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Vegan BLT

Looking for a simple quick easy on the go sandwich this vegan BLT will have your tummy saying nom nom nom.

Fun tip: Avocados are considered to be a fruit and are said to contain high levels of Potassium. 67 more words


Clean Eating: A Delicious Green Blend!

Vegetables are great, right? Well, sometimes it’s really hard to make them part of your diet. Let’s face it, in salads, they can be wonderful with your proteins and your nuts, but as a snack or just to make sure you’ve got your daily intake, they can be boring and maybe a tad less delicious. 108 more words


Garcinia Mangostana

iPhoneOgraphy – 30 Aug 2016 (Day 243/366)

The purple mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana), colloquially known simply as mangosteen, is a tropical evergreen tree believed to have originated in the Sunda Islands and the Moluccas of Indonesia. 442 more words


Sleep Tea, Conditioner, and Teeth Whitening: 7 Surprising Ways You Can Use Bananas

Whether or not we are eating them, bananas are handy to have around for the bedroom, garden, bathroom, and more. It’s time we start looking at bananas from angles many of us have never thought to do. 18 more words


Ruby Smuice Day

I love this smuice!  It has a rich but fresh flavour, a good balance of fruit and vegetables, a fabulous ruby red colour and is full of fantastic nutrients – its perfect blend of sweetness, earthiness and heat gives you a great start to the day! 409 more words

color struck

Though my excuse usually begins, “Let’s see if I can’t find something for dinner,” I’m usually not hungering for food when I meander through the Copley Square Farmers Market.


Myths About Food You Should Stop Believing

We’ve all seen the Facebook posts showing us the bumps on the bottoms of bell peppers. They claim that there are male and female bell peppers and tell us which we should eat raw and which we should use in cooking. 1,225 more words