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The End...and The Beginning

How do I find the right words to say goodbye to someone so near and dear to my heart?

Frume Sarah.

My alter ego. My secret identity. 106 more words

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Memorial Day Revisited

Busy today with family, as I imagine many of you are as well. So please enjoy this archived post. And I’ll see you tomorrow.

*********** 294 more words

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Well, That's An Odd Choice

So what happens when a child, denied a McDonald’s birthday party, grows up? In most cases, said child is resentful, adds it to her therapy list, grows up, and then foists a McDonald’s party onto one of her children. 109 more words

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The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

PC has learned a lot over the years. He asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day and then got me exactly what I wanted. He called up a local spa and asked if they had anything that would “make her forget that she has a husband and kids for a little while.” 332 more words

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Around the Blogosphere: The Rebbetzin Rocks

Frume Sarah is out and about today.
Best gift of the day came from Beernut. He did not wake me up this morning.

That’s right. I slept until I woke on my own. 145 more words

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Can I Just Tell You??

Can I just tell you how much it irritates me when people who purport to be “religious” engage in unreligious or unethical behaviour??
Can I? 273 more words

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Say What You Mean

This stopped me dead in my tracks.
Because I doubt that my local Target is actually selling a product that cures the affliction of causing… 98 more words

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