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Handle With Care

The thought frightened him. He would no longer be alone, as there would now be an extension of himself roaming about. Just like an egg, his seed would need to be handled with care. 18 more words

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The radical

What it’s about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist.

He hit her across the face, cutting her lip and leaving sullen red marks on her cheek.

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Trisquel Linux: 100% Free Software

Μπορεί κατά καιρούς να συγκρίνουμε διανομές και εκδόσεις ώστε να δούμε ποια από αυτές είναι πιο κοντά στο ΕΛ/ΛΑΚ, είτε για το ποια είναι η πλησιέστερη στη φιλοσοφία του FSF (Free Software Foundation). 114 more words


Ferocious Consumer

He ferociously consumed every crumb of food on his plate. There was always something on his plate. He had a family to provide for and protect. 21 more words

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Frank Meets Dad: A Lie in 793 Words


I wrote the following short-short story some time in the 90’s. I was managing a high tech public relations firm. Being a bunch of creative types, we had a writer’s club we called “The Jackhammer Society.” Once a week or so, we’d meet at lunch and share our fiction or poetry. 876 more words

K.D. Keenan

Who Knows?

“Just keep calm and let me handle it,” he said. The argument could’ve ended long ago, but neither was willing to budge. Compromise had been out of the question, but now she was weary. 28 more words

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Not So Obvious

In experimenting with various styles of writing and reading more of other writers’ work, I’m learning my strengths and weaknesses. Though I’m unofficially announcing at this moment I’m working on a novel, short fiction and poetry are what I’m best at. 100 more words

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