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How to sell your home

People with severe debt are constantly worried about where and how to find enough money. When they return home, they are afraid that someone from a collection agency or the bank could only call their doors to bring everything they have. 12 more words

Lake Tahoe

The YPG, FSA, US collaboration and "double standards"

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An increasingly popular point being made on the part of pro-FSA Tweeters is that anti-imperialists are hypocrites for embracing the YPG while maligning the FSA, despite the fact that both forces collaborate and receive aid from US forces in the region. 664 more words

The FSA wades in on rare burgers at last

With the increase in popularity of ‘posh’ burger joints such as Byron Burger and GBK offering customers ‘rare’ or ‘pink’ burgers, it seems like actually ordering a well-cooked burger is becoming slightly unfashionable. 388 more words

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Welcome aboard!

This is my first blog and as I write this I should be preparing for a possible Hurricane.  I am convinced that our state legislators had something to do with the timing of this storm.   396 more words


Map: The Military Situation in Darayya City | Western Damascus| Syria| August 27, 2015

Map: The Military Situation in Darayya City | Western Damascus | Syria | August 27, 2015

Darayya is one of the most strategic areas around the capital Damascus, as it is also located in the southern outskirts of Mezzeh Airbase. 96 more words


Latest from FSA: Ask a FED

Federal Training Officer David Bartnicki recently shared these updates:

Gainful Employment

If you have not sent in all of your GE data to NSLDS yet, please keep working on it.  867 more words



Event details:

  • Name : Mozogeek!
  • Agenda :
    1. Introduction to Firefox OS
    2. Firefox OS App making – Foxication
    3. Hands on training on Appmaker…
  • 340 more words