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May 5th, 2015

The worst thing about a mango is when it’s gone.


Vitamin packed soothing berry smoothie 

During spring I often suffer from really bad hayfever and try not to take any medication for it. One of my classic symptoms is a killer sore throat when I wake up, and it often returns at night too. 262 more words

May Day Monday.

A busy day was had; the fruit cage was assembled… sounds grand but its some canes and netting. Does the job though and is ( importantly) easy to assemble. 297 more words

Mobile Camper Container Garden

Last time I flew headlong into a gardening adventure, it ended with a lone surviving dinosaur-sized aloe plant that could barely support its own weight. It was a container garden, meticulously planned for my urban Midwestern fire escape, which ultimately became a sodden mess. 572 more words

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