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What is style?

Style is elusive and intangible. What is it really? How can two people wear virtually the same clothes ( such as jeans with a Bretton top) and one looks stylish and the other looks sensible and mumsy? 170 more words

A Frumpy, Fit, Fab Welcome

Hi all,

Welcome to my blog! I’m sure everyone starts off their blog that way so I figure why break the mold? Now, why is my blog different from the rest? 507 more words

Baggy underwear

I wear granny pants up to my chest and 4 sizes too big and I will never change this habit because I’m comfortable as fuck while you bitches are tight and itching. 186 more words

Winter Blues

I’m feeling very very fed up today. I decided to leap onto the scales this morning, just to have a look, and got the shock of my life!  158 more words


This is The Fat Girl Diary a place where I can share my feelings and thoughts in my journey as a Fat Girl. This is a blog for me to vent if no one ever reads it then thats okay. 118 more words