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I wanna be something that I cannot

Have you ever dreamed of something you wanna be? Do a thing that you cannot be? It just doesn’t fit you and you always fail? You’ve tried anything but still fail? 97 more words


Egg Shells

Let’s talk priority. My husband and I have been married a decade but together longer. We are a mixed cultural couple where the man is more dominant and I submiss to keep the peace as he likes things his way. 650 more words

Dominant Husband

The Juno Experiment - My journey to sex starts here...

Hello everyone!

My name is Juno and I am a virgin.

I am a virgin even though I don’t want to be and even though I have had numerous opportunities to change this. 366 more words


To be or not to be Fat?

I was struck with the urge to write down another blog… This is about being fat. I am a big girl, and by big girl I mean I’m fat. 380 more words

Why so Virgin?

I am really honest about this. I am not that kind of girl that can get along easily with girls. All that talk about make-up, hair and nail polish it’s all so tiring. 220 more words

Our Merry Dance

Each evening you leave me,

Amongst broken whips and chains.

Yet every night, I follow you,

Like a dog.

Keeping notes of your pleasures,

your midnight secrets, 47 more words