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FSF increases focus on firmware

The Free Software Foundation has updated their list of Campaigns, which includes mention of reversing firmware, and a blob-free version of Coreboot:

Reverse engineering projects. 274 more words

FSF: back the Raptor Talos Secure Workstation

A message from Donald Robertson of the Free Software Foundation, quoted verbatim:

Support the Talos Secure Workstation by January 14th Raptor Computing Systems is crowdfunding on Crowd Supply to produce, from the ground up, a high-powered computer with no proprietary software or firmware blobs called the Talos Secure Workstation. 471 more words

Libreboot and GNU: update

A few months ago a GNU/Libreboot issue occurred, and I just got around to blogging about it the other day. Well, a few days, later, there is an update from FSF. 53 more words

Year's Bests and My Recommendations

The contents of three of the four main “year’s bests” have been announced (awaiting only the Clarke) which enables me to compare my recommendations with their anthology picks. 608 more words


Five Sentence Fiction: Missing

 What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist, that is, in exactly five sentences.

It was dusk when they realized she was missing.

127 more words

War Journal 72: F&SF

What up small yet loyal fanbase and random passersby!  I’ve been behind-the-scenesing it, subbing my stuff, fine tuning other stuff, playing PlayStation VR to increase my pedigree for otherworldly accuracy, and a bunch of ad nauseums y’all probably don’t care about or can look in the mirror and see yourself doing.  288 more words


Cultural Appropriation Is Not a Thing

I have long been fascinated with other cultures, open to other traditions, and drawn to the beauty of other cultures’ art and expression. It seems to me that learning about other cultures is our best hope for creating a society that is open, tolerant, and inclusive. 764 more words

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