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The Garlic Bread Started It!

Today was like any other day at the office.  Well it was, until someone chose to make garlic bread and make me REALLY hungry.  Having Celiac’s Disease, I couldn’t partake in the glorious garlic-filled aroma that now permeated the office.   429 more words

All Things Food

Enjoy the Process

As I started my blog “This Treasured Journey” I anticipated it being a lengthy process, however I didn’t anticipate all the issues that would happen during the process of starting my blog. 1,027 more words


Human Incomplete

Human incomplete am I.
Just don’t feel I’m
Ran out of apologies.
With no more tears,
The well is dry.
Will I sign that dotted line. 108 more words



I’m sure a lot of you have seen the new Grumpy Dog. That’s right, Grumpy Cat, move on over. It’s time for Earl, a 5 month old puppy version of Grumpy cat. 665 more words


Frustration levels high

Master C-J has always been a bright boy and we’ve always encouraged him to ask as many questions as possible even though it tends to drive us up the wall. 632 more words

Car doors ajar

The whistle goes on

It drills right into my brain

My teeth are on edge


Morale blow

I applied for a job which I am well qualified knowing the chances of me getting it are really slim. Like less than 1%. It was an overseas position as an events planner, with no sales element. 43 more words