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Filled it up with novocaine and now I'm just numb.....

Where do I start?……

The week started like any other week…. I took Monday off to spend some time with my mum doing wedding organising. I had a great day and was on a high from the weekend. 485 more words


10 Things I wish people understand about Dissociative Identity Disorder

I am not sure why, perhaps my unconscious mind has been anxious about my dissociative disorder but recently I have encountered references to Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) in the TV shows I’ve been watching. 1,510 more words


That's Me...Potty Pants

Oh God…what in the hell am I going to do?  It’s 5:28 AM and I need to pee but I can’t walk.  I can’t move my right leg and pretty soon there is going to be a warm, wet spot on my bed and soon after it’s going to smell like a nursing home.   658 more words


I’m getting tired of sleeping in my car because a bunch of tweakers turned a “ride” as a favor into a full scale double feature show of much ado about nothing.

My Dreams

Everything can and will go wrong.

There will be those days it seems that everything is just going to go wrong. My day didn’t start off great because I had to get all the kids around for school plus myself and the baby. 523 more words

Mood Disorders

Hey everyone! Recently I’ve moved into a new house and guess what? No internet! The horror I know!

So for the past week I haven’t had any internet besides on my phone, although I’m still writing, it’s just too hard to get exactly what I want to publish on my phone. 36 more words

Video Games

Living with Diabetes: What Dragon Tamers Have to Say in the Most Depressing Month of the Year

The results of last month’s Blue Monday survey are in… and the fact that most D-families (families living with diabetes) experience “blue” moods is not a surprise. 861 more words