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I'm Horny..

I’m horny! There I said it! 😟 Its been years since I’ve had any.. So you can understand my frustration. Yes, I’ve had offers but do I even wanna open those can of worms… Maybe..maybe not. 101 more words


i swear, you’re so fucking unreasonable. can you not? and like, fuck off and leave me alone? you control everything i do. you’re literally a dictator.

stop nitpicking everything i say! what the fuck?? i basically said the same thing and you’re getting all fussy about nothing and lecturing me about respect? 27 more words


why do i feel attacked by everyone. i’m just stating my opinion/asking stuff and everyone’s getting nasty?? like what the heck? ok fine i won’t bother you anymore geez. assholes

A Question for Another Day

I’ve been doing musician, artist, and celebrity interviews over phone (and now Skype) off and on for over probably six months now, and I have to say, I think I’m  241 more words


What was I going to say?

It’s that little voice in the back of your head that makes you think… What am I doing… Where am I going… Why…

I’ve run into this selfish problem… Where I feel as though my life is based upon what other people want me to do and what my bank account says I’m allowed to do… But the way other people see it is that I only ever think for myself and am greedy and therefore can’t spare a dime to do something fun and different… 230 more words

The beat goes on

When everything else feels like it’s going to shit, the Clone-a-willy I ordered for A.’s Valentine’s Day present arrived today.  Wooo.  Purple replica boyfriend penis!  Now I can be DP’d without having two guys sweating on me. 315 more words