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In the Garden, May 2017, IV

first charentais melon of the season.

phoenix, arizona. may 2017.


In the Garden, May 2017, III

oaxacan green dent corn, potimarron squash, and hidatsa shield figure beans: the three sisters. plus, some charentais melon on the side (just for good measure). the spring planting.

phoenix, arizona. may 2017.


Saving litchis

I loved visiting my grandparents during summers. They lived in a sprawling bungalow surrounded by mango trees and a litchi orchard in a quiet town that went to bed by eight. 413 more words


Daily Devotion: The Fruits of the Spirit- Peace

2 Timothy 3:12, “Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted,”

God knows we will be targeted because of our faith, Jesus was crucified because He is Lord!

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2017 Project 365, Day 143: Ripe Mangoes

Photo #143: May 23

Sweet mangoes from Tanay courtesy of the boyfriend!  Happy 82nd month, dear! Thank you, and I love you! :-*

To Juice or Not To Juice ?

American Academy Of Paediatrics releases new guidelines on Fruit Juice Consumption for infants,children and adolescents.

Here is a brief summary for the same.


  1. Juice should not be introduced to infants before 1 year unless clinically indicated.
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