoying growing the usual favourites as well as some vegetables we haven’t successfully grown before. 186 more words

Snacking Essentials 

When I decided to start eating a Plant based diet the one aspect that I thought I would struggle with was Snacking.I don’t tend to eat three square meals a day I have a tendency to graze throughout the day and then have a main meal when I get home in the evenings. 316 more words


Plant Based Diet - An Update! 

So it has been a little while now since I decided to eat more of a plant based diet.I now haven’t eaten meat for seven weeks and I haven’t missed it at all. 486 more words


Easter is over....how did the Lent challenge go?

I know – Easter was a while ago but I still think I should just revisit the Lent challenge for completeness.  How did I do overall?   587 more words

Splitting Up

Fortunately, I’m not the one splitting up. It’s my babies, actually. Tomatoes, that is. I haphazardly threw a bunch of seeds in small pots to see what would happen a month ago, and surprise! 223 more words


City Growing

This year I decided it was time to get growing. I was given some seeds by a friend who had lots left over from last year and I, knowing very little about all things horticultural, decided to just blithely put them in pots and hope for the best. 362 more words


I probably could make this!

It doesn’t require any cooking so this looks more like something I could put together.