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This robot can build your IKEA furniture

(Source: techcrunch.com)

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who hate building IKEA furniture and madmen. Now, thanks to IkeaBot, the madmen can be replaced. 224 more words


man-made minute (w/ video)

alarms are an unkind reminder that everything runs on a man-made minute.
social construct invented to keep you in it.

no considerations made for all the body parts; 159 more words


To Those Few

Two Human Men,
I watched them,
clean, kept, and silent.

One was screaming without a sound
because he was broken but unable to cry,
and this I could see, within his eyes. 59 more words


Is This You?

You swore to protect us,
swore to defend us,
but you would put the law
before us,
oh, wait…

You used it against us. 

The law was used… 122 more words


Frustrated & Stuck?

When I was a kid and would get so frustrated by a difficult project, my mom would always tell me to put it away until the next day. 66 more words


Apartment Hunting - UGH

Finding an apartment for the school year is so hard!

Who to Live With?

I don’t have many friends, to begin with (and I prefer it that way, for now, because humans are complicated things to deal with outside of work/school) so I don’t even know who to reach out to ask if they want to live with me. 290 more words