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I passed my Portuguese test!

It’s official! I passed my Portuguese test! However, the enthusiasm of those two statements somewhat hides the sheer panic I felt following the test. Allow me to explain. 729 more words

No takers for regularisation of unauthorised buildings?

The TN government’s new scheme for regularisation of unauthorised buildings, for which an online portal was also launched the previous month, has reportedly found no takers. 88 more words



It’s been several weeks since we left Uzbekistan and returned to the U.S., and given that I have worked on this post multiple times without publishing it, I feel like it has been hard to focus on anything other than working, visiting family, and having fun. 401 more words

Foreign Service

Why I want to join Indian Foreign Service!

I am very fond of Quora as it is a place where you can increase your knowledge, have intellectually stimulating conversations and also read some of the weirdest stuff ever. 692 more words


6,498 Miles Later...

My husband and I woke for the final time in Tashkent last Thursday around 02:00, showered, dressed, ate the last random food in our fridge, and lugged our suitcases out to the expediter vehicle. 1,428 more words

Foreign Service

Portuguese Will Be the Death of Me

Being paid to learn a language is an incredibly cool part of this job. For diplomats, foreign language fluency is both a logistical necessity and a nod of respect to other cultures. 360 more words