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Break the Bad News Barrier

I received bad news back in September regarding my health.  The result was that I had to completely change how I live my life in regards to what I eat.   495 more words

Positive Posts

Breaking The Habit

I have been really bad at keeping my habits over the last few months. That includes everything like drawing, reading, writing and going to the gym. 285 more words

It's Their Fault I'm Even In This Mess

Am I the only one who’s ever been in a situation that has called for this to be said, “it’s their fault I’m even in this mess”. 611 more words



It has been a busy October for us so far on the 10th it was one of my best friends husbands 40th birthday I was very happy and pleased to hear when I rang that he was at home with his wife and three kidlets to open his pressies and have cake together as usually he is at work when I ring to wish him happy birthday. 817 more words

What Anger Does...

What happened to,

“My door is always open” ?

What happened to,

“I love you”?

So what is your pathetic reason?

What is your fucking issue? 93 more words


First Things First


Welcome to Coffee & Rants!

Life, in general, sucks. No matter what you have or what you don’t have, it never stops being an absolute pain in the ass and keeps on coming in the way. 213 more words