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SSD trouble

One of my PCs has a 60.0 GB Corsair Force GT SandForce Driven SSD. When I bought it, I read a bit about SSDs and… 624 more words


How to mount a CIFS share from /etc/fstab ?

1) Install cifs-utils package

# aptitude install cifs-utils

2) Create CIFS credentials file /home/username/.cifs-credentials


3) Add the file system information into /etc/fstab: 20 more words

August 2015 Meeting Notes

The following topics were discussed:

  • More discussion about Ansible
  • Some handy online resources for bash scripting here and here
  • Mounting a Windows share in the…
  • 50 more words

get the UUID of a partition

You want to figure out the UUID of a partition. For instance, you want to mount a partition upon boot and thus you want to add it to your… 67 more words


Membuat filesystem portabel di Linux

Dalam developing sebuah aplikasi, saya biasanya menggunakan virtualbox, karena proses pemindahan lingkungan kerja memang mudah yaitu cukup meng-ekspor pengaturan di Virtualbox dalam bentuk file OVA. Tapi terakhir ini karena saya memerlukan untuk developing aplikasi dengan menggunakan Bitnami LAMPP, saya menjadi terpikir bagaimana cara membuat filesystem yang juga portable dan memungkinkan untuk dipindah-pindah. 479 more words

Tips N Trick

Terminal Commands

Agenda for today’s tutorial is as follows

  • Linux Commands 
  • Permission 
  • Backup and archives 
  • Packages management 
  • User/Group management 
  • Pipes 
  • Mount 
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How to recover FSTAB in Linux....

Out of the Box TIP :
If you loss your fstab entries for mounted drives and have no idea where is what so don’t panic just calm down take a deep breath.. 217 more words

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