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The GPLv3 Paranoia

What is it, exactly, that makes the companies feel weak in their knees when it comes to GPLv3? Every legal team in an incorporated has second thoughts while reviewing the adoption of a GPLv3 licensed software or the licensing of their own source code under GPLv3. 507 more words

Software Engineering

Goals and Gains, Gains and Goals

Coming off of my one-year anniversary at my CrossFit gym, I sat down with my Team Coach (GO BLUE!) Mike to discuss setting goals for myself. 262 more words



O Projeto nasceu em 2004 com o patrocínio da Universidade de Vigo, e foi oficialmente apresentado em Abril de 2005 com Richard Stallman, fundador do projeto GNU. 44 more words

She Finds Sea Glass by the Sea Shore

I have always been astonished to find that no matter how obscure a subject, it is covered in agonizing detail somewhere on the internet. People who get interested in something tend to obsessively compile data, and the internet gives us a place to store it where other people can benefit from their obsession. 1,156 more words

K.D. Keenan

Meow Wolf: It's Fucking Awesome

I had an adventure today. I visited the Meow Wolf Collective in Santa Fe, NM. I knew it was a huge experiential art installation but I had no idea what to expect. 481 more words

K.D. Keenan

E is for Escape - #atozchallenge

Here is a FSF (Five Sentence Fiction) piece based on the word Escape. This post is also a part of 3WW.

 The old man hovered over the faucet, washed his knotted hands and slapped some water on his face as well. 66 more words


Five Sentence Fiction: Barriers

What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist, that is, in exactly five sentences.

The scraggly plant I brought home and tended to, the one with dark purple blooms and pale yellow curly stamens, has grown taller than me.

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