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Writing Exercise: I wouldn't have long...

After watching Vampire Academy, I really wanted to use magic. Especially, the idea of specializing a particular brand of magic.

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After having specialized in water magic, I didn’t think I would ever find myself in this situation. 115 more words


Dealing with angry patients

Angry patients.

They seem to be so common. So common that doctors seem to just shrug them off, saying to us medical students: “you just have to deal with that”. 767 more words


#335: Listen

There were times in the past when he said that I never listened to him, usually after I’ve exasperated him from his perspective. Exasperated because to him, he knew better, he wanted what was best. 37 more words

Can't Keep It All Inside Sometimes

5 Months in and I'm Frustrated

I know I’m inconsistent on these posts, it’s just hard to fit in writing one of these on top of my job, working towards the techdegree and everything else. 801 more words

Walking on Eggshells

I am currently feeling sad, frustrated, and unmotivated. I got up this morning in a fairly fowl mood which wasn’t surprising considering that recently I haven’t been much of a morning person. 309 more words

Lyme Disease

Ramblings of the beaten, tired and alone.

I know, I know.
I know that I’ve graduated and I shouldn’t spend my days just lazing at home.
I gotta get my ass up and go earn some money. 438 more words