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Portuguese Will Be the Death of Me

Being paid to learn a language is an incredibly cool part of this job. For diplomats, foreign language fluency is both a logistical necessity and a nod of respect to other cultures. 360 more words


Sorry I’ve been gone so long, I let real life take priority for a while. Let’s get caught up!

Last time, I was starting Distance Learning, that is, taking Mandarin lessons over Skype.  632 more words

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Boost Online Service Adoption with Consumer Digital Identity Management

I recently had the privilege of hosting a series of think tank sessions in Melbourne and in Sydney for the occasion of the FST Future of Security events in March, which Pirean was a sponsor of. 879 more words


Unit 9 Dialogue and thoughts


A: Pasa adelante. Estas en tu casa

B: Gracias. Estas Cosinando?

A: Si! Sopa con pollo y legumbres. Ha arreglado el quarto tuyo?

B: No, he arreglado el apartamento mio. 59 more words

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Modern Written Arabic


The Language

Within the Arabic speaking world there is considerable dialect diversity. In addition to the colloquial dialects, there is a superposed literary language which can be roughly divided into three historical periods: (1) Classical Arabic, approximately spanning the sixth through eighth centuries, characterized by the dominant influence of Arabs themselves (politically and culturally, including the literary output), and most notably including pre-Islamic poetry, the Koran, and the early Islamic literature; (2) Medieval Arabic, continuing up through much of the Nineteenth Century, characterized by a codified grammar and the predominant influence of non-Arab writers, and culminating in a long period of declining social and political importance; and (3) Modern Written Arabic, reflecting a renaissance in Arab self-consciousness and certain very notable trends toward breaking with the traditional forms and ideals. 82 more words


FINRA Dispute Resolution Task Force Final Status Report & Recommendations

In June 2014, FINRA formed a Dispute Resolution Task Force to consider possible enhancements to its arbitration and mediation forum. A year earlier, FSI had also formed our own Arbitration Task Force to develop recommendations for FINRA on how to improve their dispute resolution program. 1,134 more words

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From Spanish to Portuguese


We who supervise Portuguese instruction at the Foreign Service Institute have observed that the majority of students who already speak Spanish make better progress in Portuguese than those who do not.  241 more words

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