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Just because it’s Friday and I haven’t posted anything in a few weeks. 😋 #HappyFriday #HareJordans #Jordans #FSF #7s

Resetting Tim Walker - Short Story

“What number should finish the following sequence? 23, 14, 19, 6 and 20?”


“State the probability of the visual occurrence.”


“What is the date of birth of the female Alice Walker?” 1,926 more words


Authorview: Cat Hellisen

If there is one person who is underappreciated in the local literary scene, it’s Cat Hellisen. When the topic of African speculative fiction crops up, you’ll hear about Lauren Beukes (duh), Nnedi Okorafor (who is technically American), Sarah Lotz (plus her retinue of nom de plumes)… and that’s kind of all. 1,203 more words


More thoughts on awards, and community

I’ve been following the conversation at Black Gate, about the proposal for “The Awards to be Named Later” I’ve also been following it at File 770. 2,221 more words


To expand a bit

I’m a bit out of practice at regular blogging, also the subject is one I didn’t want to drift all over the map with, so I’d like to expand some on “The Awards To Be Named Later” 1,024 more words


What Rubbish

It would appear that those who failed to game the system of the Hugos don’t read their own PR. Over at Black Gate there is a proposal for a new (name as yet to be determined) award. 2,444 more words

30 years of Free Software Foundation (in short #FSF)

30 years of Free Software Foundation (in short #FSF)

A few weeks ago the Free Software Foundation celebrated its 30 year anniversary which is a nonprofit organization founded in 1985. 38 more words