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Debian mounts USB as read only (mounts it as root)


I installed Debian 8 and my USB mass storage becomes inaccessible. It was mounted as root, so my user (any user) has no rights to write it. 70 more words


How do I mount NTFS partitions with execution bit set in Ubuntu?

In early days of Ubuntu, you had to type your password every time you want to mount a partition. Those days have ended. Now, Ubuntu can mount local volume with a single click of the mouse. 403 more words


How to Auto Mount Netgear ReadyShare in Linux

How to Auto Mount Netgear ReadyShare in Linux

I have a Netgear N900 WNDR3700v3 Wirless Dual Band Router, with ReadyShare. I have a USB External Hard drive attached to the router (ReadyShare) and wanted to have the USB Drive attached to the router Auto mount the drive at bootup. 316 more words


Write To RAM, Not The Card

Taken from: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/extend-life-raspberry-pis-sd-card/ by Christian Cawley

Increasing the lifespan of your SD card is possible by making better use of your device RAM. The following trick can be used on any Linux device, although we’ve tested it on the Raspberry Pi. 304 more words


Add to remote server fstab via script

ssh root@ ‘sh -‘ < nfs_mount.sh


mkdir -p /mnt/somedir
echo 'anyhost.domain.com:/vol/somedir /mnt/somedir nfs rw,fg,nfsvers=3,tcp,rsize=65536,wsize=65536,timeo=600,hard,intr' | tee -a /etc/fstab
mount /mnt/somedir


Auto-Mounting a Partition in Linux Mint with fstab

/etc/fstab is a configuration file used to automatically mount devices in particular locations in Linux. Though there are a number of obscure uses for the file, users will most often find it helpful in mounting partitions which have been created after the operating system was first installed. 234 more words