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No Internet

It’s so frustrating when the Internet is not working. :( I am writing in the library now.

I don’t know what’s wrong with the Internet. But I can not use it at home. 349 more words

I Wish You Were Happier

I am the happiest person I know and I wish you were happier, too.

What I have been writing about here for the past 5 days is little pieces of my little book called… 580 more words

The Project Driven Life

Hey thanks.

One time when I was younger a guy told me that he loved me. I remember being very angry about this at the time. Angry that someone would use this word without thoroughly thinking about it. 569 more words

The Extremely Troubling Frustrations Of Interacting With Fake People

It bothers me that people put on a façade. They will be this entirely different person when you’re not around, but the moment you show up they put on a metaphorical mask and embrace their inner thespian. 558 more words

Feeling Blocked

I am feeling a creativity block.  Not that I’m this great writer, but I am having trouble getting into my photography or doing anything creative.  I read somewhere that this could lead to digestive issues,  which I have and have had for years.   30 more words

Depression: The Seed

Depression is a seed. Except, it’s not a seed you want to plant, or have planted in you. It’s not happy and good. It’s sappy and a bad mood. 225 more words


Beta Readers

So, I’m freaking. I let an admin of a facebook writing group beta read my novel for plot holes. She had some discrepancies with someone harassing her on facebook so she left the group. 251 more words