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Apple Milkshake is an easy made recipe for babies.Sometimes it is really hard to feed fruits or milk to your babies,so it is a great idea to give them fruit milkshakes.So they get all the nutrients and vitamins from the fruit milkshake. 90 more words


Vegan crepes

     I’m a big fun of crepes! I can have them every day ! With different toppings, small, big, fluffy, chocolate, vanilla or any other. When I was a child I loved when my mom was making her crepes with cottage cheese and sugar and yogurt. 503 more words


Picky Eaters 101

Have you known children who love fruits and vegetables and eat a balanced meal three times a day?  Yeah, me neither! Heck, adults don’t always eat balanced meals.   446 more words


The Hawkeye Smoothie

This smoothie today is called the Hawkeye smoothie, why? Because its purple like the superhero. But there’s another reason and that’s because hawks have superior vision in the animal kingdom, and this smoothie has both carrots and blueberries which are immensely beneficial for eye health. 74 more words


Drinks that help you to lose weight.

Everyone wants to lose weight and here are two tips on how to just by drinking liquids!

Summer is here and everyone is trying to be healthy right? 336 more words


'If You Can't Pronounce It, Don't Eat It' And Other Food Mantras That Don't Hold Water

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In the quest to stay healthy, youthful, energetic and beautiful, it makes sense to focus on food. That we should strive to eat nutrient dense foods with low levels of sodium, sugar and unhealthy fats… 614 more words

Money Matters

Daily Prompt: Local

Mango: my favorite fruit. The sweetest mangoes I’ve ever tasted were from the Philippines.

These ones are from a local supermarket here in Xiamen but they are imported from I’m not sure which Southeast Asian country. 91 more words