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February 21 • a little stressed (I have had happier posts)

Hi again! Today I just needed to write a little to help decompress. I have been overwhelmed in both good and bad ways for the past two weeks and it is starting to leave me completely exhausted. 490 more words


I dont know what I’m feeling these days. It’s weird. And I know its weird because it’s somewhat bizarre. I know I have to start prepping for university this year. 494 more words


#364: Dear parents,

Dear parents,

When your child asks for your opinion about something, and your response is “No” or a rejection of any sorts, and your child probes “But why?” because s/he wants to understand the rationale for your rejection, 35 more words

Can't Keep It All Inside Sometimes

Funny (I can't even laugh)

Evil, isn’t that a funny word?

We use it to describe people,
we use it to describe things we hate,
we use it to describe the creators of pain. 51 more words


The Dividing

You speak well,
so well I am damned,
maybe even charmed,
but not enough to
wish to be you.

You speak elegantly,
each word with power, 126 more words


Falling From Grace

“Yeah, if there’s a shooter, you shoot her,
so that way there’s no more shooters, right?
What does that make you, then?
A hero who could only stop her… 281 more words


The Smallest Things

Today isn’t better.

The smallest things upset me.

I think I’ll give up.

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