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Russia destroys Al Nusra command and control, Syrian Army prepares ground attack against US-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists, FSA militants surrender

By South Front

Global Research, October 05, 2015

South Front 5 October 2015

The Syrian army is preparing for offensive actions against Al Nusra and ISIS near the town of Al-Rastan. 316 more words

Syrian Crisis - Part 1 (Jihadists, ISIL, the good guys, Mohamed Bouazizi and others)

I thought instead of describing how the Syria crisis began, I would only talk about when.  I have been to Damascus in 1999, and I considered it a far safer place than Miami, Florida where I live.   979 more words

Supermarkets still putting profits before your health

Almost 300,000 people are poisoned very year by contaminated chickens but the supermarkets refuse to put in place measures which would reduce that and the 100 deaths. 172 more words


The New Stage of Crisis and Chaos In Syria

Russia began its bombing campaign over Syria yesterday. Zero Russian bombs fell on the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, however, with planes instead attacking the provinces of Homs, Hama and Latakia—areas where Assad has faced recent setbacks. 525 more words


Russia Kills 2,488 People In One day In Syria

Dr. Igor Panarin’s report for today, 4 October, from the Russian Foreign Ministry:

Syria: Lost LIH terrorist attacks on Russian aircraft from September 30 to October 4, 2015…

336 more words

Diploma Options for Students with Developmental Disabilities

IF YOUR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT HAS LEARNING DISABILITIES… The state might have limited their options in life even more.

Senator Darren Soto would like to hear from YOU. 1,269 more words

Laws & Legislation

PUP - SRC Firefox Club Recruitment Campaign

Firefox Student Ambassadors or FSA are individuals who are passionate about Mozilla, the open web, and the many benefits of Firefox and its products. The PUP-SRC Firefox Club is a group of FSAs in PUP – Sta. 406 more words

Firefox Student Ambassadors