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perintah di centOS untuk monitoring infrastruktur

untuk menjamin infrastruktur sesuai dengan yang direncanakan, ada beberapa perintah yang bisa digunakan :

  1. fdisk -l untuk mengelola disk partition di Linux
  2. mount untuk mengelola…
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How to fix boot failure due to incorrect fstab on linux?

  • at the grub prompt, hit to append options
  • add init=/bin/bash to the kernel command line
  • mount -o remount,rw /
  • vim /etc/fstab 
  • reboot

How to check the entries in fstab without system reboot

/etc/fstab contains information about the disks. It has the details about where the partitions and storage devices should be mounted. We usually configure automount, disk quota, mount points etc in this fstab. 91 more words


Format HDD in Linux

So very recently we needed to quickly get a new 3TB HDD set-up in Cent OS 7 as a backup server. We couldn’t afford the time to spend an age on it so when with the simple and powerful fdisk. 214 more words


How to view NFS mount options

If your NFS directory is automatically mounted at boot, then find its mount options in /etc/fstab. There might be options such as defaults which are expanded to actual options at mount. 47 more words

Quick fstab reference

The /etc/fstab file is used to set permissions on disk drives when mounted at boot. Based on this, one is able to read/ write/ execute files on the disk. 349 more words