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John McCain visits Syria illegally, again.

During 2011, US Senator John McCain visited Syria without getting permission from the authorities and now, just recently, McCain has again illegally trespassed on Syrian soil. 313 more words

Fake News Report Criminal Lies on Fake Hospital, Fake NGO: Syria

A new onslaught of anti-Syria fake news reporting criminal lies on fake hospitals and from fake NGO has erupted from NATO-approved msm, and includes another round of anti-Syria emotional war porn.   41 more words


Foreign Terror Sponsor McCain Illegally in Syria, Again

Foreign terror sponsor Senator John McCain is spreading his malignant seed, once again.  Within a short week, McQaeda McCain spent time at the Munich Security Conference.   95 more words


Moderate Oppositions at Geneva, in Syria: Terrorists

There, in Geneva, are the talks about the political solution in Syria.  It is the easy talk.  The negotiations should be two sides:   The governmental actor and the opposition actor.  101 more words


To disrupt the talks in Geneva Assad is shelling the Syrian capital

On February 20 the Syrian government forces escalated their bombing campaign around the Syrian capital, the bombs are falling like rain on the rebel-held areas sending out a bloody message days before the renewed talks are about to start in Geneva. 410 more words

Syria: in solidarity,we joined in minutes of silence

As supporter of the Syrian Revolution,  I received a mail inviting me to join in some minutes of silences to show my support to Syrian Families.The call was collective, worldwide. 349 more words


Al-Bab Recaptured

Reports are pouring in that Turkey-backed allahu akbar brigades in Syria have captured al-Bab from ISIS.

The town’s rapid surrender to a motley crew of ‘moderate’ jihadi rebels suggests a deal between Turkey and ISIS which defended the town vigorously until today. 42 more words