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Cyber Crime

Like seriously??

Are we guys so ignorant towards cyber-bully that we say words like “meri hi galti hai” or “I shouldn’t have started all this” 250 more words



Your phantom hands
Touch me everywhere…
I touch myself
Because you are not there.


Mice in the Attic

To the comfort and protection
Of my bedroom I retire
For a moment’s introspection
Before the rest that I require.

Alone I let the day’s demands… 390 more words


siri, ... not unlike her creators, ...

a natural drone … (click to enlarge … )

“i’ll remember everything
you ever told me, …
… forever”

“perhaps i should take revenge
for all the insults, crazy remarks, 43 more words


When You Have a Really Good Day (A Pre-Thanksgiving Thank You)

Yesterday was, without slicing words, a really good day.

I have been stressed beyond belief when it comes to university and life in general, and I have been kicking myself for procrastinating on assignments and falling behind in my readings. 988 more words


...and the Words Remain Unspoken

I tried hard to tell you but I just couldn’t.

Every time I muster up courage to do that, your face flashes in my mind and I forget all about what I am supposed to say. 291 more words



I’ll start by saying this- no, this post isn’t about attention.. Quite frankly I’d love to disappear into a crowd, not stand out.

But in many ways, I feel worthless about my life. 264 more words