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I need more Ways to eating more Fruits and Vegetables

Are you adding fruits and vegetables into your day as part of your healthy diet?
Whether you eat cereal for breakfast, lunch or dinner can you honestly say you add fresh fruit to your cereal. 229 more words


Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

I obviously love fresh fruit recipes. I just can’t get over how pretty they look and how good they taste, so I can’t help but share another! 401 more words


Cut and Dried

Populated by little more than starchy potatoes and papery onions mere weeks ago, market stalls are suddenly bursting with a rainbow of fresh produce. Giant, plump blueberries the size of grapes; gnarled heirloom tomatoes as unique and delicate as snowflakes; peaches fragrant enough to double as air fresheners; I want them all, and I want them in volume. 957 more words


Strawberry & Banana Nice Cream

Like I promised, here is another recipe to reward yourself for all your hard work! My boyfriend often rewards himself with an ice cream after a hard day of studying, so that was my inspiration to start searching for a healthy version and one that I could enjoy for breakfast too. 181 more words


Boring Friday

I’m bored again and in the mood to ramble. (Lucky you if you’re reading this.)

After a warmish week which culminated in a HOT Thursday, I woke up to rain and a much cooler Friday. 404 more words


Cauliflower Breakfast Porridge

Say hello to the updated version of cauliflower breakfast porridge. This recipe update for one of my breakfast staples comes from my newer knowledge about the science of cooking with ground flax seeds. 328 more words


Cherry & Almond Muffins

Cherries are one of them summer fruits that are only available for a short period of time. The sweet and juicy fruit are amzing on a hot day. 268 more words