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It burns…

That dark fire within…

So hot…

So bright…

It burns…

I can’t think,

I can’t see,

I just feel.

Make it stop…

The pain, the anguish. 118 more words


Post 423 - Plodding

In a personal branding training session I identified my predominant motivator as achievement. The model offered achievement, power and people.

Achievement was first, a decent way behind was people, then finally power even further down the list. 295 more words

Bad News from Flickr

I used to pay for extra space to use the photo archives on Flickr.com. A few years back they offered unlimited space for free. I loved that. 170 more words

Expat Life

Snowed Out

It snowed last night. Stopped up traffic throughout town. It took me two hours to get home. We also had a test at school that I missed.


Anxiety: I'm Struggling but I'm Functioning...

Say What Now?

Whenever I write about a (somewhat) heavy/borderline personal topic, I always start with an apology or some type of “cushion” to be sure I’m not offending anyone. 1,531 more words


Have you ever felt you were shaking inside, as if your organs were thrashing against your skin, and you were simply waiting to explode, the frustration bubbling under the surface? 477 more words