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where to now?

ive been fighting depression for 18 years now, and anxiety on top of it for 13 of those. now they have me on 3 meds that seem to be working pretty good so far but it brings up a big question for me, where do I go from here. 144 more words


One point five

Imagine that my mind is a car, this car runs on positivity and confidence.. now imagine it sat on the side of a road because it broke down 10 years ago and the exterior is so destroyed it’s almost unrecognisable. 215 more words


I am so angry and just ugh ugh ugh

Ugh, I’m angry and I’m not really sure why. Lately, I’ve been sort of distant and angry and even while typing this I’m actually frowning. I’m so confused by this, because I feel like there is almost nothing to be angry about. 266 more words

My Life

Bads Days

Do we
I speak for the collective whole
Manics, PTSD, OCD etc.
Do we have bad days
Because of our conditions
Or are our days bad… 43 more words


Lifecoaching: dare to look beyond

Being a highly sensitive person born in a family, a culture or country where there is a lot of turmoil has a huge psychological impact. Anger is one of the emotions which can be hidden on a deserted island within you. 74 more words