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Lebanon: ISIS in Arsal Large Land Few Terrorists | Syria News

According to a Lebanese Resistance (Hizbullah) military source, ISIS controls a much larger swath of land in the rural areas of Arsal town in East Lebanon… Continue reading: … 10 more words


Indonesian People Gift Syrian Red Crescent 2 Ambulances

The Syrian Red Crescent, the real ones, received 2 fully equipped ambulance vehicles as a gift from the Indonesian people in a ceremony held at the Higher Commission for Relief in the Syrian Local Administration Ministry in Damascus yesterday 26 July 2017..  9 more words


UNSC Refuses to Condemn Terrorist Attack against the Russian Embassy

UNSC signals to terrorists its acceptance of bombing the Russian Embassy in Damascus revealing by the day its role as a tool in the hands of the NATO member states to cover their crimes against sovereign nations, to violate the own charter of the United Nations itself by the criminal Western states and to justify crimes by…  12 more words


SAA Opertaions against ISIS in Der Ezzor and Homs - Update

The Syrian Arab Army units continued its battles against the ISIS terrorist organization in Der Ezzor and in Homs Eastern Countryside.. Continue reading: SAA Opertaions against ISIS in Der Ezzor and Homs – Update


Syrian Troops Close in on Besieged Deir ez-Zor

Led by their elite Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) seized an oil field in al-Sabkhawi gas field and the town of al-Dakhila on the Euphrates river as part of the advance. 78 more words


SAA and Hizbullah Advances against Nusra Terrorists in Qalamoun | Syria News

Syrian Arab Army and Hizbullah Fighters advance in rural Flaita, Western Qalamoun Mountains, taking over control of a number of hills on Kora 1, 2, Qarnat.. 13 more words