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And breathe!

Well, it’s all over. Not really—I mean, I imagine I might find an opportunity or two to speak in Chinese in China—but right now I’m sitting in the Dallas airport en route to Las Vegas sipping a delicious free cocktail courtesy of the nice folks at American Express, letting the stresses of language class flit away like so many of the… 429 more words

Foreign Service Life

What does "FSI" in building construction mean?

Answer by Vaibhavi Dhote:

FSI stands for Floor Space index.

The number basically defines the maximum Floor space area you can build on your land with respect to the plot area that you have.

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Timer set: no more than 15 minutes to write this post. You see, time is a precious commodity right now.

My Chinese test is on Monday. 501 more words

Foreign Service Life


leaving on a jet…

Oh yeah, someone used that.

Leaving Baltimore…

Life And Living...

The Great Cherry Blossom Hunt of 2015

My mom was here in DC visiting me for about 10 days and it was great to have her here!

She got some genealogy work done at the National Archives and the DAR headquarters, and we went to Mount Vernon, had dinner with a cousin of hers, test drove a car I’m considering for Germany, and went on a hunt for the elusive DC cherry blossom.   402 more words


Anniversary Selusin Tahun OSRAM Semarang

“Selamat Selusin Tahun Organisasi Supra Semarang”

Tak terasa sudah 12 tahun usia Organisasi Supra Semarang. Semarang ialah tempat Jambore FSI yang pertama, dahulu ketika club / community Supra masih sedikit, hingga sekarang sudah tak bisa dikatakan lagi.

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Los geht's

So, I’m now two weeks in to German training at FSI and so far so good.  My teacher is great, my German’s slowly coming back a bit, and I’m getting back in to the swing of FSI language training.   161 more words

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