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Fifty and feeling it!

Yesterday I was attending hosptial with my 75 year old father who was having some tests. I’d already thought that the Dr looked about 12 so was kind of feeling my age. 104 more words

Zzzz Thought Of The Day

Don't Mention the F Word - How not to look Frumpy (Part One)

If there is one word that’s guaranteed to send shivers down the spine of a mother, then it has to be ‘frumpy’ (OK, there are a few other, like maybe ‘softplay’ or ‘poo!’ but today we’re going to focus on the f word). 368 more words


What is style?

Style is elusive and intangible. What is it really? How can two people wear virtually the same clothes ( such as jeans with a Bretton top) and one looks stylish and the other looks sensible and mumsy? 170 more words

A Frumpy, Fit, Fab Welcome

Hi all,

Welcome to my blog! I’m sure everyone starts off their blog that way so I figure why break the mold? Now, why is my blog different from the rest? 507 more words

Baggy underwear

I wear granny pants up to my chest and 4 sizes too big and I will never change this habit because I’m comfortable as fuck while you bitches are tight and itching. 186 more words